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Obsessive Bookworm

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:55 pm


A foreign word, I know, as the term itself has long since been used in the appropriate manner. Elders are our elite Soquili, our leaders, the most mature and wisest of all the herds. They are not categorized by a particular species, for members from each group have the potential of achieving this honor, should they meet the criteria.

Below, you will find the definition of an Elder and the requirements of what it takes to have your Soquili become an Elder. If you feel your Soquili is qualified for Elderhood, you also have the opportunity at this time to enter an application.

If you have any questions, please read all of this thread to see if your question is answered here. If you still have a question after reading these posts, then feel free to shoot a PM to mouselet.

[Credit to Skye/Caj for the original application process and Cuter for the second from whence the bulk of these posts are derived from]
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:17 am
Part 1: What is an Elder?

If you’re reading this, you are either A) an involved person who believes in reading updates (in which case, good for you!) or B) owner of a potential elder. So I’m sure that you’d like to know what that potential is all about!

Basically, Elder is the highest stage a Soquili can attain. It’s purely optional, and only attainable through rp. Buying a life cycle Soq doesn’t mean you’ll get an elder if all you do is stick that pet in your sig, so don’t get bent out of shape that yours never makes it that far. Becoming an Elder is an RP PERK.

So, you have your pet and you rped it and now have all 100% stats. Why would you want to go elder? What are the benefits?

For starters, you get a new stage of your Soquili. A stage that only a few others have achieved so far. There is male and female elder art [see the Elders Information thread for images of other Elders], and elders will be upgraded to this beyond-adult stage that they might look as regal and dignified as they now are in their new in-character state.

Secondly, elders, being bigger and tougher than regular adults, are also capable of bearing more children! In any breeding where a parent (be it one or both) is an elder, that breeding will yield THREE baskets, guaranteed, plus have a chance at getting a whopping FOUR! (And for comparison, normal adult Soquili can have two baskets, three if they’re lucky, so this goes to show the breeding perk!)
*However, owners are still only allowed to keep one basket each; this just means more to give away!

Now, by this point, you’re probably thinking, “GREAT!” Who doesn’t love art and baskets? Why, I want EVERY SINGLE SOQ I OWN TO BE AN ELDER AS SOON AS THEY HIT 100%

Wrong answer. Sure, the perks are nice. But beyond the perks, there are a few basic elder truisms that need to be remembered.

Most importantly, the very name elder implies something about this stage. An Elder is often a leader; be it religious, or spiritual, political, or merely formal, Elder implies that the person (or in our case, Soquili) is an individual worthy and fit to have this role. Elders are leaders among the Soquili, individuals who can be looked up to by others and exhibit the necessary traits for the important role of elder. Just because they may be a kalona does not restrict them from becoming an Elder; if they fit the role within their breed, then they too are eligible. Roleplay development of these Soquili are key to a good Elder. And Elder cannot be customed or born at that rank, they achieve the status after hard work and development to obtain such a high standard of status.

Basically, elders are leaders/leadership material. Keeping this in mind, not all Soquilis are meant to be Elders. We hope that owners will be using their best judgment in putting Soquili candidates for elderfication forward, and to help you all decide whether or not to go elder, we’ve put together a basic list of what will be looked at when considering that Soquili for elderfication.


Responsibility and leadership. Obviously the elders need to be able to handle themselves and situations that come up; they are the ones to which other Soquilis will look in times of trouble, so they need to be up to the challenge. The definition of responsibility and of a good leader varies from breed to breed, and this will essentially be looked at on a case by case basis. What makes a Kalona responsible might be different from a Regular, and so on and so forth.

Rp development. Elders are supposed to have grown and matured to the elder stage through rp (see, it all links back to roleplay). Consequently, the roleplay of the Soquilis in question will be checked to determine whether or not the Soq in question has grown into a character worthy of being an elder. If all you have is mate-finding rp…chances are you won’t be elderfied.

So, keeping that in mind…


Obsessive Bookworm


Obsessive Bookworm

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:23 am
Part 2: Becoming an Elder

As mentioned in the introduction, becoming an elder is a multi-step process. So, in a new and streamlined list format…how to become an elder!

Step 1:Have all six stats at 100%
Step 2: Have trackable, readable rp (although this ought to already exist if your stats are at all 100s, it’s best to make sure)
Step 3: Post the elder application HERE in this thread. The elder application itself can be found in the post below.
Step 4: Wait for it! All applicants will be notified whether or not their Soqs have been approved for elder, so PLEASE BE PATIENT. Once approved for elder status the art will take time as well. Keep that in mind when applying!

*Approval of elders is done via group. Specifically, a panel of individuals will be considering each application and jointly deciding if your nomination is valid. As mentioned above, owners will be notified of the verdict regardless of whether it’s affirmative or not (aka, we'll make an announcement post once everything's decided, so keep checking THIS THREAD, and not PMs!)

***In addition, if your Soquili is rejected for elder once, you are welcome to try again later after working more on your Soquili’s character in rp. However, for reasons of scope a Soquili may only be submitted for Elder status three times before you are put on probation. So if you're rejected thrice, after the third time, you must wait a full physical year from that rejection before you will be permitted to enter for Elder application again. (This is an attempt to show you that this honor is a BIG DEAL, so merely throwing your horse up for the chance of NEW LINES and MOAR BABIES is simply a waste of your time and ours).

****The staff reserves the right to change details as circumstances merit. No changes will be retroactively applied, and all changes will be clearly indicated.


[b]Name of Soquili and Link to Image:[/b]
[b]Link to Teepee:[/b]
[b]Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out?[/b] [Month and year if you do.]
[b]Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:[/b]
[b]Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?[/b]
[b]Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?[/b]

Elder Application Status Is Currently: Open until July.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:25 am

• Read the above. If you don't, we won't read your entry.
• This is a free service, Elders cost nothing.
• There is no pre-determined amount of Elders we accept each time.
• Custom edits always appear on Elders. You can request TP items to be re-added freely, to match the previous adult stage or altered.
• If your Soquili doesn't get picked, take it like an adult. We don't reject for petty reasons like "OMG THAT PERSON TOTALLY RIPPED ME OFF IN THE EXCHANGE" (though if you are that person, I will be dealing with you later), but we reject based on required criteria missing from your entry. If you would like to discuss what you can do to improve for next Elder opening, we would be happy to give pointers/advice if you PM this account.
• The colorists currently doing Elder upgrades *vary* - you do not get to choose who does your upgrade. When possible the original artist will have first choice of doing the Elder.

If you have any questions, please PM mouselet.  


Obsessive Bookworm


Obsessive Bookworm

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:28 am
Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who are the judges?
    A: Aside from me, the judges are secret and do not have to identify themselves in any way if they do not want to. This is to prevent people from pressuring them into decisions.

    Q: Will you pleasepleaseplease accept my application? This is my Soq's third time applying!
    A: Only if your Soquili fits the criteria. Remember, three rejections only means you have to wait a year before reapplying, not that your pet is down and out for the count.

More will come from questions PMed to me that are important for everyone to know.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:06 am

Name of Soquili and Link to Image: User Image


Link to Teepee:

Homeward Bound

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out?

Not entirely sure but this year.... a few months ago? Would likely have been sooner if I hadn't gone on RP hiatus due to having a baby.... thats probably also the reason why I can't remember *has baby brain* Sorry.

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

RPs are listed in order of the timeline but may have been done out of order.

Memories - This is one of the first RPs Maion had after leaving his home high in the mountains, he shows his naivity to the world, but also reveals a secret pain that has been eating away at him. He has a hatred for all Skinwalkers after he watched one kill the mother of three foals, at the time he had not been strong enough to look after them so left them with a friend with the intention to find them once more as they young adults.

The Moonlight Lake - Maion learnt that he did not need to be so consumed about the Ocean, that there were in fact other things equally important. It marks the beginning of his long journey of discovery.

Condemnation - Tough lesson learnt here, Maion sees that he needs to have perspective in life, and although it is key that he does his duty he also needs to open his heart to the other possibilities around him. The other lesson he learns is that not everyone can be saved.

Caught up in the Snow - Maion takes a student in the form of a young foal called Taharial. After their meeting he passes on all the lessons he was taught by his own mother, and forms a longing to one day have children of his own so he can do the same with them.

The Tide Turns - Maion helps Abloec come to terms with his past, and learns alot about himself in the process. (Ongoing RP)

A Touch of Silence - Maion stumbles into Sengdroma and although he believes her to be a mute he never holds it against her or treats her with anything other than respect. He fights with the beliefs his mother taught him and knows that she is wrong, it doesn't matter what breed you belong to every one has an inner light -they just need an opportunity to shine. He gives the mute the name Moon, because he loves the moon and after their dance this delicate mare before him came to mean a lot to Maion. Moon is Sengdroma.

A Fateful Encounter - Being of the Angeni breed Maion becomes aware of the ideals and expectations other have around him.

Oh, How Embarassing - Maion becomes welcomed into a family which provides him with a reason to become a 'protector', he wants to be able to keep his family safe from the evils that still torment his mind.

The Lake of Hidden Secrets - Placed in a unusual situation Maion makes the hard decision to help his future mate (Sengdroma) reach her goal by letting her go and not interfering. His protective nature prevents him from teaching her combat himself as he is worried that he would bring her harm.

Just Act Tough - Forced to accept his decisions Maion watches as the world starts to form new links and connections around him. He knows he must become stronger in order to fulfil his mission as protector.

OMG!!! - Maion meets his children for the first time, he feels the guilt of the world on his shoulders for not being there when they where born but vows that he will make it up to them, protect them, show them the ways to live honorably. Maion feels a longing to give them everything that he can -but he doesn't know what is missing or how he can achieve this.

In need of some advice - Maion is confused and longs for Sengdroma to become his mate and to give her something more than just himself. He finds Lovey Dovey and she gives him some advice which leads to him claiming Sengdroma as his mate and swears to be forever faithful to her and their future. The Miakoda herd is formed, accepting anyone who needs a place to call home -always under the watchful eye of their Alpha and their Guardian. Maion becomes that Guardian.

Something seems so familar about this protector-in-training - Maion finds himself looking at the world in a different way, he takes pleasure in sharing his skills and knowlegde with others, including those outside of his herd with the belief that with the right skills anyone can reach their goals.

An alliance if formed - Maion knows that as the guardian of the herd it is his responsibly to seek the safety and future of the herd, and so he sets out to form an alliance with the Imp herd. Part of the reason for him doing this is because he knows he will not be around forever and he wants to ensure that those he holds dear will be safe forever.

Be Mine... - Maion uses his strength to save Haishan Fai and Tuulikki from a skinwalker attack, he then uses all his strength to try and heal the wounds of Haishan Fai. This encounter shows him that he is not as good with every aspect of his being, and although he can heal he must rely on others to finish what he can not. He understands the need for unity and teamwork -and that together his herd can do anything.

Lost in the Woods - Maion only makes a brief appearance in this roleplay but he soon starts to understand that there are things out of his control, that he can't be there to protect everyone all the time. This only makes him more determinded to do so when he can.

Flying Lessons - After wanting children for so long Maion embraces them, despite being a little over protective of his two daughters he always encourages them to do their best. In this roleplay Maion teaches Chandra and her friend Sonnet to fly. He knows that as the protector of the herd it is his duty to allow his herd members to grow and learn at their own pace. He plans to teach both of these foals the importance of loyalty, friendship and knowlegde. (NB: This was completed on AIM and is just waiting for Faid to finish transfering it to the thread).

Unwelcome Advances - There is choas in the herd lands due to the appearance of skinwalkers, Maion rises quickly to his role as the herds protector and will not rest until he has ensured they are safe once again. (Ongoing RP)

There are more RPs (group and solo) listed within my teepee, the later solo RPs show Maion's frame of mind changing, he begins to accept that he is growing older and feels the call to become so much more. He longs to do his family proud.

All my RPs have appropriate headers so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?

User ImageMaion was taught by his mother the virtues of life, charity, strength, wisdom, respect, valor and most importantly to her honour. It is by this 'code' that he has always tried to live his life, but time and time again he has found himself never quite comparing to the expectations of others. This drove him to improve himself so that he could prove his worth as an Angeni, a protector and eventually Guardian of the Miakoda herd.

He has shared his skills and knowlegde with foals and adults alike, hoping that with each encounter he has made he has managed to leave them with a 'gift', something to carry with them through their life, just like he will carry their gifts to him with him always. Maion is happy to accept that he is not perfect, not the best at everything, but also understands the improtance of the differences and how they can become a strength or a weakness simply by looking at it from an alternative perspective. He knows that to be part of a team is to rely on others from time to time and to always try your best.

His perpespective in life has changed and he has begun to understand the cycle of life, even accept the exsistance of Skinwalkers so that his hatred for them has now become merely a protective urge rather than a hugrey longing for their blood. This allows him to think more clearly rather than being consumed in both the past and the presence. He embraces and lives for each moment, savoring them.

To Maion, becoming Elder has always been his dream. However he now no longer wants it so that he can show others that he has proven himself, but instead so that he can help guide others and protect those he holds so dearly to his heart, for that is the origin of true strength. By reaching Elder Maion knows that he will have the power to protect those he loves for the rest of his life.

The experiences he has had in life have taught him a great deal, and as his wings and pelt begin to grey he hopes that he can leave a legacy behind him - as well as show those around him that this old stallion still has a trick or two left in him.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?

In truth, I have always thought that Maion possessed the characteristics to one day become an Elder, he has upheld the virtues that he holds so dear to his heart and developed as a whole during his RP. No longer the niave young adult he once was but instead now a mature wise old stallion. His instincts and leadership (protector) skills have resulted in many lessons being taught and learnt and I would love to see him rewarded for his hard work. Maion is my most cherished Soquili, especially since he was the first I ever owned on my own. It took him over a year and half to get a breeding slot but that only proves that I will never give up on him. =D
*loves him and all the art of him and his mate*

NB: I know that Maion has a lot of hair, so if he is lucky enough to become an elder I am completely open for him to have a hair cut or a change of style or whatever to make it easier for the colourist. Either way he will always be Maion.



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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:15 am
User ImageName of Soquili and Link to Image: Sengdroma
Link to Teepee: Homelands
Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? [Month and year if you do.] Um...2 months ago?...3?
Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

The Mute and the Blind: Sengdroma takes her first solo adventure as a foal. She meets up with a curious yet wonderful stallion named Cyn. Cyn was the first angeni that the young foal had met. She was amazed by his features and charmed by his kindness. Cyn took it upon himself to make sure that the little filly made her way home safely.

A tough of silence: Sengdroma has now grown into a young adult. She still lives by her code of silence and has yet to speak to anyone. One night while she rested at the lake, a beautiful stallion finds her in her hiding. After 'conversing' with the stallion, they share a magical dance where Maion teaches her to hear the song of the forest. Before leaving, Maion bestows upon Sengdroma her new pet name, "Moon". He promises to find her again.

Oh, How Embarassing: Unknown to Sengdroma, her father Scythe had befriended the stallion Maion. Maion had been a constant thought in Sengdroma's mind since they had met, but she believed that he had just been a gentleman and would not come looking for her. To her surprise, Maion was paying Scythe a visit one day. In the shock of the moment, Sengdroma spoke her first word for everyone to hear. A surprise to everyone involved!

Lake of hidden secrets: Maion once again finds Sengdroma near her lake. She has begun speaking little by little to him. During the night she intrust to him her goal in life. She wants to be a mother, a protector, and a leader. Maion informs her that he has a friend that could help train her.

Just Act Tough: Maion delievers on his word. He takes Sengdroma to his friend, Sofiel, who will become Sengdroma's mentor. Leaving her there, Sengdroma believes that this was Maion's way of leaving their relationship. She agrees to go through the training to prove to herself that she is worthy of Maion's love, that she is worthy even though she is a grounded mare. Little does she know that Maion comes in the night to check on her progress.. Even more... Little does she know that she is carrying their children.

Each day is a gift: Sengdroma meets an energetic young colt named Rio. She spends a lovely day with the foal sharing stories and wisdoms.

The Wild Wood: During her training, Sengdroma meets a very wise mare, Embri. Embri bestows knowledge of local flowers and plants, and also spills a very obvious secret. She tell Sengdroma that she's expecting! She converses with the healer and tries to prepare herself for the times ahead.

OMG!: Sengdroma has finished her training, as well as delivered her foals unknown to Maion. She has said her good byes and is taking her children back to her parent's territory for help in raising them. Along the way, she encounters Maion whom tries to express his feelings and reasoning of leaving her, but all Sengdroma sees is anger. After a spar, the children appear to 'defend' their mother, shocking Maion. After the dust is settled, they all return as a family, back to Sengdroma's home lands.

(Currently an ongoing RP,)
Unwelcomed Advances: Sengdroma and Maion have a herd of their own. They are a proud but peaceful group of soquili. On a quiet evening, Sengdroma's familiar alerts her to approaching danger. She gathers her herd and makes plans. Sending out her protector and those who volunteer to protect the others, she sends the mares and younger soquili on their way to the Padmapani herd lands for protection until the threat has passed.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path? Sengdroma has always longed to help those around her. She absorbed as much knowledge as she could during her life so that she could be of help in many situations. Now that she is older, has a family and herd of her own, she would like to put herself in a position that others could come to her for advice or guidance. She wants to be a role model for the both the young and old in her herd, and for the soquili in the world around her.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC? Since my muse first started working Sengdroma's personality out, she has always struck me as an elder. I have several other soquili that have met the requirements, but their personality just isn't right for the position of Elder. Sengdroma, in my mind, just fits. She is a knowledgeable mare, who is calm and collected during times of distress. She has learned many things during her lifetime that I believe give her the wisdom and character of an elder.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:55 am
Name of Soquili and Link to Image:
Istas Misae

Link to Teepee: Teepee

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? Around September of 2009

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:
Coming to terms (note: Claude is a foal in this RP) Istas has always had a bit of a tough life. Right now, she only knows of Forte and Liberty as her parents. She realizes that she is ‘different’ from them but hasn’t asked any questions. She’s happy to see others like her ‘parents’ and in the process makes a friend that will last a life time.

We’re adults now – Istas finally started her struggle with her birth parents. When she became an adult, it was the last time she would ever see them. Her father giving her the bell and scarf she wears. Not wanting to lose that fun side of herself, she and her best friend go off on a trip together, to remember and become knights.

The Sky and Rose Develop – Istas meets the mare of her life! And the feeling was new and uncomfortable. She has to figure out what’s going on, and how to pursue the situation. Not only that, it shows that she’s a good learner, and willing to face fears. With Misti’s watchful eye, Istas learned to swim, and quickly.

Listen; I need to tell you something Istas has found another tough cross road in her life. She’s approaching her best friend to tell him that she’s fallen in love with a mare. She herself has had to come to terms with accepting this. Since it’s out of the norm there was no one to tell her it was okay to have these feelings.

Family Planning – At this stage in her life, Istas is committed to Misti and wants to give her what she wants. A family. So Istas take the steps to make her happy, and show that she wants to be with her for life, and asks her best friend Claude to be surrogate.

Pay attention! – Istas is out and about. With things on her mind, she finds a basket just sitting there. The situation seemed awfully familiar. She stands up and tells the father that he needs to get his head in the game, and take care of the basket because otherwise she’ll take it, so it doesn’t die.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights (This RP was never finished) – Venturing out from her usual settings, Istas meets a stallion that’s not from the area. Taking the initiative, she stepped up and introduced herself. And she wanted to learn about where he came from. As well as provide him with information about these lands.
Into the Ruins – Another day out, Istas meets a mare that’s interested in exploring, and Istas’s own bit of curiosity, and concern over the mare, she goes into the ruins, for an adventure.

Overwhelming an Innocent – At this point Istas’s life got turned upside down. Misti vanished one night. No fight or anything. And meeting this stallion was like a punch in the face for Istas. While she thought she was doing something great, trying to start a family with Misti. She could very well have pushed her away, by this act. But now just after Misti left with no word, Claude’s feeling toward her had changed, and the realization that hers did too, through her for a loop. She loved Misti, but she was no longer in love with her. And needed to move on with her life, and start her new life with Claude.

The unexpected – a birthday surprise. Istas has moved on, and put Misti behind her. Her insecurities were cured. On her way to see Claude she found a foal that was in need. Helping him out the best she could until she realized that she would need to adopt him and raise him. And she happily took on the responsibility.

Moving Forward – A long time has passed, and Istas finds herself reflecting on the past. And through her reflection she learns that it was all for the better, and she has truly moved on, to have a wonderful family with the Usdia foal she adopted and Claude, and while trying to have their own foals.

Help for two, by two – This ended up being unfinished, but Claude asked Istas to help his herd mates, mate, with her best friend. They had a problem that they couldn’t solve, and Istas was nervous but she was ready to talk, and try and help them out.

A travelin’ we will go – Istas takes on the task of leading her friend Teppy up the mountain, and having fun with her, and seeing a new sight for the first time. And without really knowing it she helped Teppy get over her fear of open spaces.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path? Istas had a hard life, and in the end, she wouldn’t change any of it, because it’s made her strong and knowledgeable. Istas and Claude finally had their own foals, two boys and one girl, and as a family they’ve thrived. Istas watched over them, and helped Claude train them into becoming Knights. She herself, was a Lady Knight after all. She didn’t interfere to much in their lives, wanting them to make their choices, and give a helping hoof if needed.
She has a lot of knowledge that she can pass down, helping others take the responsibility they need too, or providing an ear, because she is very understanding. She wants to help those around her in the best way possible. Regardless of what happened in her past, she used those experiences, and learned from them even if it took her a while, and some even tougher spots to get there.

Now a mother, Claude and Istas created a home of their own, and mother knows best. She’s a looming figure in all their lives, and they all have great respect for her. And she earns her respect, by respecting others.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC? Mostly because she always looked down on, and her birth family never had much interaction with her, it just felt right to try and have her succeed in life, and be able to help others, and pass on what she’s learned. Because without even meaning too, Istas has become a fierce parent, and fighter. Right now her daughter Nadia is Rping with a foal that will be left by it’s mother, and Nadia knows to take the foal to her mother, who will step up and take care of it. Regardless of what happened in her past. And with all the curveballs I was thrown through out Rping her, and her plots, I’d like to think that, she’s developed well, and is loved by others, as much as I love her.  


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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:15 am
Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Hayagriva
Link to Teepee: Here
Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? I don't know exactly but I imagine it was late 2008. I got Haya in late 2007 and RPed him consistently after that!
Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:
What's wrong with my tail? In this RP, Haya wrestles with the fact that other soquili tend to be afraid of him for nothing but his physical (kalona) features.

In the shadow of the moonless night. Here, Haya meets a trueblooded kalona for the first time and learns both what it truly means to be a kalona but what part of that might be in himself as well.

Old friends new fathers. Still somewhat childish, Haya meets his old friend and excitedly talks about what it might mean to be a father for the first time.

An apple for your thoughts. Haya talks with his unexpected mate and the reality of being a father starts to sink in.

You have to be more than this (Incomplete) Haya goes back to find the kalona in the forest, determined to apologize and prove that they both were more than just their blood.

Blood betrayal. At the news of the supposed death of one of his daughters Haya confronts both the one he believes responsible and his feelings of responsibility within himself

Binding ties. (incomplete) Haya comes to term with how his kalona blood might be affecting and hurting his children and discusses their future with his mate.

Returning home. Burdened by the grief of losing his daughter, Haya decides to return home to his mother's herd.

Haya's fight school. (Note: I invited all Padmapani herd members to join... but only I did so it ended up being self-RP...) Looking for a way to keep himself busy, Haya starts up a self-defense training program for the Padmapani herd. He gets more than he bargained for when a kalona attacks one of his students! With Haya's leadership and training they are able to beat back the kalona. After this dramatic escapade Haya finally starts to feel not only healed of his grief but that he truly belongs in Padmapani herd.

A new pupil. A young hotshot comes from a neighboring herd to try to get Haya to teach him to fight. Haya has a chat with him about responsibility... especially about being properly responsible and cautious where kalonas are concerned.

The time has come. Scythe, the aging protector of the Padmapani herd, decides that it is time to name his heir. He goes to Haya and tells him not only that he is the heir to the Padmapani herd protectorship but that Scythe has always considered Haya his son as well. Overcome with emotion and pride, Haya accepts his position in the herd and Scythe as his father.

Unwelcomed advances. (unfinished) Haya has not yet entered this RP, but he will! Miakoda herd is under attack from skinwalkers. Scythe was going to the Miakoda herd to announce Haya as his heir but will discover the attack ongoing. Haya will join in the defense of the Miakoda herd!

Unveiling. (incomplete) Haya only has one post thus far in this RP... but he's going to play a large role in it so I figured I'd put it up for consideration anyways. Parnasabari, a Padmapani herd member, has been having a relationship with a foreign stallion named Hisoka. In this RP she is going to find out that Hisoka in actuality is a murderous monster. When Hisoka learns that his secret is out he'll try to kill Bari and almost succeed... until Haya steps in.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?

Haya would choose to follow the path of the elder for two main reasons. The first reason would be as a sign to himself that he has overcome the kalona blood that haunted him throughout his early life. He finally feels control over himself and his impulses and he has a fierce desire to push himself to the full extent of his potential and capabilities to prove that one's background doesn't determine one's fate. He is ready to take responsibility for his actions, no longer blaming them on bloodlines or other things outside of his control.

The second reason for pursuing the elder path is an acceptance of everything he has found and gained in the Padmapani herd. Haya has finally arrived at the place in his life where he is willing and ready to accept the responsibility and leadership that comes with both his position of future protector of the Padmapani herd and potential elder status. Where earlier in his life he felt only protective of his family, now he considers the entirety of the Padmapani herd to be his responsibility. Scythe's abilities as protector are fading and Haya is stepping up more and more to fill the position he will inherit once Scythe steps down.

For Haya, becoming an elder would mean the defeat of his past, a past filled with self-doubt and blame. More than that, though, it would be his way of looking to the future, a future that he looks forward to sharing with the Padmapani herd. Already he helps teach them, protect them, and tries to guide them through some of the things that he wished he could have had help to work through. Haya has found his place in the world and will preserve and protect it for the rest of his life and to the best of his abilities.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?

Haya was my second soquili and has always held a special place in my heart for that. From the beginning I made his character a tormented and conflicted one and initially it only got worse for him. Throughout the three years I've had him I've enjoyed roleplaying him and, more so than any other of my soquili, I've been able to feel his character change and begin to rise to his conflicts instead of falling to them. I really feel that if any of my soquili "deserve" to become an elder it is Haya. Becoming an elder would truly complete his character arc and leave him empowered and liberated from all of his old ghosts.

Though I was originally surprised when the idea to try to push Haya to elderdom popped into my mind it now seems like the natural progression of his story... and I like a good story. ^^  
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Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Dyami

Link to Teepee: x - oldteepee

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? about a full year or so after i got him, is when he finally maxed out his stats

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

he has had quite a few rps that probably show his development as a elder but i picked these few since i figured they really show how much an elder he can be. and alot of his older rps are in my old teepee.

x - Dyami shows that even though he dislikes and does not trust humans, that he will go to their aid if needed like in this rp where 2 humans are attacked by a Kalona foal.
x - Dyami here shows he is willing to work with anyone even someone as foal like and high energy as Cualtzin and even become his friend.
x - in this rp the new mother tic tac toe asks Dyami some parenting advice for when she has her foals.
x - here he gives his grown adult daughter Tori some advice when she comes to him seeking comfert, and advice having found out she was with foal with out being lifemated to the father of the foals to come.
x - Dyami here trys to teach his new grandson some respect and give him advice because of his grandson's behavior.
x - this rp is where his grandson decides to try and be a tough guy and stand up to a kalona. in the end Dyami has to come and save him. whether or not his grandson is grateful.
x - in this rp it shows just what he will do to try and protect his mate from a Kalona attack wether it ment geting injured badly or killed in the process.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?

Dyami icly would choose the elder path as he would put his life on he line for his family or friends to help them and with elders being stronger than normal regs, he would want the strength to keep his family safe and to help others when they are in need. he had children rather fast with his mate as they where sure they where ready for them. he step up to the plate and raised his children along side his mates side the best they could. he has not always been willing to give advice to anyone who seeks it from him as before he was anti social and a bit snappy at others, though as he has gotten older and wiser, he will give advice or help to those who need him. from the beginning when he first arrived, he was very anti social, and did not trust anyone, specially humans. now he is more trusting and open because of his mate. he now will put his life on the line for his family, friends and even a total stranger who is in need of his help. he knows theres alot of responsibility that comes with becoming a elder and is more than ready to take them on. also he respects those who earn it and knows to get respect he must earn it as well.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?

i would choose the elder path for Dyami OOCly because he was my very first soquili i ever got and was a gift. his stubbern, proud, noble, loyal personaly to me makes me feel he is more than fit to become an elder. i feel he has come a very very long way from when i first got him back in 2005. i may not be the best rper but i have tryed my best to prove he is elder material.  

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Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Neria User Image

Link to Teepee: [ x ]

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? If I remember correctly... March 2010

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

Foal timeline -

Such a lovely day! ( Neria & Wisp ) - This is just an unfinished RP to show where she first started off with her personality, how childish and forward and curious she is, with an imagination that runs wild and has no boundaries. Also shows her meeting a flutter and how she believes she is a 'princess' because of stories she has heard, she believes that she is and is good enough to be one. Here is the RP that references her being compared to an 'Eagle' Royal Luck! ( Neria & Arathon ) (Also unfinished)

Lost? ( Neria & Starlet ) - In this RP, Neria whilst wandering through the soquili lands finds a very young Usida filly who is lost away from her mother. Neria has no idea she is lost but start's trying to get to know her and look after her. She gets them food and then the weather starts to turn for the worse. Sheltering the filly under her small frame from the rain and shielding away as much wind as possible she searches for somewhere they could stay until the weather dies down. They nestle in a hole in a tree trunk through the thunderstorm and Neria keeps Starlet warm until it dies down the next morning. Starlet's parents were searching for her the whole night and find the two the next morning and Starlet then returns home and Neria heads back to her own home knowing her parent's would be worried too and realizes how worried they must be from the worry Starlet's parent's show.

( In this time period she learns how to fly along side her siblings and is taught about the angeni and the abilities she has different to her siblings that are also just as special and as useful. )

The fairly odd adventure of two! ( Neria & Astrophel ) - In this RP, Neria has learned recently from her father how to fly and one day whilst she is out having a play in the lake, an Angeni falls out of the sky and hits the water. She is surprised at first and then they both introduce themselves, finding out he is a gentleman! When he mentioned her difference sadness start's to bubble up inside her, at a young age the topic is touchy but he compliment's her and tells Neria how beautiful she is which instantly brushes up her enthusiasm and confidence again. Enough that she want's to help teach him how to fly. So, she takes him to the mountains where they eventually find a spot to 'try fly' from. Whilst she makes an example first, she pretends that her wing is hurt and lands on a ledge, pretending that he has to fly down and help her, it is the only way she can get back up but when he tries flying down to ger her, he injures his leg on the cliff edge and lands next to her on the ledge luckily. She tries to heal him with her horn, having being told about a Unicorn's ability and manages to at least scab the wound over. She apologizes but at least discovers the ability to heal through this escapade and Astrophel then figures out how to fly, so they glide down back onto the mountain trail and go their seperate ways, having both gained a new friend.

Guided by Destiny ( Neria & Ehren ) - (Notes: Meets a real prince/gets all excited/ offers to show him around these fooreign lands/ is told about his kingdom/ takes him to a two legger village and comfirms rumours of soquili becoming two-leggers and also their existence/ Takes a leadership role, shows growing maturity, has met this prince and realizes how amazing they are but knows that he has to return to his lands after but since her dream has been forfilled she starts with a new motivation to find her own prince, that will stay by her side. she also managed to get him to believe she was a real princess. Shows knowlege about the lands she lives in.)


Adulthood Timeline -

A song for every feather ( Neria & Demy Stardust ) Just grown up - still childish, meets a star which talks back to her and shows her that acting like a 'spoiled princess' isn't as polite and well mannered than she thought.

Soon Spring Comes ( Adela & Neria ) - Meets a new friend through coliding with each other and helping each other out. Adela helps Neria off the ice and Neria helps Adela cut a branch loose that's caught in her hair. They become good friends after the incident.

Natural Instincs (Neria & Sairenli Raven ) - Finds a basket in the border of the forest and see's that it has no parents around although she thinks that they are off finding food at first. Still finding her maturity, she realizes after a while that they aren't coming back when the foal pops from it's basket and looks to Neria as a mother. She comfort's him with words he doesn't understand yet. He tries to suckle off of her but she doesn't have what he needs to feed, mothers milk and so she wonders if her mother can help and takes the colt to Eden. Once they are there, Neria decided to adopt the foal as her son after her mother admits to everyone that she is pregnant and thus can feed the colt and allows him to live with them in the herd. This is when Neria starts to realize and see 'reality' in her growth and that not everything is a fairytale when a young adult, has to take the role of a mother so soon.

( After her mother releases the information of her pregnancy, Neria offers herself up to be a baby sitter for the up-coming children and she is assigned as 'Story-teller' and 'Nanny' of the herd. She becomes very motherly and grows up a lot. Her growth for leadership (Although she shows leadership in other RP's as a foal and even as an adult ) regards resposibility and nature of an Alpha because she jumps to help all children and even those in need. Even strangers. Taking on difficult life changing decisions and challenges. )

Even Darkness Finds its Light ( Neria & Sylar ) - Here she gets lost in the forest one night and a strange male tries to shoo her away from the danger that she doesn't understand she was getting herself into; Unicorn blood being precious and valuable to the demons of the forest. She thinks he is considerate and being a mutant herself, doesn't judge him and instead is intrigued to learn more about him. They talk and chat whilst he leads her to the way out and she quickly starts to grow feelings for him, flicking back thoughts from her childhood. She hid the childhood dreams away long before this RP but they start to resurface as she learns more about him. Whilst on their travels she explains to Sylar what love is and what she interprats it to be and through the explanation, he thinks he loves her. That is when their conversation is cut short and a SW jumps out and pounces onto Sylar, injuring him. Neria hesitates to run at first, having to make a decision on what to do, a difficult one. She doesn't want to leave him but he pleads her to run. She does so and promises to return with also the support of telling him that 'she believes in him.' Sylar finally gets chance to retreat from the attack but is losing blood rapidly and falls in the forest, feeling death will surely take him. Neria decides to run back, knowing she has these certain feelings for him and rushes to aid him, fighting the forest for his location. When she gets there, she is sad and almost heart broken but refuses to let him die. With the little ability she has with her horn, she helps heals his wounds and managed to bring him back around. Their reunion a sure bond that she isn't willing to lose and admits her feelings to him. She grows up in this Rp, with her girlie nature but knows where the bounderies of the world between kinds are now and how you have to handle yourself. She has her prince even if he is not in blood or appearance, she accepts him and he is 'her prince.' That is what she finally believes a prince is and not a fairy tale knight from stories that she believed when she was young.

( Mated to Sylar for life and has her first lot of foals to him; Sauda and Evan )

Loose Ends - (Casual, msn RP) Neria protects her sister after her sons new 'friend' attacks Rosabis on his command. She gets to the scene in time and throws Nori off of Rosabis in panic and then her son decides to join Nori's wolf pack and leave her. She falls into a deep depression afterwards, feeling like a lost cause and a terrible mother but slowly overcomes it when her son returns and tells her when he is older that he made a msitake and now will be in the herdlands more often but will have to still return to the Shadowmoon Clan every so often.

An alliance is formed - Maion & Neria - Now that Taharial and Joseph are older, they want to settle down and have their last batch of children. They have assigned their daughter Neria as the new Alpha to the herd and now, she has duties to prove she can handle the responsibility. Her first task came to her, when Maion appeared at the base of the mountain and asked to form an alliance.

Duties of an Alpha - Not long after she is promoted to Alpha does her younger sister ask her permission to be lifemated to a new herd member and Jo's oldest and closest friend. She is worried but happy for her and uses her head to allow her to choose her own path and decisions but gives her permission to with the best intentions. She helps her tell their parents about the lifemating. Afterwards, now that her son lives amongst the herd she offers a suggestion to merge the pack for the best; security reasons and learns it isn't as simple as that. She learns from her son the complicated and strict ways of his pack and it's own Alpha. It shows the responsibility she has taken on, with a level head and how she gets through daily obstacles within the herd. Now, more adult and matured as well as still being able to be herself and become wiser from other soquili's wisdom.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?

Neria from a young age was very childish and believed in stories and fairytales however even with that chasing her mind all the time it helped her progress even by the little things that accidentally landed on her. She had responsibility to help foals, heal the injured, lead princes around the lands. She is a very kind and adventurous soquili who just wanted to help others and enjoy the moment. Through her younger experiences it started to show leadership skills in her personality and her forward optimistic nature just carried her away to pick things up quickly and still be able to improvise when it was needed.

When she grew up she found that company was harder to maintain with her enthusiastic personality but eventually she found responsibility in the herd as a story teller and even came across an abandoned basket which she took in as her own and helped raise a son. A young mother always needs to mature fast and this did make her realize some things weren't as easy and that she needed to take a step back and look at things with more realism. She still kept her spirits high. This helped her form better confidence and yeild more wisdom from experience and from the land she lives in.

When she met Sylar, she was trying to find her way, mentally in the world again trying to find which path she needed to be on in her adulthood and eventually found it when lost in the forest, when someone she came to care about was attacked and fought to protect her. She did as she was told, as always and ran but unlike if she was a fearful child, she turned back to find him. That was also a turntable in her life, she knew that she had to protect him, had to help him or she wouldn't be able to live with herself. Even though she is a very peaceful creature and always resulted in bark more than bite it dawned on her that it isn't always like that, life throws obstacles and you have to do what you need to get through them.

With all the knowledge she has gained from her parents and from those she has come across, she is a very strong, wise and kind mare, who is ready to take that step up and believes she had earned the shot at being an elder. At taking things on, for people to look up to her and to do her part in the lands.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?

I have chosen this path for Neria because personally she is my baby. I have always loved how Neria's personality works and how I have observed and watched how she naturally grew from that childish foal to a strong, matured adult. How her minds eye has changed and developed a reality from her dreams. She realized that life can be cruel and it can be sweet and that you just have to enjoy the little things to make the worse circumstances seem worth the struggle. I think she is ready to become an elder and has always had some form of characteristic which lead her to this direction.
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Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Lovey Dovey

Link to Teepee:

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out?

Lovey Dovey’s been maxed out for a year or two now. I got her in Feb ’08 and by ’09 she was 100%.. So about two years, but I don’t want to pin the date exactly.

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

Where the wind Blows Bratty little Lovey Dovey meets Grencia and they start a friendship. Their friendship plays a crucial part of Lovey’s life.

Vanity and Ignorance Lovey Dovey meets Bliss, a sweet but simple stallion – they play tag together and become fast friends. To this day, these two love seeing each other and there’s been quite a bit of informal RP in-thread between these two forever friends. (Side-note:: <33 Bliss)

Let the Rain Fall – In this opening Roleplay with Lovey Dovey and a small foal, Lovey shows off how vain and self-centered she really was. The innocence of the filly got her to loosen up enough to agree to playing in the mud. This was the first time Lovey not only got herself dirty but had fun with it. It’s the beginning to her love of children and their innocence.. perhaps what started her on her family-oriented life.

Mud can stain? Lovey meets a beautiful pregnant mare, named Death. She’s hooves deep in mud and unable to move. Also, the mare is distraught about her relationship, and her pregnancy. Lovey helps the mare in more than one way, getting her out of the mud and giving advice.

Wow, Cool Hair! - Another sign that Lovey has started changing – She was working to teach a filly how to swim. D’awwr. X3

Earth Meets Air Lovey Dovey meets a flattering wind stallion – it’s a simple roleplay.. Lovey just getting to interact and meet new people, not behaving like a bag of snob.

Music in Spring Lovey meets Jazz, more relating without being a horrid spoiled brat.

A really quick conversation – Lovey Dovey meets Lorraine, they get to talk for a bit and then part ways. A –very- quick RP, but I like getting to show Lovey shining as the good mare she is.

Cut him to the Quick Lovey meets Squall.. and they don’t get along. He pities himself and she already has started to pick up on her own inner strength to cut through baloney.

A basket is found
– The biggest turning point of Lovey’s life – She became a mother. Ignacia, a flaming basket found by the mare – the flames so low that she was most likely close to death.

Lovey meet the hermit in which the basket was found - She spends a great deal of time meeting Azumoth and his familiars. This is a rather long roleplay and in the end she sings to the little basket who’s flames are starting to build up higher again. The life is becoming higher.

A friend is injured – Lovey Dovey hears of her friend Grencia being injured and she goes to see him. The stallion ends up putting Lovey into her place where she has been spoiled and still holding onto part of her old self. The two part company this day and do not meet up again. It’s a sad turn of events, but his advice helps her greatly.

Lovey returns to the grove after leaving Gren – A child is born She’s left Grencia and goes back to the grove just in time to see the birth of her daughter, a beautiful filly with a mane and tail of blue fire. Lovey is ready to pass out from the stress of it, but the bond is formed and she adores her little girl entirely. ‘Naci names herself and then pretty much turns into a giant bundle of energy that Lovey has to take the task of rearing her all on her own.

Love of Lust Right before Uwihi, Lovey flirts a bit with a stallion. AFTER she accidentally hits him. Oopsie.

Love-Hate Relationship Lovey meets the stallion Uwihi. An insane stallion that she dances too closely too. Their interlude together is violent and a bad educational decision for Lovey to make in regards to love. She learns a lot of herself. (This is not a happy Rp, a lot of violence hinted upon)

An Accident - Lovey meets Biscuit, her future lifemate – After her rather violent dealings with Uwihi, Lovey is hurting and naïve. She and Biscuit become lovers in this roleplay and incidentally led to children. Very, very quickly.

How Does One…? Lovey meets Kale, Azariel’s father. (Az is the father of the filly that got Lovey to play in mud) She and Az are both pregnant – They spend time talking and Kale is a comfort to Lovey.

Voule Vou? Lovey meets up and has a nice time with a stallion that doesn’t get out too much. She’s gained experience speaking with soquilis that are more hermits than extroverts.

What a lovely Rainbow Another roleplay of Lovey just being herself and being with other soquili

The Glamorous Meets the Fluffy One Lovey meets a very fluffy stallion, they enjoy spending time together. More interaction RP with my girl getting to shine.

Is the Dirt ready to Settle? A cheeky roleplay between Lovey and Dirt… Flirty, fun, and ridiculous.

Hair-care fun Lovey and their two-legger work together to set her daughter’s hair into curls. Family interaction time. Yayy.

A Bit of Advice (On-going) Lovey Dovey meets the stallion Maion, who’s having a hard time figuring out how to propose lifemating to the mare of his dreams. She’ll try to help him figure out his future with his mate, Sengdroma.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?
Lovey Dovey would not really make a certain choice to become an elder, it’s just part of her. She has always been serious about taking care of her family. Lovey had no real childhood to remember, and what she does remember is full of being yelled at for getting dirty or for playing too roughly and scraping her knees up. Since then she’s met children and loosened up, found the love of giving advice and helping family.

Lovey is the matriarch of her herd and she takes a great deal of pride about what she does. Her lands are a peaceful place and all travelers are welcome. Making people happy and comfortable, making life a bit better is her goal and what she tries to do. The difference between Lovey and others is that she isn’t controlling about it. Some harp and nag to keep their herd together, others are just controlling, Lovey is neither. The door is always open, whether the person is coming or going. She keeps her herd together with love and understanding.

Lovey has played tag with another grown up, run about in mud with a filly, met hermits and familiars, adopted a child, given birth to three beautiful girls, and she works hard to keep the family together. She’s felt extreme joy and pain. Don’t take Lovey as being a simpering ninny though, pity-parties help nobody and after having gotten the same advice given to herself long ago she’s taken that motto to put to use in her life.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?

Lovey Dovey was my first soquili. A mare that I adore more than all of my other soquili. (Shh don’t tell) I know that many people hold a special place for their first soquili, but mine goes beyond that. She’s grown so much as a character that she’s truly special to me. Lovey doesn’t apologize for who she is, she just is. Strong, stubborn, blunt, and loving all rolled into one high-volume hair soquili. I’ve delighted in every bit of her plotting, when her family grows I squeal, when something bad happens it makes my heart ache. I feel a bit stupid, to be so attached to a B/C pet, but Lovey is my girl. I’ve known from when I first got her three, almost three and a half, years ago, that she was the one soquili that I want to have made into an elder. At the moment she is the only one in my herd that could take care of everybody with the same quality as she does. Maybe she’ll someday train her successor, but for now.. Lovey is my fearless leader and in my heart I hope she’ll someday be given the honor of being an elder.


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Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Ardia
Link to Teepee: X

Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? It's been a few years at least, I don't remember exactly but I seem to recall that Ardia maxed out around the time that the requirements for becoming an Elder changed from just needing to be at 100% stats XD

Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

Making Friends: Ardia finds a filly trapped in mud, helps her free and meets Loki. After freeing the filly she meets Sheridan for the first time. Even from the beginning, Ardia was caring, and helpful, she had to free the distressed filly.

Ardia gives birth for the first time Ardia was still quite young here, this was her first labour and as such she was pretty scared. She became a mother, and knew even then it was her calling to try and look after all that were in her family

Ardia meets Duncan Ardia tries to reassure a relatively young stallion that the Village is a safe place to be This sadly is an unfinished roleplay, but I think there is enough there to show Ardia as she is, someone willing to listen, to give advice and again to help.

Ardia is midwife for Aishwarya Ardia attends Aishwarya's first birth as she remembers how scared she was during her own. She calms and coaches Aishwarya through the labour, and tries to keep Shikoba, Aish's mate calm as well

Ardia gives her son Takoda relationship advice Ardia grows herself during this roleplay, not only does she give her son advice on how to confess his feelings towards a mare he likes, but she is coming to realise how precious the love she and Sheridan has, and even if they aren't always in each other's shadows, they are in each other's hearts. For her making sure her children are happy is what is important.

Ardia meets Atsila (grandaughter) This is unfinished, but drawing to a close. Through this Ardia realises that there is a great task in front of her, one she is willing to take on. Her large family is out there, and she wants to meet them all, so they can know their origins. She tells Atsila of her plans to meet them all, and that if she needs her, then she'll be there. During this older rp she is still thinking of Sheridan with a little bit of melancholy, but always striving to think of the good times, and speaking of him well to his grand daughter as she knows she will see him soon.

Ardia, Meena & Seamus - Matchmaking A rp that did not get finished, though Ardia's part was almost over in it anyway. She is back home during the winter months, waiting for the weather to change before she seeks out the members of her line again. During this time she is determined to help her long single, and oldest daughter find love as she can't bear to see her unhappy. She knows it is slightly meddling, but she also knows that Meena always wanted love after hearing the stories of how her parents met. Ardia is now comfortable in her age, and now wants only to be a valued figure in her descendant's lives.

Ardia & Duranjaya catch up A sadly unfinished roleplay, but one where one of her sons returns home after a long time away and she begins to find out where he's been and what he's been up to. She is happy to know that her son realises that no matter where he goes he can always come home again.

Ardia meets Kanani Ardia comes across a new mother who at first needs help in getting to her hooves and then asks questions of Ardia about pregnancy once she finds out that Ardia has been in her situation twice over. (still in progress, was slow for a couple of reasons)

Ardia meets Azzinoth Ardia is soon to be midwife for a friend's daughter (Marut) and is sought about by the herd doctor by request of Marut's mate. Ardia understands that although she has had a great deal of experience with the birthing process that the unexpected can happen and that having someone on hand with specialised skills to go to if necessary is wise. Azzinoth is happy to leave Marut under Ardia's care, and Ardia knows that the greatest wisdom is admitting that you don't know everything, and that pride should never get in the way of seeking help.
Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?
Ardia knows that she has a large family - she hasn't quite digested exactly how large, but she is determined that she will meet everyone related to her, and tell them of their beginnings, where they came from and the love that started it all.

Ardia would want to be an Elder, in fact becoming one during this large task of hers would be perfect in her mind. She would want every family member she meets to know that in times of need, or even if they just want someone to talk to, they have a place and a Soquili to go to. She will try not to judge, will give advice if it's wanted, and will always be on hand to gently tease as only a grandmother..or great great grandmother can do.

Ardia simply would not want anyone to feel lost in their life.

She has also discovered a knack for being a midwife, and tries to help new mothers that she comes across, giving advice and even just bolstering confidence if need be. She is a calming presence during what can be one of the most stressful times in a young mares life.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?
Ardia is my oldest regular mare, and as such has always been a very special mare for me. She and Sheridan are the well from which one of the largest almost all regular Soquili family trees has sprung (there's now 1 wind in the whole family! XD), and I always had it in my mind that I would like her to become a Matriarch for her family, someone they can seek out for information.
I would also love her to join Sheridan, as he has been an Elder for a long time, and I think it only natural she should be as well.

In my mind Ardia has everything to be a good Elder..she is kind, sweet & motherly. Yes she has her faults, as everyone does but she's grown through them. Taking care of her family & friends is all that matters to her.

She is also probably the only one of my Soquili's that I think should be an Elder, so I'm determined she will be one and finally join her mate <3  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:35 am
Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Cloud Runner Certed image
Link to Teepee: Teepee link & Cloud`s page
Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? [Month and year if you do.] Sometime in March 2009. (Proof: April 1st bonus stats post)
Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder:

User ImageThe Freedom of Youth ~ Cloud is young and full of vigor. This is the day he 'escapes' from his family herd and sets out to explore the world beyond the mountains. Cloud's family is a herd that lives on the north of the mountain range, between the high peeks and the desert beyond. They occupy a small area of hilly country where the rainfall in the mountain peeks has allowed grass and trees to grow above the heated lowland of the desert. None of Cloud's family, that he knows of, has ever climbed the mountain rang an gone to see whats on the other side. This was the young foal's dream and in this self-rp, he takes that first step on the path that will dictate his future.

... Cannibal? ... & Carebear fun ~ We skip ahead to see Cloud as an energetic young stallion, fully enjoying his life on the open road, travailing when and where he likes. He loves to meet new soquili and approaches everyone with a happy-go-lucky attitude, as of yet not having met any unsavory characters, but fully aware of tales of the skinwalkers and kalona. At this point he has been meeting many young soquili and is thoroughly enjoying life, care free and without responsibility.

Where have I been - This rp, though unfinished, is just a cute little scene between Cloud and a couple of other stallions. Here, he has grown into his muscular mountain-bred body, but is still very much the wonderlust filled youth.

A Stormy Nights Dream ~ Cloud got caught in a storm and mets a very pretty but young mare. He finds himself wanting to reassure her and while not really knowing how, he strikes up a conversation.

Cloud is protective by nature, despite his wondering ways. He carries within him a deep fear of being trapped in one place, of being caught up by family and forced to stay in one spot, seeing the same things day after day, no excitement, no wild racing, no exploring. As a youngster he adored his family, but he needed more, and as he explores the Kawani land and claims it as his own, he comes to love the freedom of the wild open landscape and huge rolling forests. These things he associates with the land, so very different from his mountain homeland where their space was limited by where the river fed green growth, and where running too far and too fast will see you running right off a cliff face. Mistakenly, Cloud has associated the landscape with a way of living, and has convinced himself that if he became attached to anyone, he would be trapped in one area for the rest of his life.

Where the wind whistles ~ Here, Cloud is at the height of his strength, wild and free he pushes himself to the extreme in order to feel that wild thrill. After conquering a particularly inhospitable mountain he meets a mare who he comes to believe is the wind spirit. She leaves him a feather than he keeps as a symbol of true freedom.

This rp convinces him that the only way to be free, is to be a wanderer, he longs for wings to explore further, to go faster, yet is realistic enough to understand that such is merely a dream and will never happen. With his unquenchable spirit, Cloud accepts the challenge fate has given him, that of being land-bound, and becomes that much more determined to be free. Speed and distance is his challenge and he accepts it with vigor, determined to prove himself.

A Mad Dash ~ Even with his desire to be free and to reach the end of the wold on all sides, he still delights in simply living, in being alive and seeing others the same way. Every new meeting is exciting for him, and with youth's penance for thinking itself immortal, he has no fear of flinging himself in the path of danger to protect life. In this rp he saves a mare from a pack of wolves, and rather than being scared, he is exhilarated. Too young still to have learnt that such things may not always end for the good. He aspires to be as good a stallion as his father was, a protector and someone of untold strength (at least in the eyes of the young colt as he was then) and currently this philosophy has not yet clashed with his desire to run free and unfettered.

Chasing the Blues Away ~ Cloud runs into Kairi and her familiar friend. Ever curious and still somewhat innocent, he easily approaches them both and makes friends. She offers to take him to see the local two-legger village and being the curious, life-loving stallion he is, he can not resist. Assured by her calm reaction when they get there, he is content to let the two-leggers of the camp approach and touch him. Their world fascinates him, the scents and smalls all new and exciting, just one more thing to explore and understand.

Frog Prince ~ Cloud is back to wandering again and meets a young colt. He has never thought about kids for himself and even in this meeting, it doesn't occur to him. Kids mean family and family means a loss of freedom. Yet still he adores the young, finding them to be generally excitable and full of the wonders of life, just like himself. He tells the youth a story he heard on his travails, thinking the colt looked a little like one of the characters in the story. This rp was plotted, but remained unfinished due to RL.

Woah.. whats that? & Tolerance through curiosity ~ Cloud has his first personal meeting with a skinwalker, and realised that all the stories about them are true, and even a little tame. After surviving a fight with the crazy mare, in which a lucky blow to an old injury almost certainly saves him from being that night's dinner, he is still living up to his father's image in being honorable and forthright, and when a pack of wolves finds them, he decides that a lame skinwalker made better company than nothing at all, and with her, he fights off the pack of wolves in a desperate bid for survival. In this rp he learns that there is no clear distinction between good and evil, but that life is full of grey areas and it is up to him to make a decision and then to handle the consequences. This time, it worked out for the better, but he comes away with a healthy respect for a race many consider simply insane. (Scars from the battle to carry over to his elder form if possible?)

New Friendships Are The Best ~ What is youth without love? Cloud comes across the most beautiful mare he had ever seen. Coat of russet sunset and wings of strong feathers. Entranced, he falls instantly and hopelessly in love. (Unfinished due to rl)

More than one kind of Danger ~ Things had been looking so good for the blue stallion, young love had bloomed and his familiar Kanti had given her blessing, but as is the way of things, life can not be all rainbows and roses, and disaster befalls the young male. Their resting spot is discovered, (later Cloud comes to think it is because he lingered too long in one place) and hunters come for him. He puts up a brave fight, but there are some things even he can not escape from and the trappers win their prize. Cloud gets taken far away to where the white-skinned two-leggers are slowly invading the Kawani landscape.

Dark storms ~ Fate is not always such a cruel mistress, and one night the wind that he so loved to run with offers him a way out of the two-leggers trap. Gathering the others who had been unfortunate enough to join him, he makes his escape and leads the soquili away from the humans. This is the first time he truly goes out of his way to help others when his own freedom is at stake. There is no honor in this rescue, but the simple and deeply held respect for all life and the slowly awakening maturity of a full grown stallion.

Aftermath ~ Some weeks after the escape, Cloud has nearly finished returning all the other soquili to their rightful homes. He tells himself it is because he wants to get rid of them, the mare's constant shattering and their apparent dependence on him is so alien to him that he feels threatened by it, but as the numbers following him slowly dwindle, he is shocked to discover that he actually misses their company, the constant presence and reassurance of their shapes at night, the sense of purpose looking after them on the long journey had given him. Rebelling against his own revelation, Cloud sends the last few home and, with a heart heavy with grief, loss and confusion, sets off into the unknown once again to look for Kanti. Though this time, his happiness at being free is tainted with the memory of that brief time with a herd of his own, though the loss of 'Suli, who he manages to convince himself has to hate him for leaving, blots out this new realisation about himself.

A beautiful sunset ~ Months later he runs into another mare. During this time he has forced himself to forget all that had happened, the capture, the loss of Suli, and strange feeling of the herd and his new found desire for companionship. Instead, Cloud has done what all headstrong young men do and has forced himself to be what he was, carefree, wild, untameable. Yet in the shadows of his mind, new insecurities and thoughts are bubbling. Due to this he is even more impulsive than before, and embraces every new moment in order to block out the old. Mentally running from the guilt he still bears.

Daffodil`s Should be Blue ~ At last, someone finds him who has a few words to speak on his current life style, and Cloud finally gets the tongue lashing he has been in dire need of. The fact that the one responsible talks in riddles and speaks soquili yet has the appearance of a two-legger certainly helps to get the message through Cloud's thick skull and makes him actually think about his life. After re-evaluating his current situation, and knowing the guilt he bears will eventually drive him mad, he relents and promises to go home. So it is with some dream and nervousness, the blue stallion's wandering days come to a close and he turns back the way he had come, now set on a course back to the mountains of home.

Two worlds away from Truth ~ Cloud is now on his way back through the land he had raced down, rediscovering old watering holes and places he had been before, the sense of the familiar is both a comfort and something he dislikes. The new 'him' disturbs him and has set him in something of a bad mood. At this point he meets a mare he really would have rather he had not.. the first time he has regretted meeting a new face. She follows him, driving his dark mood even further down and making him feel less secure about himself. How low would he had to stoop before the Fates forgave him?

Best of Intentions ~ Another day and another meeting, this time Cloud gets shaken to the very core of his being as he intercepts a kalona hunting her dinner. The blue mare looks so much like himself that he can't help but get himself involved, despite the weariness of his heart. He defends her from the beast, having remembered the lessons leart while fighting the grey-coated skinwalker, he concentrates on the vulnerable parts of the Kalona, finally persuading her that this meal was one that was simply too much hassle. Though he is under no illusion that the mare is safe, its the best he could do at the time and he has no regrets about it.
While recovering from the fight, she starts to talk to him and for the first time in too long, he feels something inside that is not dark and depressive. There is something about her, an independence and warmth that reminds him of the past. Not exactly of himself, but of the feelings, the desires and the joy of living. She clearly is a traveler, even if it is not in the same way he was, she has been seeking something, searching out something important to her and her curiosity is catching.
Light blooms in the dark recesses of his disturbed mind. A light brought on by this blue mare... Her strong mind and obvious dedication to her quest stirs an old flame within him. Though he knows he has a duty to fulfill, it weighs just a little bit less. (ongoing)

Future plot:
Cloud travails on to his homeland, and after climbing the mountain he discovers why the spirits were so instant he returned. There is nothing left... the green valleys are bare, empty of sight, sound, scent. His family, gone. This had always been Cloud's fear, and the reason that once away, he had never considered returning. He was the last one. It is at this point that he realizes what he has to do, that he has to give up the life of a wanderer, and take up the reins from his father. I hope to have another rp with Cyn Generis for this section.

His future will then be dedicated to forming a new herd with Chatura, honoring the spirits of his family and starting his own. He will finally accept what he is and put aside the childishness of his past, will take responsibility for the lives of others and strive to be the best that he can be, for others and not himself. The wind will always sing in his heart, but he will share it with his family. No longer a wanderer, no longer alone, but will eventually realise that family does not mean to be trapped, it simply means he has those that he can share the joys of life with, to live those joys with and pass on his love of live to others.

Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path?
Cloud has been on a long journey, seen so very many things and been to so very many places. He will always carry the grief of what he did, what he lost in his childish lack of understanding, but he has learned and grown and come to understand that there is more than just his wants and needs. He has a love of life, of all life, and wishes to safeguard that for the future generation, and to teach his children so that they might avoid the mistakes he himself made. He will always mourn that which he threw away, but wants to honor those who have passed and protect the future of his family.

For Cloud, becoming an elder is not the end result of his life, it is the start of a new chapter, a new beginning for him to right that which he did wrong and to live up to the expectations of those around him. It is a standard, higher than himself, for which he needs to strive, not for his own pride, but for the safety and security of his family. It is for them that he wishes to gain new heights, for them that he now lives. For without family, life is a hollow, empty place, it just took a long time for him to realise it.

Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC?
Mine is partly a classic reason. Cloud was gifted to me by a good friend, and from the day I aquired him I wanted to give him the story he deserved. I beleive everyone's first soq is special to them, and Cloud is no different. He has a unique place in my heart, not only because he is the first, but because after all this time, he is a character that has slowly grown and developed, mostly without my knowing, into what he is today. He has made mistakes, and I have made mistakes with him. I have learnt about the soquili world through his eyes and with him, I have come to learn about the shop, its wonderful players and fantastic artists.

I feel that he has matured over the past years, grown into the character I had always hoped he would. To become an elder would not only be proof of this growth within him as a character, but would open the door for the next stage of his development. I certainly don't plan to get him as an elder then leave him to sit on the sidelines. If he is successful in his elder application, he will move on, embracing his new role, and with it, being able to offer more to the world of soquili than he does currently. He will never stop learning, never stop developing.. His struggles to overcome the foolishness of youth and a lifetime spent escaping the past will be put to use. Offering the chance for the younger generations to learn from his mistakes in order that they would not be repeated.  


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:50 pm
User Image
Name of Soquili and Link to Image: Malis Vitterfolk
Link to Teepee: Rynth's Teepee
Do you remember when your Soquili first maxed out? Around the end of '08 (Oct-Nov)
Links to RP(s) that show how the Soquili has grown over time, proving his or her development into an Elder: These are not all the RP's she has done, just the more notable ones.
*Malis came from a village in the South Americas. There she was a respected shaman though young but events had occurred that she decided to go on a journey to broaden her horizons. She ended up in the Kawani lands where her accent and customs set her apart from others.
Trolling around - Here she met Kifo who was similar to herself. He shared the same problems with fitting in and while they were both wanders it was the connection with him, however slight, that provoked her to finding others who lived in the northern lands to make friends with.
A chance Meeting - Malis and Eros in which they chat a little about her growing up. She realizes that even though she is different there are others who are interested in her culture. Later on Eros joins the family.
*Soon after Malis and Immi found the WillowGlen herd and Malis starts to teach the foals about spirits and survival. Starting with Cadence she also tought a few of his friends on occasion. The herd starts to grow as more soquili join them to live in the glades of WillowGlen. While Immi is more of a motherly sort and is one to introduce people to the herd, Malis becomes the spiritual leader and healer of the herd. As time goes on their duties become even more defined with Malis taking care of protection and teaching the youngest members.
Wandering - Malis and Kifo meet up once more and trade fond memories. Seeing him brings her a stab of the homesickness but she has responsibilities here that make it so she cannot leave. It is about this time she realizes she would like to try and impress him but as of yet did not quite know how...
The Games we play - The troll has become used to the Kawani people and yet there are still large differances that set them apart. Her size is one of them, her games are another. Malis finds Ashura and teaches her the game of 'Hoof-it' in exchange for how the mares of the Kawani lands flirt and charm the stallions. With her newfound knowledge she tries to practice on Buiscut with disastrous results.
*It is about this time she attempts to court Kifo, going on numerous trips and adventures together and she isn't home about the herd that often. Immi takes over but without the protection of the troll Dayunsi is attacked by a wild couger and runs away. Malis returns to help in the hunt and manages to locate the flutter in a cavern system, using her knowledge about herbs to heal him back to full. Shortly after it is announced that she is expecting.
Making a great escape elsewhere - Ezriel finds a pregnant Malis and she teaches him how to combat the demons within that he received from his heritage. This is a very important RP as it illustrated her teaching methods. Many times she does not explain her motives and lessons and yet upon reflection her cryptic answers can reveal much about the soul and self.
*Tai'jin and Zul'jin are born, something which is a big change for her. Kifo wanders back off with Zul'jin shortly after and Malis sticks around the WillowGlen herd and teaches Tai about her heritage (a lot is mentioned in Tai's RPs at this point) Malis is very proud of her daughter who also has the wanderlust she had as a kid and young adult. Malis has become more thoughtful at this point, not as spontaneous, though she still has her weakness for shinies.
The Perfect Gift - Malis helps Zaribe find the perfect gift for the one he cares about and gives him some very good advice. She explains that the perfect gift is not an object that can be held but his own company and attention. She gives him a map so that they can go on a treasure hunt together. Malis also gives up a few of her coveted shinies for him to give to the children that are to come.
The Butterfly and the Troll - Zayn almost crashes into Malis who was having a bad day. All foals are precious to her and she decides to teach him how he can fly by growing smaller so that his wings don't have to struggle so much. Using her experiences from observing Dayunsi and when she helped him heal she is able to guild his lesson even though she, herself, cannot fly.
A Beautiful Dawn - Malis and Various, Malis at this point is not pleased with the mate her daughter has chosen being that she has an almost irrational fear of the water and he is a kelpie. She hoped that the children would at least show their heritage enough that the bloodline would not be polluted by the water but unfortunately this was not to occur and she ended up disowning both her daughter and granddaughter (mentioned in other RPs)
A Trip to Feralis - Malis meets the hippogryph, Tempest on the northern boundries of WillowGlen. This RP shows a little of her opinion of Tai and Icarus as well her current short temper. Tempest is invited to join the herd which he accepts and is instructed to patrol the northern heights.
*Unfortunately after this point the few RP's I had were from other soquili's perspectives and shortly after I was forced to take an RP hiatus because of work. What happens next is scattered in RPs belonging to other soquili.
*Tai'jin and Malis have an intense argument resulting in Malis trying to kick Tai'jin out of the herd. Zandali over hears the argument and runs away from home, deciding to travel to Malis' home village and learn how to be a proper troll.
*Malis realizes that she is unfit for running the herd and goes on a spirit journey with Kifo. She returns with a new perspective and heavy with child. The resulting sons and daughter finally softened her outlook on her strict banishing of her eldest daughter realizing that her family is what is important, not her own fears. She dotes upon Rokhan and Sen'jin the latter who stayed with the WillowGlen herd to protect their boundaries. Her family has grown and the loneliness she did not want to admit she had has diminished. She takes back her position as guild leader, Immi now busy with her own children and other issues.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, Make me a match. - On one of her many patrols, Malis meets a new mare who seems familiar. She offers her a place to stay and later decides that Ravyrn would make the perfect match for Tempest. She proceeds to introduce them to each other in hopes that he will have a companion as he spends a lot of time in the mountains. (ongoing RP)
*Malis has become more like the 'mob-boss' grandmother, meddling in others lives but with the intent to improve them. She takes in strays of all paths, Rynn and Solemn has been the the most notable (mentioned in their RPs) Malis is one to be respected and honored (and a little feared) and has slipped back into her position of Herd leader with a grace that has come with age. The relationship she has with Tai is mending and, while her daughter is out searching for Zandali, she hopes to one day make amends with her estranged granddaughter.
Why would your Soquili (IC) choose the Elder path? "T' be an elder be t' greatest o' honors. bestowed upon t' ones who be holdin' t' spirits in t' highest regard. Ah be one who ain't without faults, ah be learnin' from t' things ah be goin' through an yet it be our faults that be t' things that let us grow an' learn." Malis shook her head, the long dreads a familiar heaviness as the golden bangles gleamed in the firelight. The troll thought of all the lessons she had learned over the years. "Once there was one who be young an' impetuous. She be thinkin' that she knew everythin' there be in t' world. This mare be travelin' from a long distance, into lands that not be her own. She managed t' be makin' friends, t' be learnin' about t' new customs of t' people who be livin' there. She started a family an' raised her kids wit' a love of her homeland. An' yet when her daughter be fallin' fer one who be of t' Kawani lands she be ashamed. T' mare did not like her daughter's choice fer that it was not like her own and not bein' respectful o' t' spirits. She be castin' her daughter out o' t' family, her grand daughter be runnin' away from home. T' mare did not realize t' loss that day, not fer many many cycles o' t' moon." Looking up towards the moon, Malis closed her eyes a moment as a tear ran down her cheek, darkening the tattoos around her eye. "Ah be havin' children again. They be makin' me realize how much ah be missin' mah daughter. T' spirits be angry wit mahself, making t' mood sour an' everythin' be goin' wrong. Ah refused t' be seein' mah mistake until ah finally decided t' be listenin' to t' spirits. Ah be goin' on a long journey, somewhere quiet that ah can be hearin' correctly. Ah be realizin' that this be mah home now. WillowGlen be t' herd that ah be takin' care of an' they be dependin' on mahself t' take care o' them." She turned to look back, a proud look upon her face. "Ah can admit ah be doin' wrong. Ah be talkin' t' Tai when she be returnin' an' ah have failt in t' spirits that they be bringin' back mah grand daughter. Until then ah be here t' take care of t' herd an' protect them from t' ones who be meanin' them harm. Anyone who be needin' aid can come to t' glades an' we always be here t' be helpin." The troll grinned, her tusk gleaming in the fire light, the other broken off many years ago. She stomped her hoof into the soft dirt. "Once ah be fightin' a dragon, not fer any reason but fer mahself. Now ah be fightin' fer mah family an' their families. Ah be here t' teach t' young an' make sure t' spirits be honored. Ah not be listenin' t' them an' it be causin' pain t' others as well as mahself. It be mah duties t' be lettin' others know so that t' spirits be respected an' listened to."
Why have you chosen the Elder path for your Soquili OOC? Malis has always been a respected shaman, it was the lack of that role that made her so temperamental when she left her village and started a herd with Immi. She is a teacher, the one responsible for taking care of the younglings and showing them the best way to survive in all areas. She is a healer and co-leader of the WillowGlen herd. She has been through a lot, some of which has been caused by her own doings. She is my second oldest soquili but my oldest character and my favorite to RP. Malis if forthright and honest, even when it may be better to cover the truth, she is one of honor and caring, strong and always there to protect others or take care of the sick or injured. Malis is the one that others go to for advice, she is learning from her mistakes and actions and has grown into a old and wise character. While I hope that my forced hiatus does not disqualify Malis from eldership, I have always viewed her as the elder and spiritual leader of the herd. She teaches the children of the herd and also can be reached for advice from all walks of life. There have been quite a few occasions that Malis has helped another, be it through advice or healing, it did not matter where they were from or who they were.
A little note: Malis -never- cuts her hair, she feels that she would loose her ties to the spirits if she did. If she does get picked to become an elder, I would love it if her dreads where longer and thicker to show this.  

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