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Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:13 am
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--totem pole soon--

Welcome to the Miakoda herd.

Miakoda means Power of the Moon.

Alpha: Sengdroma | Dixie
Protector: Maion | Syaoran-Puu


This herd is lead by the magnificent and passionate leader Sengdroma, and protected by the always graceful Maion. Together they make a dazzling combination that shows the truth behind the statement 'love has no limits'.

This herd is public, meaning that we accept applications from everyone but may be selective about who we allow to join the herd. That said in order to have your application considered you will have to show that your soquili has what it takes to be apart of this herd, this achieved usually by an RP with either Sengdroma or Maion.


This thread is open for herd members to RP together, we request that any OOC chat is kept in brackets so that we can keep them seperate.


We have asked Epee for permission to use this layout. Thank you.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:16 am
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The territory of the herd is extensive due to the large variety of soquili who reside within it. Although they do share some of the land with other herds and soquili they are very defensive about the locations that they have come to call ‘home’. The key locations are as follows:

User Image[The Lake]
Home to: Sengdroma, Maion...

Sengdroma, Alpha of the herd, found refuge and a home in the lake after she left home. Its sparkling surface reflected the sun and the moon spreading the magic throughout the surrounding area. After Maion found her he fell instantly in love and gave up the home he once knew to stay with her. This makes the lake one of the key locations for the herd, and the starting place for the family.

[The Mountain Peaks]
Former Home to: Maion...

Being an Angeni Maion once resided deep within the mountains at their peak; he had been left there by his mother who longed to protect him from the evils of the world. From his shadowy cave he became obsessed about the Ocean and rarely ventured down the mountain until the fateful day that he met his life mate Sengdroma (Moon). Due to the wing power needed to reach the cave where Maion once lived it is now near abandoned though Maion would love to one day have a child that he could share his childhood home with.

In terms of the herd the mountains themselves tend to be ignored, with most homes being formed near the base. The paths that lead into the mountains are unused by the herd due to the tales that stalk each shadow. It is believed that skinwalkers and creatures of pure evil lurk in the places that they will not go, if they find the need to travel to these near forbidden places then they venture in a minimum of pairs.

High up the mountain peeks grows the legendary 'Moon rose', said to flower under the moons soft rays. Once they were rumoured to have sprouted anywhere but as the world changed and their beauty became recognised they found themselves being picked and destroyed until there were very few left. It is Sengdroma's (the alpha) wishes to plant these beautiful flowers around the lake for all to observe and enjoy.

[The Clearing]

This land joins the main areas of the Miakoda lands.

-more soon-

[The Forest]

The forests hold many treasures and delicious fruits that the Miakoda herd often indulge in. The berries that grow in this forest are said to be the sweetest in the land and so adventures are often set to collect them for special occasions.

The trees within the forest are considered to be as old as time its self; and they home many creatures that are friend and foe to the herd. It is said that meditating near the centre of the forest can bring good luck, especially if you leave an offering for the spirit to collect. On several occasions Sengdroma and Maion have placed an offer upon the stump in the hope of having children. If you wish is granted you are considered to have been 'blessed' which is a great honour within the Miakoda herd.

Miakoda Herd

Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:20 am
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The Miakoda herd is only just beginning so there are not many members as of yet.

Sengdroma (Moon)
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User Image

Io and Chandra
User ImageUser Image

User Image

Protectors in training
Malchediel, Crown Cullen and Eden Cullen
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Misti, Renesme Carlie Cullen, Haishan Fai
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Arashi, Xanthus, Shania Leigh
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Dorian James Hale
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Darius Mattius Cullen, Sophia Phillipa Hale, Purnoma
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Sonnet, Rune Cullen, Paris Cullen
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:24 am
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Honorable members are those who are close friends or family of full members. If you have proven your worth and loyality to the Miakoda herd then you may request full membership. if your name is here then you are free to enter the lands in which the Miakoda herd holds dear.

Scythe | Avalokiteshvara | Tuulikki | Karma
Melanthios | Aether | Padmasambhava

Miakoda Herd

Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:28 am
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The Miakoda Allies
Allies of the Miakoda Herd are recognised for their worthy deeds and the loyalty they have shown. While they may be part of other herds, they and their fellow herd mates are welcome to enter Miakoda territory AND to request their aid if they desire it.

Sofiel, Sachiko, Felina
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

The Miakoda Enemies
Those marked as enemies of the Miakoda are rejected from their territory. Those who have been marked will be chased off their lands and possibly attacked to defend both the honour and members of the Miakoda herd. They have a low tolerance to being invaded. Please note they are aware that creatures can 'redeem' themselves but they will be wary of it. Those who are banished from the herd shall also be deemed as enermies to the herd.

Kimi, Dardanos
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:32 am
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Below you will find all the questions and information that you need to know about this herd. If you have a question that remains unanswered then please do not hesitate to PM the mule, Dixie or Syaoran-Puu for an answer.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Why are we called the Miakoda herd?
Miakoda means 'power of the moon', there are two reason why this is important, the first is because the moon was shining when Maion first found his way to Sengdroma's lake were they danced, and secondly he gifted Sengdroma the nickname Moon since she refuses to talk to most people and he needed something 'nice' to call her.

What is special to the herd?
The herd considers family to be its most important assert. They also keep a special place in their hearts for the moonlight, remembering the beauty and the importance of the nights spent beside the lake in the moonlight when Moon and Maion first met. History is something that each member must learn, it is a part of their present and future.

What do you need to do to join this herd?
To join you will have to express an interest in joining via PM to the mule, Dixie or Syaoran-Puu. From there an RP will be set up between the soquili in question and either the alpha Sengdroma (Moon) or the protector Maion to determine how suited the soquili is to join the herd.

Can any breed join?
Yes any breed can join, as you can see already the alpha is a regular and the protector an Angeni so they are open to welcoming any breed. That said evil soquili are not welcomed into the herd, so it would probably not be suitable for some kalona and the lone skinwalkers of the world.

What is the initiation ceremony?
The initiation ceremony is something that will occur via RP, the soquili in question will be presented with a task suitable to the season of their initiation. This could include a retrieval or a task of an alternative nature.

Can you fail the initiation ceremony?
In truth YES, so please be aware of that. However there are several opportunities for you to pass and only one way in which you can fail so the stakes are piled in your favor. Details shall not be revealed here as that would spoil the task.

What is an Honorable member?
Honorable members are those who are close friends or family of full members. If you have proven your worth and loyality to the Miakoda herd then you may request full membership. If you are an honorary member then you are free to enter the lands in which the Miakoda herd holds dear.

User ImageHow do you become an heir or a protector in training?
Heirs need to be mares as they are next in line for the alpha position. Protectors are usually stallions but Maion is willing to accept applications from serious mares. The challenge for these positions will remain a closely guarded secret, however we will let you know that there needs to be several members wanting to become an heir or protector for the challenge to begin. Direct family members of Sengdroma and Maion will not automatically become heirs and protectors, though special measures may be put into place if one so exceptional potential (this can apply to all members).

Do heirs or a protector in training need anything special?
To be considered they need to have heart, determination, courage and humility. Once they have proven themselves and completed the task they will be welcomed into the herd under their new position. They will have the duty to learn everything they can under the alpha and protector of the herd in the hope that eventually they would surpass them. After they have been accepted by the herd they will eventually be required to venture on a quest. This quest is to find their own animal guide to help them on their adventure.

How will heirs and protectors in training get these familars?
Those who gain this position will have to RP out the scenario in which they met their familiar, it could be a simple encounter or something far more complicated but that would be up to you as the RPer. However when it comes to actually purchasing these familiars this will be discussed at a later date.

Who may I mate my soquili with?
The herd does not place limits on how, who or when a member can breed or mate, although it is preferred that a strong family connection is kept at all times. If a member finds him or herself in trouble then another member of the herd will always be ready to show their support. That all said if you wish to get 'approval' of the herd then you can ask the Alpha or Protector through an introduction RP.

What happens if you are banished?
If you are banished then you will become classed as an enermy to the herd. Only the Alpha can banish a soquili from the herd, however Maion may make a recommendation if he has due cause. To actually be banished you would need to have commited a crime against the herd (this includes challenging the alpha or protector and losing the challenge).

Can the Alpha or Protector be challenged?
Strickly speaking you can however we are not going to allow this to happen unless it has been discussed with Dixie and Syaoran-Puu and is written into the herd plots. Please do not feel disheartened by this. This 'restriction' is in place to encourage the family community of the herd.

Can we plot in the thread?
Since this is the Miakoda herd thread we welcome all herd members to RP, plot and talk in the thread, however we would like any OOC chat to be kept in brackets (()) [[]] {{}} so that it can be seperated from any RP going on. Please be polite to each other, there is no need to be cruel or mean to another member in OOC, however we understand that not every soquili will get on with everyone.

.....more soon!

Miakoda Herd

Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:34 am
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Here is the herd archives.

Miakoda Herd - Initiation Ceremonies

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:06 am
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Interested in joining?

So you are interested in joining the Miakoda herd? To ensure that you have the right stuff for the herd you will need to fulfil a couple of criteria as shown below.

o1. All potential members must meet either Sengdroma (alpha) or Maion (protector).

o2. All mates of members are already considered 'honourary members', if you want to become an official member just let us know and you shall be upgraded to a full member.

o3. The Miakoda herd does NOT accept evil Soquili. We do not consider blunt or rude soquili to be evil.

o4. If your soquili has a bad attitude towards the Miakoda herd it is likely you will eventually be rejected, the herd will make several attempts to reintegrate you as a member but if this fails then they will have no other option.

o5. The members of Miakoda share a strong bond, woven by family ties, lasting friendships and a strong support network. It is due to this bond that if a member finds them self experiencing difficulties that another member (or several) will come to assist them. If a member of this herd wished to turn evil they would need a very good reason to.

o6. All Soquili answer to the Alpha, if you have misbehaved you will have to explain your actions.

o7. The Miakoda herd is happy to adopt or mentor children or young adults as part of their herd.

o8. Heirs and protectors in training hold a possition of honor, as such they are expected to be examples to new members.

o9. All soquili who state an interest in the herd will have to undertake the initiation cermony, please be aware that it is possible to fail this. If you fail then it is consider that you do not have the 'characteristics' to pass. There are several ways to pass and only one way to fail.

Miakoda Herd

Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:09 am
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To give Maion a run for his money we want to start an RP were Maion has to prove his worth as the protector of the herd.

If you are interested please check out the plot thread:

Clash of the Titans
PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:17 am
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Miakoda Herd based RP Plotting threads.

Clash of the Titans

Although the links below are not entirely Miakoda herd based (aka they are open to none herd members) you are welcome to look through them, apply and even suggest your own herd based plots. Both Dixie and Syaoran-Puu are open to PMs.

Dixie | Syaoran-Puu

Miakoda Herd

Miakoda Herd

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:33 am
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Here are the links to the teepees.

Dixie | Syaoran-Puu

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