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Reply [OOC] Plot Recruitment Threads [OOC]
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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:01 pm

This is my assortment of SoAs who are in need of something, whether that be flings/mates, new prides, plots, or JRPs. I'll begin by warning you that I'm often a slow RPer - as much as I love to play, I don't usually have the time to do so quickly or regularly. I'm best with background plots and occasional RP. If that's okay with you, have a look at what I have to offer! You can also look through here and ask after anyone who catches your interest! Available/unavailable indicates if they're open to fling/mate offers; a question mark is a blank slate or otherwise up in the air/open; deceased is self-explanitory. You can ask for RP or plots with any but the latter.

My lions are often open to flings, but I really dislike cosplays in litters, so if you're looking for a breeding you can do that into, you'll need to look elsewhere. Sorry!

(I usually use staff credits for breedings, so even though RP with me is slow going, I shouldn't hold us up too much if our plans are to breed. To clarify, this also means you don't necessarily need RPs, either!)

User Image
A member of the lower-middle class, Su-kanya is a very humble, level-headed, and practical lioness. In her opinion, her mother - and grandmother - both made rather questionable decisions when they decided to fling with gods. While she doesn't know the reasoning behind her grandmother's decision, she does know that her mother did it because she's obsessed with always having the best of everything (which she almost never gets), and failed to snag herself a mate from a higher class. This all seemed like a good idea at the time, but once she was pregnant, Sarhna rather regretted it, and persuaded her friend Bayana to marry her and claim to be the father.

It's not known by the rest of the pride that Su-kanya and her siblings' father is a god (or that Sarhna's was, either), but it is abundantly obvious that Bayana isn't actually their father. Su finds this rather embarrassing, overall, and is somewhat ashamed of her mother's antics. The last thing she wants is to be anything like that! She just wants to a live a peaceful, uneventful life, and to someday find a nice, honest male to settle down with.

User Image
Sahib-e-Adalat is the leader of The Izindigisho, and seeking a mate from another pride to form an alliance. He must be a male lion or fertile lion-hybrid (ICly, proof of a hybrid's fertility in the form of cubs would be required), and preferably a relative or descendant of the royal/leading family. The pride he's from should also not be really strongly religious - they don't need to be atheists by any means, just not extremely religious or superstitious.

As for personality, Ada is a committed, cunning, no-nonsense lioness with the potential for ruthlessness.

User Image
Jito-chongo is a mortal daughter of the God of Water. Her mother died when she was very young, and so Tamu'dhi raised her himself. He kept her safe by keeping her hidden and sheltered, even after she'd grown, and though he couldn't be with her constantly, visited her often and brought her anything she wanted that he could provide. As a result of how little contact she's had with the outside world, Jito retains a lot of innocence and childish tendencies, and is incredibly naive. She's also unfailingly friendly, talkative, and entirely too trusting.

She has finally decided, however, that she would actually like to see the world, and has run away with her otter companion, Saukko, in tow. I'm open to most things for her, just no really serious/permanently damaging violence. Or flings.

User Image
Tamu'dhi could just use some general RP. He's trying desperately to find Jito-chongo, and can be pretty much anywhere. He's generally a very pleasant god, and usually very flirtatious with females of any species, although at the moment he's understandably preoccuppied. He might be sidetracked into spending the night with a pretty lady, but any such dalliances would be cubless, as I'm not looking to breed him at this time.

User Image
Itse is intensely independent, and tends to hold herself apart from others. She can be very judgemental, especially of herself, and doesn't tolerate perceived flaws or failure. Looking for a mate, preferably someone not born into the pride, who could start out by annoying her. xP Definitely will not leave the Ela.

User Image
Shika is bitter, cynical, and keeps others at a distance as much as possible; at the same time, however, she's terrified of being truly alone, which is why she returned from her pilgrimage instead of staying in the rogue lands. Both of her parents were murdered in the serial killer plot, and she holds a grudge against the world in general for being so unfair. I'd like a mate for her, someone who'd gradually get under her skin and go from acquaintance/annoyance to friend to more. I'd also be interested in her meeting someone descended from Mysmyr, but (probably) not as a potential mate.

User Image
Chemankari is a seer and a Ghost, but not as serious as one might think on account of those things. She can be, when she feels it's necessary, but for the most part is a friendly, curious lioness with a love of learning and discovery. I would like to find a mate for her, eventually.

User Image
This is Acha'Macheleo, a former swampie who was exiled after she had a fling with a lion from an exiled line - which she didn't know at the time - and then relocated to the Pridelands with her cubs. Since then, she's pretty much tuned out the world to the extent that she can. I would like someone to help her get her feelz! back. No one 100% happy-lovey-pacifist, because they'll need to be willing to get involved with/become members of The Izindigisho.

User Image
Jen'shan has a wild heart. She dislikes rules for the simple fact that they're rules, and delights in breaking them. No matter how many times she gets in trouble, she is completely undeterred. I would like some youthful recklessness! No breeding/flings-resulting-in-babies, as I have plans for her, but I'm down for pretty much any other trouble, even if it gets them or someone else hurt. She is open to relocation!

User Image
Hewa is...grumpy. She's a serious traditionalist, and while she understands the necessity of outside blood, there's gotten to be a little too much for her liking - not that she voices this outside of trusted company - and she is Not Happy about it. She can be very snarky to pridemembers who weren't born in, especially any who have joined since the drought. I'd like to finally find a mate for her, which I'm guessing will be tricky, since she's a daughter of Mwali and Azachamorel and has a million relatives. Add in that she's traditionalist, and well...you get the idea. She definitely cannot be swayed from her views, so she either needs a fellow traditionalist, or someone who will allow her to have her views and pass them on to any children they might have.

Potential mate doesn't need to be 100% unrelated, as I'm fine with anything second cousin and out. Actually, she'd probably even prefer that, given her general disdain for outsiders. She could be swayed to one, but he'd have to be a real damn badass.

User Image
Needs RP! Shen Xue just moved to the North House from West thanks to an arranged marriage with Shan. I'd like her to meet some more members of the North, particularly males, whom she likes to have wrapped around her paw. She's not overt about it, and won't actually cheat, but likes the attention.

User Image
Kia! Daughter of the Goddess of Justice, and Keeper for her shrine in the Ulili-Mlindaji. She had cubs as an adolescent so that she could raise the daughter of a terrible lioness named Erzebet, whom her mother killed. She then lived in the Refilwe'Oluchi until it disbanded, and has now found her way to the Shrinekeepers. I'd like very much to find a mate for her, possibly but not necessarily with another god-child.

User Image
Bata is a very good thief, mostly due to skill but partly due to his coloration - he blends in very, very well at night. But he's also unusually moral, as far as thieves go, and doesn't actually like stealing very much; he purposely avoids stealing from anyone who can't afford it, and even then, he doesn't often take anything of high value...and he will absolutely never participate in cubnapping. Children shouldn't be taken from their families, and it is one aspect of life in the Kizingo'zaa that he has a terrible aversion to. Not looking for anything specific for him, just...something. He may be open to leaving.

User Image
Uki is a passive, submissive sweetheart of a lion who just wants to belong. Always eager to help, but coming across as a bit on the shy side, he's always searching for that feeling of validation that comes with being needed. He's quite the doormat, as well as exceptionally cowardly. No hidden bravery waiting to be found here - he will always be a coward, no matter the circumstances. Not looking for anything specific, but he definitely won't leave. (He is still crazy, and his Muse is Honeybird.)

User Image
Eshya may be a good candidate for going to the Firekin. I haven't developed him yet, so it's possible that I could fit him to a plot as needed. No flings, though, for sure.

User Image
Toba-likiza is the daughter of a lioness who fell in love with a much older lion, and who was heartbroken when that lion died. It turned Maru into a ghost of herself, and the pathetic state it put her in became evidence to Toba that love is a weakness, and those who succumb to it are fools. She keeps others at a distance with a combination of snark and lies; she will occasionally pretend to be friendly when it's to her advantage, mostly in the form of batting her eyelashes at silly males to get free meals. I'm pretty open to most things for her, but no flings resulting in cubs. Mate is a possiblity with enough plot/development, but she'd never fall for anyone really sugar-sweet, because that's just plain annoying. Prides are unlikely, particularly the happy-happy variety.

User Image
Masaa is looking for general RP; she'll be joining the Pridelands with her mate eventually, but she has to find him first! Malaika has gone missing, and for the first time in her life, Masaa is alone - something everyone had always tried to keep from happening, because there's some worry that, unsupervised, something might trigger her to 'snap' and become like her mother. She (probably) won't, but there's still something pretty obviously off about her demeanor in the way she watches and interacts with others. Needs little adventures on her big adventure, and is open to anything short of death.

User Image
And this is her missing mate, Malaika. She's going to have to 'rescue' him eventually, but I'm open as to from what/whom, and as to what happens to him in the meantime. Slave, thrall, anything, as long as it's okay that Masaa will come and save him sooner or later.

User Image
Maluuni'samio is a primal, impulsive leopard with a very unfortunate lack of a moral compass, or any kind of filter at all. He does and says what he wants, when he wants. He is never friendly, and is very often outright violent. If you're in need of such a fellow for some reason, he's always available.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:03 pm
Blank Slates
Or sort of blank, anyway. Most of them have families and prides, but no personalities or plots, and may be open to relocation.

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image (Middle class.)
User Image (Upper-middle class.)
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:03 pm
Current RPs:
If we have an RP that's missing from this list, please let me know!
Artistic Appreciation (Sehka/Immy)
Break Time! (Shem/Saha)
Commiseration (Koko/Paa'ndani)
For the Hoard (Leopard/Ashoka)
Getting Your Swamp Legs (Khara/Zamba)
Green Grass of Home (Kahawia'mkai/Tekacha'moyo)
Just Thinking (Nisi/Gereh)
Meet the Tide...us (Siris/Tidus)
Not a Happy Bunny (K'aah/Dubwana)
Once Upon a Meeting (Uru/Intiha)
Unfamiliar Faces (Etawa/Nathifa)
The Way It Goes (Safi/Lamri)
Where the Wind Blows (Shasha/Vorpolkel)
Why So Angry? (Shika/Vurly)

Completed RPs:
Any Suggestion? (Rakt/Amali)
A Sad Song (Sielu/Hari)
Clumsy Conversation (Khara/Vyoga)
Outside the Bounds (Toba/Piatsu)
Strong and Fierce (Wodi/Surtak)
Waiting for the Break (Shinda/Mbari)

Etawa is a very solid sort, dependable and unshakable, but without being uptight or boring...curious and imaginative, but still grounded in reality. While he may drift into daydreams now and then, entertaining thoughts of adventure, he exists just as happily in the here and now. I'd like a mate for him, preference for natural colors.

This is Tek! She originally joined the Pridelands after falling for a male, but...things gradually went south, and she finally left him after putting up with his selfishness for too long. She's shy and a bit awkward, basically a pretty little wallflower, and particularly unsure of herself at the moment. I'd like for her to find true love, but slowly! She'd be very reluctant to accept any advances.

Rusalka is typically a very cool and calculating personality, but when emotions get the better of her, they really get the better of her. Anger, love, whatever it is, once it gets hold of her, she's gone. I'd like a mate for her, eventually - must be female!

stashing this here for now, until Al-Ha is ready again.

What I'm looking for:
  • Flings! Always flings. Since this will use my colorist credits, I'm going to be pickier than before. I usually prefer lionesses, but the deciding factor now is appearance more than anything. I like pretty things!
  • I do have enough old RPs that he could potentially fling with a goddess at some point. I'm not actively looking, but I will consider offers.

  • Honestly, flings with Al-Ha are very simple. XD He just loves and leaves (he will never force a female, or outright lie to her). He doesn't come back for any cubs, doesn't visit, nothing.
  • Due to the changed circumstances as given above, I will want a say in where the cubs go. I usually like to go half-and-half in choosing owners, determine an order, then PM the cubs out so they can pick. There is a good chance I will add in or custom in.
  • He will breed with adolescents, and also with leopards and cheetahs (I do prefer lionesses, though). His official other form is a wild dog, so he can also breed with wild dogs.
  • As stated, appearance will probably be my foremost consideration, but I will also consider based on family lines (I love old and/or extensive families), and possibly on pride. Or if you have a potential plot in mind for the cubs/pups, or there's a reason you need a god fling, you can also try to sell me on that.
  • Even without RP, these may not be especially fast. If RL allows, I'll be able to swing about one a month, but never more than two. Currently just one, as I have a personal breeding I'm trying for at the moment.
  • If anyone from the old list posts, they will take priority.

Old Waiting List:

  • Laazizi
  • Maha
  • Sahala
  • Vinca
  • Dione
  • Shetani

Completed RPs:
For Laazizi:
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16117015 (Al-Ha/Rahani)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16234665 (Al-Ha/Mina)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16235151 (Al-Ha/Mafunde)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16469031 (Al-Ha/Seitaru'kai)

For Maha:
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16116103 (Al-Ha/Maki)

http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16095367 (Al-Ha/Adanna)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16116973 (Al-Ha/Angaza)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16234487 (Al-Ha/Zyanya)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=16235297 (Al-Ha/Poromoko)  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:11 am
SoA's Name: Umbia
SoA's Image: clicky
SoA's Pride: Kusuni
Anything to add?: I need to get her RP's too so would have no issue waiting  



PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:22 am
SoA's Name: Kitunda'bahati
SoA's Image:
User Image
SoA's Pride: Mzawa'Kondo (at least the cubs will be raised there, Kitu's their patron god)
Anything to add?: She is a bit fearful of mortals but she's trying to overcome it so she can join her pride in her mortal form. She also wants to give the pride cubs as a sign of her trust in them.

SoA's Name: Sahala
SoA's Image:
SoA's Pride: Majira'Mungo (it's a concept pride that needs members XD )
Anything to add?: She's got no rp's atm but i can crack them out pretty fast.  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:36 am
Ooh, Umbia! heart Looks good to meee.

Kitu would be awesome, heeh. Al-Ha loves him some goddesses. ;D

Sahala's fine, too! Solid-colored babies, whee. xd

*adds to list!*

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:22 pm
OKay shall start RPing Umbia some more then <3  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:10 pm
SoA's Name: Vinca
SoA's Image: User Image
SoA's Pride: Nchi'Mahadahi
Anything to add?: I have about 3 rp's for her, she's also a Nyekundu decendant so she has lots of fun colours to add to als black!  

Syrius Lionwing

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:21 pm
I've got four for Halili finished, so Sen's will be next. n.n If I manage to keep up my pace, I could probably be ready for Umbia in a week?

Ooh, Vinca's pretty~ heart Looks good to me! If you don't mind that my list is getting a little on the long side, lol.
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:23 pm
heeh I can wait it'll mean I can make her rp's to 5 yay ^__^!  

Syrius Lionwing

March Moth

Conservative Sex Symbol

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:23 pm
SoA's Name: Zara
SoA's Image: User Image
SoA's Pride: None
Anything to add?: She has three rps, and is a bit of a spit fire. XD  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:23 pm
Ooh, that is a pretty I cannot resist! *also adds to list~* whee  

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:49 pm
<33 *shall work on cracking out rp's for the girlies*  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:05 pm
8D i will make a RP for them, and just post it here for whenever.

Al-Ha is such a pimp. Even Zara will be charmed. XD  

March Moth

Conservative Sex Symbol


Beloved Werewolf

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:31 pm
SoA's Name: Tonkareta
SoA's Image: User Image
SoA's Pride: Tianxia (East House)
Anything to add?: She definitely isn't someone I'm looking for commitment with, plus I'm a whore and want in on Al's line. >8D  
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