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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:50 pm
User Image

User ImageApplication

If you have satisfied all the requirements outlined in the Creating and Mainting a Pride thread, please fill out this form and post it here. It may take us a few weeks to go over your information, create your cert and set up your subforum so please be patient. These requests are handled at our leisure.

[b]Pack/Pride Name:[/b]
[b]Current IC Owner(s):[/b] (owners with a king/queen member)
[b]Current OOC Owner(s):[/b] (owners with a regular ranked member)
[b]Default ranks:[/b] (the ranks for regular/growing members if not posted for a cert change)
[b]Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:[/b]
[b]Links to at least five [i]current[/i] RPs: (These RPs must have been done in the last month. At least one must have included the current ruler.)
[b]Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: [/b] (Do not exceed 175 words, it has to fit in our layout!)
[b]Familiar Rules:[/b] Does you Pride/Pack allow familiars? If so, which ones? Are there any specific rank restrictions or is bonding to a regular member necessary? Be as specific as you want!
[b]Cert Background Large Image:[/b] (Cert colors are now ultimately up to the cert maker, but please try to make it rectangular in shape.)
[b]Pride Symbol for Cert:[/b] Transparent PNG, please, and not already on a cert!circle. Please keep it square-like in shape, not rectangular.
[b]Any Extra Information:[/b] If you want to include a place for alternate names or clans, please say so here - we will not allow you to change the cert afterward.
[b]Pride/Pack History:[/b]

User Image

User ImageApplication Issues

If your pride application is good, your cert will be made up and you'll be PMed to confirm it. However, if there is an issue with your application, one of the pride owners will be PMed with the issues and asked to resolve them before the application is processed. The application will be marked with a note in red. Once it has been fixed, simply make a note below the red one in blue so that the reviewers can see it to have the app looked at again.

This process will be repeated until the application is accepted or withdrawn completely.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:52 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Pepo'porojo
Current IC Owner(s): [Eskimo]
Current OOC Owner(s): [Eskimo]
Default ranks: Gatherer
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Simbi ([Eskimo]) - Mama
Uovu ([Eskimo]) - Poupe
Ithambo ([Eskimo]) - Bokor
Jean'luc (Reeshie Hack) - Houngan
Kivuli Cha'mifupa (Tanakako) - Mambo
Umbra'de'noapte (Velveteen Angel) - Caplata
Mèo Đen (Tanakako) - Guard
Siyah Kedi (Tanakako) - Guard
Pya (nessiaing) - Pèseptè
Safi ([Eskimo]) - Shrinekeep
Njaa'sugu (Syrius Lionwing) - Houngan
Pavla (Znaruto) - Medsen Fey
Hukonjoole'tari (Adona Benedicta) - Poupe
Msanifu (Creme de la Kitty) - Poupe
Coryth (Jikde Bonyac) - Pèseptè
Dènye Fèt (Adona Benedicta) - Houngan
Eran (MoonRazor) - Medsen Fey
Mahalia (pinchmonster) - Shrinekeep
Sikitiko (Larisha Dragonchaser) - Caplata
Firyali (Mriae) - Medsen Fey
Runihura (Quiftan) - Shrinekeep
Fon Youn (Princess_Feylin) - Poupe
Ghislaine (YourxStarlessxEyes) - Shrinekeep
Kimya'dhoruba (Day Dreamer427) - Guard
Samedi (Zephira73 cool - Pèseptè
Ayida (ChezaRain) - Gatherer
L’envoi (magnadearel) - Gatherer
Sanuye (Tanakako) - Gatherer
Kialio (Sergeant Sargent) - Poupe
Rajnish'Imamu (Doodle p***s) - Bokor
Upholi (Mtorolite) - Gatherer
Lazarus (Thalion) - Pèseptè
Betsabé ([Eskimo]) - Little One
Rada (Moonlit Monkey) - Guard
Bambara (Fea Line) - Caplata
Davke (Dulcea) - Medsen Fey
Fushide (Zero and below) - Caplata
Busu (ChezaRain) - Little One
Links to at least five current RPs: 1 2 3 4 5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Pepo'porojo is an old pride whose way of life centers around their religion--Voodoo. They believe in a goddess named Mawu, the creator of all things, and in the spirits, who they call "Loa". The pride's way is a relatively simple one (albeit somewhat complicated in its spirituality and traditions), with every member working together to help run the pride and provide for their fellow pride members.
Cert Background Large Image: xXx
Pride Symbol for Cert: xXx
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? N/A--I would say off-map, I have no idea.
Any Extra Information: Here`s the interest thread.
Pride/Pack History: The Pepo'Porojo stretches back many, many generations. It is a very old pride set in its ways and traditions. The pride itself does not know who the first believers were or who the founders of the pride were, but they follow their ancient traditions and faithfully maintain their pride. Their way of life centers around their religion--Voodoo--and the Loa (spirits). They are the children of Mawu, the goddess and creator of all. As the circle of life moves, those who die become Loa, and those who are born bring new joy to the pride and to Mawu. They teach the younger ones their ways and work together to keep the pride going strong. This has always been the pride's history, just as it is their present and future.


Anxious Cat


PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:24 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Mazunguko
Current IC Owner(s): Club Snails
Current OOC Owner(s): Club Snails, Tanakako & Lorne_Sionn
Default ranks: Hunter
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Nahasi - King [Club Snails]
Basa-Juan - Elite Guard [Tanakako]
Arathien - Council [Lorne_Sionn]
Arancion - Council [Tanakako]
Luaith - Scout [Lorne_Sionn]
Zuberi - Guard [Peppermint Coffee]
Hikaru - Catcher [Club Snails]
Jemmnu - Catcher/Missionary [Chi Sohma]
Tsuyoshi'Yuudai - Elite Guard [Pink Myth]
Ijara - Council [Innocent_Hybrid]
Links to at least five current RPs: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Mazunguko is an underground pride consisting of multiple mazes. It is a giant underground labyrinth where the warriors of Mazunguko can call home, a haven for outcasts where they are not judged by the colour of their fur or their species. The pride is dominated by males. Females are free to join, however they are judged by the council upon entering. The pride is ruled by a king and his word is considered the law.
Cert Background Large Image: Cert background by Tanakako
Pride Symbol for Cert: Lamda symbol
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Possible location
Any Extra Information: IT thread is here
Pride/Pack History: It begins as all stories must, with a cub, a young male, the only one in a litter of six. His mother named him, Tu'Mwana, Only Son. Mwana knew nothing but love from his mother, and pride from his father, for he was strong and clever cub. However, from his sisters Mwana knew nothing but envy. For they were neither as strong as Mwana nor as clever, but what they were, were cunning, and in that cunning they found ways to torment Mwana when their parents were not present. Mwana accepted their torments for he was an honourable male, as his father taught him to be, but in his heart he grew bitter and sought a way to escape his sisters.

As he grew into his mane, he discovered that there were others such as he, males who knew bitterness or fear caused by sisters, mothers or mates, and other males who cared not for female company, but felt more at ease among their own gender. Mwana brought these males into his confidence, and they began to hunt and roam together, forming a bond that became a Brotherhood, which grew into a Pride. And once again earning the respect and love of his parents, and the ever present envy and hate of his sisters.

Understanding that those who had come to his paws seeking safety would suffer if his sisters betrayed them to the lionesses they hid from, Mwana entrusted them to those of the newly formed Mazunguko who could and would fight to defend them, those who would later become the Mazunguko's first Wachunga (Guards). Ranging far and wide Mwana searched for a place of safety, a place well hidden, a place where they could be free of the females who had troubled and injured so many of the males he had gathered to him. It seemed hopeless, and Mwana lost heart as another day came to an end and his Pride still had no land to claim as theirs.

And then he saw it...the tiny bead of light, floating lazily above an opening, hidden well by the jungle's leaves. It was a firefly, that small light, and it lead him to the cave that the Mazunguko would claim as theirs.

Mwana returned to his Brothers, and together they travelled to the entrance he had been brought to. For weeks he and his took turns creating the labyrinth of their new home. Some were suited to digging, becoming the first of the Chimba (Diggers), others were clever in their weaving and fashioned nets to capture more of the fireflies that had been their saviours, becoming the Kamata (Catchers). Those who could not dig or weave, brought meat and water for the pride, becoming the Msako (Hunters) and there were still those who watched and waited, keeping vigil over the others, keeping them safe as they worked. Mwana's loyal Wachunga (Guards).

As time passed, the Mazunguko grew. Brothers of the Pride bringing those like them to their lands, feline and canine both. For to them species did not matter, only that they shared the bond of Brotherhood. Mwana himself ranged far to find others who needed the sanctuary and companionship of his unique Pride. A council was formed, laws were created, rituals and celebrations born, a legacy ready to pass on...save for the fact Mwana had none to pass it to. The cub had grown into a lion, the lion into a leader, but the leader had not sired an heir.

Not wishing his Brothers to be left alone once Death came for him, Mwana made a choice. One that weighed heavy on his heart, but one he knew he must make. He once more ranged from their labyrinth home and brought to their cave a female, one to bear him a son. Her name was Mbeba.

Mwana treated her with the same kindness his father had shown his mother, nothing more, nothing less, for there was no love in his heart for her. Yet no cruelty either. The lioness was confined to one den in the labyrinth of the Mazunguko caves, with her Wachunga (Guards) always beside her. Once her duty was done, and a male cub lay in Mwana's paws, Mbeba was free to go. She was escorted from the caves and seen past the borderlands safely.

Mwana raised his son as his father had him, with pride and love, and Mrithi, the heir, grew.

Yet the story does not end here..... for legacies continue well past those who have left them, and Mwana's Pride has endured in the labyrinth caves that it calls home..

It is now Nahasi's story, for it is he who wears the crown of the Mazunguko. A young lion, a even younger king. Unsure of his rule, relying on his council. A council left by Nahasi's father, Aina, for a female he loved more then they, the Mazunguko.

A King who had treated the females like guests, Aina, kind and compassionate, a fool, he had let the females roam as they would, love as they would. The opposite of his own father, Kikatili, Nahasi's Grandsire, cruel and cold, worthless, Kikatili. Who had spread misery and tears among the females within the Pride. Slavery was to kind a word for what Kikatili had done... Mwana's sisters would have been proud of their many time's over great grand nephew, for he was like they. Kikatili had found death by the paw of his slave, and Nahasi's father, Aina, had come to the throne, and just as easily left it as soon as Nahasi came of age.

So here our story lays.. In the paws of a young king, on the claws of his loyal Wachunga (Guards), on the backs of his council... deep in the earth, in the maze of the labyrinth, is the Pride of the Mazunguko.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:55 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Makini’Adhima
Current IC Owner(s): Polette + Syrius Lionwing
Current OOC Owner(s): Polette
Default ranks: Donneur (male) Donneuse (female)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Nicephore (Polette) – Roi
Laetitia (Syrius Lionwing) – Reine
Mael (Polette) – Dauphin
Esmee (YourxStarlessxEyes) – Fille
Cesar (Znaruto) – Fil
Amias (Polette) – Petite Fil
Meris-Perrin (Club Snails) – Chevalier
Mangue (Polette) – Jongleur
Noelani (Velveteen Angel) – Marchand
Lanikai (Velveteen Angel) – Donneuse
Lolani (Mtorolite) – Donneuse
Kulani (Sabra Knight) – Donneur
Alani – (Polette) – Yclaireuse
Links to at least five current RPs: o1 o2 o3 o4 o5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: A colony of secluded cheetahs that have their roots strongly buried in the traditions of French humans who came to their lands generations ago. They are a very prideful group, but they will risk almost anything to protect their own. Their lifestyle can be strict at times, but they are slowly opening up to the ways of the few outsiders that venture into their lands.
Cert Background Large Image:x
Pride Symbol for Cert: x
Where is this pride located on the SoA map?
Any Extra Information: Could there be a secondary name spot; as in, the top Name, and then an Outside Name section? O:
Pride/Pack History: Dating back to when fair-skinned two-legs first started to wander Africa freely, the Cagoule family has had claim on the same lands since it's creation. The first Cagoule, Kiume, had taken a particularly odd interest in the two-legs. Often he would find himself wandering their borders, and even speaking with their own creatures. At first, he didn't understand their tongue at all, but after countless encounters with them, Kiume slowly started to understand and take on the language. He grew so very accustomed to the culture of the foreign creatures, and to living off the land where they had temporary settled. But as all temporary things are, they must one day come to an end.

One day, Kiume awoke, trotting over to the two-legs' settlement, only to find nothing there at all. They had left suddenly, their land empty and deserted. Going deep into the territory, he met a female cheetah by the name of Ève. She had been kidnapped to the foreigner's home to be put on display, and was just now left there, like Kiume, abandoned. After much time of being together, Kiume became her link to the rest of Africa, as she still did not speak any of the language. The two cheetahs fell in love, and right before their first litter arrived, Kiume renamed himself Arséne, and marked the abandoned two-legs' land as his own, thus officially founding the Cagoule family.

Decades passed and Arséne and Éve's first litter faded away, their blood still controlling the same lands. Their great-great-grandson, Nicéphore, had risen to the head of the family, with three generations beneath him. By this time, others had gathered to take on the Cagoule family name, pledging themselves to the old and powerful family. Nicéphore's own grandfather had chosen his mate for him, the fair and beautiful Laetitia, and the two had been undisputed as the heir's to the family line. Now at the top, it would have been Nicéphore's proud duty to bestow a female to his three grandsons, and a male for his only granddaughter. Days before the ceremony where mates were to be decided, the middle son, Amias left the family without notice, shocking the whole of the Cagoule family and creating quite the scandal. Keeping it a secret from most of the pride, however, the family waited patiently until, finally, Amias saw the error of his ways and returned, quite the changed cheetah. Now, the pride is at ease, with the future heir returned and a harmonious alliance with the Kuroi’Nera.



Romantic Raider

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:46 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Seòrsa-fala
Current IC Owner(s): Fin'lay
Current OOC Owner(s): ~Kiana_Nala~ & Day dreamer427
Default ranks: Fledgling
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Fin'lay (Sgiach aka Queen) [~Kiana_Nala~]
Mour'tisha (Nyx's Council) & Thei'ng (Familiar) [Day Dreamer427]
Brutus (Knight of Erebus) [Syrius Lionwing]
Lok'ikan'ya (Prophet) [-_Wish of the Goddess_-]
Subira (Fledgling) [Chi Sohma]
Kipekee (Fledgling) [Day Dreamer427]
Nyota (Nurse) [Day Dreamer427]
Ramat'iyala (Dark Son) [-_Wish of the Goddess_-]
Kumonryu (Marked) [Day Dreamer427]
Sarraqa (Marked) [Day Dreamer427]
Links to at least five current RPs: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] (rp 1 & 2 are too old, they need to have been started and finished within the month) To replace [1] and [2]

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
Seòrsa-fala is a pride of vampires that sleep during the day and are awake and active during the night in tribute of the goddess Bast in which they worship (though she knows nothing of the pride/their worship of her). While they are 'vampires' they do not actually drink blood. Instead they save the blood from their kills and use it in special ceremonies. They are a very peaceful and open pride that believes in equality and unity above most everything else. There are no restrictions on what color a member should be or what type of species they need to be in order to join.
Cert Background Large Image: Link
Pride Symbol for Cert: Link
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Link
Any Extra Information: For the cert we were hoping that under their title within the pride it could say red or blue fledgling underneath it. C:

*We were wondering if it would also be possible to have them have standard tattoo's around the members faces?

Tattoo Description:
[1] [2] [3] [4]
For the overall design of the tattoo's we were thinking Celtic designs or Floral inspired one's would be best. As you can see from the examples of both fanmade and authormade visual descriptions there is quite a lot of wiggle room on overall appearance of the tattoos. Example being Ela tattoo's, some have trees in their tattoo's or other 'hidden' things. The tattoo's would be able to grow/change through each stage of the SoA's life. We would like for the tattoo's to line the SoA's face, but we would be perfectly fine with diversity since this is based on a book series and not every tattoo is alike/looks the same. As in, having it also ring around the eyes, ect. (Shown in visual descriptions as well). Another example being how Ela has some lions that are fully tattooed.
*I tried to use examples from Ela as they are already in place and it might help get a understanding of how we were seeing these tattoo's*

As for coloration we have no set idea of what the color should be as say black would blend in with a black colored lion. Because of this we thought the colorists doing the tattoo's would be able to do complete CC.

For when the tattoo's would show up we thought cubhood would be best. Then it could change and develop as the SoA grows. However, as this would be a pride "curse" any SoA born outside of the pride would not have tattoo's. IE, Rogue breeding.

Pride/Pack History:
Long ago when the world was still new a lone lioness was wandering the lands in search of a home. Her name was Sgiach. She had been born with a strange anomaly, which was a crescent moon on her forehead. It was colored in a deep dark purple. As she journeyed she noticed she was gaining these intricate symbols that lined her face. With them were little symbols of the trials she had faced on this journey. Intrigued by what their meaning could be she sought out one of the gods.

After about a year of searching Sgiach came upon the goddess Bast. She was the goddess of night and a very kind deity. However, Sgiach was so in awe of the goddess beauty and kindness she forgot what she had sought her out for in the first place. So she simply asked the goddess where the darkest place on earth was because she intended to make her home their. The kind Bast led her to the darkest depths of the forest which included a cave. Sgiach thanked the goddess for showing her the way there before she vanished. That was when the lone lioness decided to worship the goddess of night and thus began her change in lifestyle. In order to properly worship her Sgiach made herself sleep during the day and do all of her duties during the night. As time went on she began to notice others were beginning to flock to her lands in order to worship the goddess of night, and also live out their lives peacefully.

Now it is the current day in age and the pride has flourished. It is now filled with hundreds of lions as well as other creatures such as leopards, cheetahs, and hybrids of all sorts. The pride still worships the goddess Bast and lives their lives in the night. As the pride has grown over the years there have been new monarchs set up in order to keep the pride happy and healthy. At least that was the plan. The current Sgiach is about to pass her title onto her daughter who feels like she won't make a good leader. The council knows of this and is trying to get the young lioness to give them the power. However, Sgiach knows of this plan and is going to make sure that the power within the pride is left ultimately to the Sgiach of the pride. For she knows that the council is not all pure in mind. Members within the pride have yet to learn of this treachery and live out their daily lives as they normally would. But soon something will have to change. . .

*Would also like to note that Bast (owned by Ameh) will have zero participation in the pride but I have been given permission by Ameh to use her as a goddess they worship. As far as Bast is concerned she knows nothing of the pride or it's worship of her.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:08 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name:
Current IC Owner(s):
Lithia_Brandon – King Uther and Queen Ygraine
Current OOC Owner(s):
Default ranks:
Youth – Cubs and Juves
Commoner – Adols and Adults
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

  • Royalty:
    High King - Uther - Lithia_Brandon - Toka - Castle
    Queen - Ygraine - Lithia_Brandon - Toka - Castle

  • Governors:
    Malenga - Cajanic - Druid - Uliacha
    Zelopytia - Ruler of Everything - Toka - Mkoani
    Caliburn - Tisiphone - Toka - Caddoc
    Eumann - THE Jehan - Toka - Lochlann

  • Slayers:
    Dearbhail - Buffy the Bloody - Toka
    Maktaba - Lithia_Brandon - Toka
    Yoruhane - Neon Fly - Toka - Uliacha

  • Merchants:
    Merlin - Cajanic - Druid
    Cerobi - Ecavi - Toka - Mkoani
    Giruvegan - Safaia - Toka - Mkoani
    Fiorello - Depawsit - Toka - Uliacha

  • Scholars:
    Shenga - Cajanic - Toka
    Isuara - Club Snails - Toka - Mkoani
    Busisa - Ecavi - Druid - Uliacha
    Eigyr - Dulcea - Toka - Uliacha
    Dokhani - Krysin - Toka - Mkoani

  • Servants:
    Kilgharrah - Lithia_Brandon - Toka - Castle
    Glaurung - Lithia_Brandon - Druid - Mkoani
    Scatha - Lithia_Brandon - Toka - Mkoani
    Curumo - Kaori_luv - Toka - Castle

  • Commoner:
    Feallaim - Tisiphone - Toka - Caddoc

  • Hunter:
    Calder - Tsuki the Lunar Wind - Druid - Mkoani

  • Solder:
    Malakai - Safaia - Toka - Mkoani
    Ashoka - Ressuaan - Toka - Caddoc
    Mwiba makucha - The Aurrie - Toka - Mkoani

  • Forsworn:
    Morgana - Lithia_Brandon - Druid - Uliacha
    Samar - Tanakako - Druid - Uliacha
    Andara Devi - -_Wish of the Goddess_- - Druid - Mkoani
    Cynder - Syrius Lionwing - Druid - Uliacha
    Thane - MoonRazor - Druid - Uliacha

  • Sentry:
    Senka - Buffy_the_Bloody - Druid - Uliacha

  • Borrower:
    Brid - Excited Apathy - Druid - Uliacha
    Shari - Izzy Makani - Druid - Uliacha

  • Prisoner:
    Bazazi - Ecavi - Druid - Ravine Prison
    Merari - Kimaria - Druid - Ravine Prison

  • Need Information:
    Christopher Johnson
    wooga Paes

Links to at least five current RPs:

(A couple solos too. I assumed 'month' means last 30 days' but if not I can edit ^^ There are a ton of open RPs atm as well!)

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
The Tokakinji are loosely based on an Arthurian style of rule. There is civil unrest between the two members of the pride, the dominate Toka and the Druids, whose lands were taken over. The pridal lands are huge, and divided into distinct Provinces, led by Governors under the name of one King. Lions of all kinds are welcomed to the lands and may find a home that fits within the many different Provinces. There is a large jail for criminals against the Monarch and the lions of the pride, located in a deep ravine.
Cert Background Large Image:
Pride Symbol for Cert:

I’ve made a cert since I had the psds to play with >> Any tweaking is cool if you want to though! I can send the file.

Where is this pride located on the SoA map?
Any Extra Information:
Included above, a place for Toka or Druid blood, and for the Province they live in.
Pride/Pack History:

The Zizihadithi family is a line of Kings, and they have ruled over the Tokakinji for generations. When the current King, Uther, was a young lion his father, Talfrid, began his campaign to expand the pride's territory into the mountain that overlooked the pridal valley.

Living in this mountain was a small group of lions named by the Tokakinji as Druids. They developed an enigmatic reputation to those living in the pride, and were always looked on with suspicion and a sense of unease. When Talfrid announced his campaign, it was met with general approval from his people.

The attack on the mountain was successful. Talfrid, with young Uther as witness, supplanted the Druid leader, Mtungi, and took control of the mountain, driving the druids down into the valley to live in the Tokakinji. There was unrest, to say the least. Many believed the mountain and the Druids, who lived far simpler lives and were much more holistic and spiritual in their habits, were cursed.

Talfrid was murdered in his den a short time later, and the murderer was discovered to be a former advisor to the Druid leader. Young Uther, barely out of his juvenile years, took the throne and his Council advised him to hunt down all remaining symbols of power from the former Druid leaders and have them killed to avoid any such uprising from happening again. This Uther did, for the good of the people he had come to love as his own.

The Druids knew then that they would never be an integrated part of the pride: they were no longer home in their own lands.

Since then, Uther has lived by his convictions and has become a strong and often violent King, seeking growth for his pride and prosperity, as well as peace through any means necessary. He developed the Ravine Prison, and personally trains the Keepers of the Peace to his ideals. His will, however, is filtered through the Council and the power fuels them as well. Their methods and execution of his laws do not always fall in line with what King Uther would have, but the King is too busy and often too detached to even notice.

For a short while, the King and his Queen went missing from the pride, leaving the Council in command and securing their lust for power as an ever present part of their existence. Once the rulers returned, the Council lost ground, and have not yet gotten used to the shift. While away, the Queen had an encounter with a former Druid that produced cubs, though his name was never given to her and she does not know who or what he was. Uther is aware that the blood in these cubs is Druidic.

Currently, the King's laws favor those of true Tokakinji blood. Second to that are those that start new lines in the pride, who join and prove themselves. The remaining Druid blood are treated as the lowest class, though they technically should have the same citizenship as the others. Uther bears a deep hatred of them and their ways, which has manifested itself in some of his people and the Council.

There are those who would have true peace, however, and they struggle to support those that need them, and defeat the forces of hatred and rebellion that stir constantly within the vast pride lands.

At current:

The pride is in a state of unrest, but not upheaval. There are forces moving under the King's line of sight, in the shadows, but he cannot see or stop them. He has enemies on all sides, and his throne is not as sturdy as the mountain in which he has built it. The Druids are working to breech the Ravine Prison, and the Provinces are divided by beliefs as well as their locations within the massive pride.


  • Toka
    Most of the pride are considered of Toka blood, or true Tokakinji. They are lions who lived under Talfrid and his line, or new lions who joined the pride recently. As long as they do not make any obvious, outward reason to be considered Druid, they are welcomed in the pride. Seers tread the line between the two bloods.

  • Druid
    Druid blood either exists in those who are descended from the mountain dwellers that Uther exterminated, or they are those that have broken pride laws and have served time in the Ravine Prison. There are some Toka who have their own arbitrary reasons for deciding if others are Druid, and it's that hatred and paranoia, instilled by the King into his people, that fuels the civil unrest.

The definition of 'blood' is not handed down through genetics for joining rogues! If a family joins the pride, they can be Toka or Druid based on their beliefs, not what their parents are. If they are established members of the pride their blood can also change, though it is much harder to go from Druid to Toka than it is to be seen as a Druid from Toka based on actions and words. This is something that can and should be played and experimented with!


Snuggly Knight

The Mistwalkers

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:56 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Ukungu Mfumaji
Current IC Owner(s): Thalion & Reeshie Hack
Current OOC Owner(s): Thalion & Reeshie Hack
Default ranks:
○ Hunter/Huntress (Adults & Adols)
○ Youths (Cubs & Juvies)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Rochben | King | Thalion | ♂ |
Líadan | Queen | Reeshie Hack | ♀ |
Sialeeds | Lady | Thalion | ♀ |

Oracle House
La'seine | Mother Oracle | Reeshie Hack | ♀ |
Takatifu'moja | Oracle | Reeshie Hack | ♀ |
Shoshan | Familiar | Reeshie Hack
Mavar | Oracle | Thalion | ♂ |
Io | Oracle | [ Eskimo ] | ♀ |
Durian | Oracle | Thalion | ♂ |
Samishai | Oracle | Talencia | ♀ |

The Magi
Maji | Arch Magi | Thalion | ♂ |
Fechín | Magi | Reeshie Hack | ♀ |
Nimgarthiel | Magi | Andranis | ♀ |
Talagand | Magi | Thalion | ♂ |
Yuaridhiaa | Magi | Nerpin | ♂ |
Pitsiark | Maji | Chobi Chocobo | ♀ |
Kaipo | Magi | Chobi Chocobo | ♀ |

Kisulisuli | Captain | Thalion | ♂ |
Xiamara | Sentinel | Reeshie Hack | ♀ |
Olumiji | Sentinel | Peppermint Coffee | ♂ |
Theluji | Sentinel | Nerpin | ♀ |
Mkuki’kimbunga | Sentinel | Andranis | ♂ |
Lihau | Sentinel | Chobi Chocobo | ♂ |
Loha | Sentinel | Pepperming Coffee | ♂ |
Haldir | Sentinel | Thalion | ♂ |

Bríd | Head Huntress | Thalion | ♀ |
Dûr Lómë | Huntress | Thalion | ♀ |
Gur | Huntress | Chobi Chocobo | ♀ |
Navale | Huntress | Andranis | ♀ |
Yuan Gui | Hunter | Chobi Chocobo | ♂ |
Karpos | Huntress | Chobi Chocobo | ♀ |

Vorpolkel'Reym | Apprentice > Sentinel | magnadearel |


• - Familar
○ - Member
◘ - Quest

Member Count

31 Lions
1 Familiar

Links to at least five current RPs:
(-1-) | 3.31.2012 | Pitsiark x Durian |
(-2-) | 3.31.2012 | Kirkas & Yuān Guǐ |
( -3- ) | 4.7.2012 | Haldir & La’Seine |
( -4- ) | 4.6.2012 | Kaipo & Jayven |
(-5-) | 4.21.2012 | Rochben, Durian, & Pitsiark | Pride leader rp

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack:
It began with a handful of dispersed Mistweavers returning to their homeland... a vision brought the remnants of the once proud Neled Orod to the lands. For the sake of survival the two broken came together to pick up the pieces of their broken lives, broken prides, and broken spirits. Hidden within the mists of the lands and strengthened by their faith, the Mistwalkers are a mysterious lot. Their ways are their own, to everyone else they’re no more than ghosts.
Cert Background Large Image:
Large Image
Pride Symbol for Cert:
Where is this pride located on the SoA map?
Territory - Arranged agreement with the Viking pride!
Any Extra Information:
Pride/Pack History:
The Mistweavers were never without strife. In ancient times, it’s believed that the pride was prosperous and gifted with enlightenment from the gods themselves but at all times their borders were haunted by the red devils from the desert, the Firekin. Like the Pridelands and the Firekin, the Mistweavers had remained in their ancestral homeland since their founding. Where the Firekin represented power, the Pridelanders represented spirituality, the Mistweavers were the embodiment of wisdom. They were the first pride to create a written language and record their history on stone.

In its final days, a terrible plague swept through the land following a terrible drought. The great Mistweaver pride had dwindled down to three: Nyunya, the King, Kunge, his Queen, and Bahari, Kunge's sister. Several weeks later, Kunge gave birth to a single female...the lack of water had been hard on the pride, and all her energies had been focused into giving birth to one healthy cub.

Nyunya, however, ended up dying from disease soon after when he accidentally allowed another lioness - a biological time bomb, as it were - into the pride. She was carrying a deadly illness that she soon died from afterwards...but not before inflicting the same illness upon nearly all of the rest of the pride and giving birth to a single cub- a male sired by Nyunya as a result of a tryst.

After Nyunya's death, the remaining Mistweaver lionesses tried to stay together...but Kunge fell ill from the disease. One evening, Sumba and Waka, two Firekin lionesses, stole onto the lands, killing Bahari, leaving Kunge to slowly die from illness, and stealing the young princess.

Maji, the b*****d son of Nyunya and Katibu, the rogue lioness, was taken under the wing of the Storm King himself. Seen as the final vessel of the Mistweaver legacy, the gods blessed him with knowledge of the pride’s legacy, their reading, their writing, and their philosophy. He grew up within the pride, knowing the labyrinth of caves that protected the written secrets of his pride and quietly educating himself in the ways of his fallen people. Over the years, several rogues took refuge in the MIstweaver valley and in time the small group of rogues formed what might have been the beginnings of a new dawn for the Mistweavers.

However… the departed princess, Masika, returned to the territory with a band of rogues at her back. Demanding her birthright, she challenged her half-brother and called his claim to her throne into question. While she had grown up a slave and had no knowledge of her pride or of their ways, the rogues and a handful of the new pride members supported Masika over Magi. The old Mistweavers, along with their b*****d prince, were exiled from the territory. In the span of only a year, Masika and her supporters vanished from the lands entirely. Nothing is known about what happened...

Maji, along with his cousin, Kisulisuli, and his adopted son, Obi, spent the following years as traveling rogues. Eventually they met up with Tifu, a young seer who joined their rag tag group. It was Tifu who received a vision of a scattered pride in need gathering in the ruined lands of the Mistweaver valley. Setting aside the pain of their exile, the Mistweavers are returning…

The Neled Orod were a pride of lions that dated back to ancient times. They lived along the sea, celebrating the strength of the endless tides and worshiping the gods of every domain and name. They had a complicated, advanced society thanks mostly in part to the blessings of multiple gods. They offered their own members to mate with the gods in a variety of rituals and rites to promote the creation of seers. Seers were given special ranks within their society and even ran their own branch of government. Gods soon came to trust these mortals enough to raise their offspring. Because of this, the Neled were blessed with the protection of the divine.

Unfortunately, one of the Neled members betrayed both the gods and their pride and attempted to kill a young god shortly after being entrusted to its care. This brought down the wrath of one of the most powerful gods- the god of hate -and nearly the entire pride was devastated. The survivors managed to locate one another and traveled at the guidance of their remaining seers. Through visions and faith alone, the Neled have found themselves in the land of the mists.

The two must become one. Both the Neled and Mistweavers have found themselves feeling abandoned by the gods and by their own kind. The Neled were willingly isolated from the rest of the world where the Mistweavers fell into near constant oppression from within and without. Seeing a common need for survival and a common mistrust for their fellow lions, the two will unite to form a new pride- a perfect union of the Mistweavers and the Dreamwalkers - The Mistwalkers.
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Pack/Pride Name: Einaliai Thalassai
Current IC Owner(s): Reeshie Hack
Current OOC Owner(s): Reeshie Hack
Default ranks: Sister -> Huntress (Female)
Youth -> Consort (Male)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Syrena | Reeshie Hack | Queen
Katerina | Buffy_the_Bloody | Lady of the Paw
Kucheka | [Eskimo] | Lady of the Past
Kala | -- ponytales | Warrior
Sataa | Meepfur | Warrior
Sir'Bia | Buffy_the_Bloody | Nanny
Eridanus | Peppermint Coffee | Nanny
Kimana/Yara | Sabra Knight | Herbalist
Ilayda | Redbud-Tree | Herbalist
Aquaria | Buffy_the_Bloody | Healer
Jhiqui | pinchmonster | Artisan
Lysende | Princess_Feylin | Huntress
Abizolagua | Mtorolite | Huntress
Glittyr | Buffy_the_Bloody | Huntress
Sade | Buffy_the_Bloody | Huntress
Jubhilee | Buffy_the_Bloody | Sister
Philipos | Thalion | Consort
Altan | Buffy_the_Bloody | Consort
Ikkuma | Meepfur | Consort
Links to at least five current RPs:
1) Il Cuervo (Aquaria & Lysende) [April 24]
*2) Welcome Home, Sister (Sir'bia & Queen Syrena)
3) By Moonlight (Jahn-Clod & Ilayda)
4) Stranger Things (Mkhai x Aquaria)
5) A Moment's Respite (Glittyr x Ana)
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Founded upon an island as a safe-haven for lionesses, the Einaliai structure their beliefs on the right for a lioness to choose what she wants to do with her life. The way the pride is built allows for lionesses to have a singular chosen profession that they choose, rather than needing to be huntress, mother, and caretaker of a family. Lions are allowed into the pride as consorts, so that a lioness may go to a favored male when she chooses to have cubs rather than going to the mainland in search of a fling. Sisters are raised by the nannies of the pride while male cubs are given to their father or left in other prides to be taken care of.
Cert Background Large Image: Full Image
Pride Symbol for Cert: Transparent, no circle
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Location
Any Extra Information: If you want to include a place for alternate names or clans, please say so here - we will not allow you to change the cert afterward.
Pride/Pack History: Despite the healing and medicinal knowledge of the female-dominated pride, when a plague came to the island there was nothing the lionesses could do to stop it. It was the first time that the consorts were allowed into the main pridelands for an extended period of time as the healers did their best to save the sisters and their males.

The pride was decimated and the pain was shared by all. Many sisters and consorts died, young and old both, including the former queen.

The last of the death has finally left the pride now, and the first thing on everyone's mind is to return the haven to its former glory.

Reeshie Hack

Dapper Hunter



PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 10:18 pm
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Pack/Pride Name: Nyota-Wasomaji
Current IC Owner(s): Quaji, Mia Sharra
Current OOC Owner(s): Quaji, Mia Sharra
Default ranks: • Comet: adolescents & adults
• Protostar: pups & juvies
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Baraza Alnilam - Quaji
Baraza Alnitak - Mia Sharra

Star-Tracker Yildun - Ameh
Star-Tracker Gilraen - Schicksalswende
Star-Tracker Chiflado - Tasle
Star-Tracker Namid - Blu Chalk

Star-Watcher Aranck - Vesale
Star-Watcher Meza'nyota - Split Personality
Star-Watcher Askuwheteau - SilverLutz

Howler Deinocti - Quaji
Howler Mitifu-Meka - L1m3_gr33n_sh4rp13
Howler Derereka - wooga Paes
Howler Bat Sao - ShinosBee
Howler Ndanimbwa - Puhterodactyl

Aurora Ndege - moineau bavarde
Aurora Sumu'vari - Mia Sharra
Aurora Nye - Pink Myth
Aurora Algani - Dulcea
Aurora Huru - Cajanic

Night Baizuriel - Pink Myth
Night Gallifrey - Soarin`
Night Ankaa - wooga Paes
Nightess Jimena - Cajanic
Nightess Zuivere - ChezaRain

Colossus Kipenzi - Quiftan
Colossus Rex'rhi - Mia Sharra
Colossus Rutendo - Day Dreamer427
Colossus Enver - Dulcea
Colossus Haru'sou - Puhterodactyl
Colossus Kidendi - Laefe

Nova Mebsuta - Quaji

ProtostarManahem - Hoshi Lockhart
Protostar Swafi - Megaptera Novaeangliae
Protostar Zhangzi - Quaji
Protostar Iskra - Sherlolly
Protostar Surana - Epine de Rose
Protostar Dein’khūn - Tanakako
Protostar Aurinko - Mia Sharra (customed through breeding)
Protostar X - Quiftan
Protostar Balbina - Lilbabe808 (customs through breeding)
Protostar Oota Dabun - F a y t h - x
Protostar Mirzam - Redbud-Tree
Protostar Dyanna - Quaji
Protostar X - ?
Protostar Ku'síválte - ArashiX
Protostar Espoir - Selanatis

Starling Karoma - Quaji

Links to at least five current RPs: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Nyota-Wasomaji is a relatively old pack of wild dogs that revere the night and worship the moon above them. They are known for their extensive knowledge of the paths the stars take and for their ability to map them using constellations they form. They hold no prejudice against coat colors, though only wild dogs, maned wolves and jackals are welcome within their ranks.
Cert Background Large Image: Link
Pride Symbol for Cert: Link
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? I assume it is off map for now.
Any Extra Information: -
Pride/Pack History:
They are the star-readers, the explorers of the sky. They look to the heavens for advise in all things, trusting them to not lead them astray. The thing that sets them apart is the walls of their communal den is littered with the night sky. Stars carved in almost every crevice with wobbly lines drawn to connect them all in patterns that would be foreign to almost every else. Their stories behind each one is different, inter-connecting. Some patterns even do interconnect just in themselves.

They are the Nyota-Wasomaji.

The Nyota-Wasomaji are reclusive by nature and while they don't advertise their pack to others as many would not understand their ways, they do not shun other wild dogs who search the skies for answers in their own life and others, or just search for a purpose. This was a mistake to them but still a flaw they carry.

A seer came to them, visiting as she claimed. She was welcomed as a messenger of a gods as the visitor made no attempt to hide the fact she was a seer from them. During her time there though, a vision struck her as she gazed at the full moon. It was then that she shouted of destruction of the pack and the death of them all. Furious, the members of the Baraza at the time had no choice but to throw her out in an attempt to avoid disaster and panic among the ranks.

Then came the full moon from the next month. They should have at least listened a bit more to her words. While not completely true, destruction did happen. An earthquake shook the foundation of their home. Their dens, all of their work charting the stars, lost as everything crumbled before them. Most of the pack perished in this event, only a handful survived. In the casualties were all three of the Baraza.

The pack fell into panic as all of their leaders were dead, their homes destroyed and loved ones either among the ruins dying, already dead or missing. During this chaotic time, Alnitak, who would come to be known as the warmonger in time, stepped up, claiming to be able to lead the pack back to where they used to be. She was a brave old wild dog, known for her triumphs over a lions that had passed through the lands before, wishing harm on their lands and their pack. Many followed her unquestionably as she proposed they abandon the ruined land and take a new settlement.

Then came Alnilam, who would come to be known peace-keeper. She was the only remaining blood to the old Baraza. Being the daughter of one of them, meant she had direct claim to the seat. Many loyalists to the old way supported her in her efforts to convince the pack not to move and take new land, but rebuild instead.

Without the third canine to complete the council of leaders, the two have been left to squabble on every subject that comes up while the packs searches for Mintaka, an elderly male who would have the knowledge and wisdom to be the tie breaker between the two stubborn females. Despite his lacking presence, the two have managed to work together enough to actually rebuild a small percentage of the pack dens though it took so many seasonal cycles then it should have. The pack is still fragile, both in spirit and physical and with morale low, the leaders have more on their shoulders then ever before as fear of another tremble is everywhere.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:06 pm
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Pack/Pride Name: Jahy Sarlarin
Current IC Owner(s): Meepfur
Current OOC Owner(s): Meepfur
Default ranks: Youth (Cub/Juve), Muharip (Adol/Adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Kotu sim Shan, Strawberry Gumi Bunny
Adala bint Attila, Meepfur
Aaqila bint Waahid, Cajanic
Jalila bint Vitia, Sabra Knight
Aker sim Rustem, Hotaru-Neko
Bahra bint Falak, Talencia
Baysan bint Tasheen, Excited Apathy
Behiye bint Sidik, Depawsit
Faiz sim Hadi, Depawsit
Falak bint Muna, Club Snails
Kan sim Joshi, Ameh
Khulud bint Yamha, Quiet_Wolf
Layla bint In'am, Reeshie Hack
Mehry bint Nazafarin, Krysin
Mumtaza bint Ismat, Avid_RPer18
Nuwayrah bint Tyrngah, Chobi_Chocobo
Olu sim Ruh, Painted Moose
Sahin sim Toprak, Thalion
Sut sim Kil, Buffy_the_Bloody
Terbakar bint Tyrngah, wooga Paes
Toprak sim Kil, [Eskimo]
Sabit, Meepfur

Sungus sim Sazhan, Meepfur
Havyan bint Tas, ShinosBee
Dikkatsiz sim Keskin, Redbud-Tree
Aasimah bint Fareess, Quaji
Basil sim Fath, The Aurrie
Arezo bint Sareh, KasaiLoki
Bereli bint Seftali, F a y t h - X
Berkant sim Kudret, Mia Sharra
Cennet bint Hediye, -_Wish of the Goddess_-
Chinedu sim Dumisani, [X]Natty-Chan[X]
Fareess bint Najya, Quaji
Gaspard sim Sazhan, oo DeD
Imitiyaz sim Fereydoun, MoonRazor
Izzah bint Rukan, Tanakako
Kazan sim Takat, Ririka
Musa sim Seref, Chobi_Chocobo
Omurtak sim Narfi, Annchen
Parto bint Sartaj, Vesale
Rig bint Heb, Das Tor
Tolu bint Saye, Meepfur
Umut bint Canan, Andranis
Mirrikh sim Juksat, Kimaria
Aqil sim Juksat, Lilbabe808

Links to at least five current RPs:
Moments of Calm (Meepfur and Redbud-Tree)
Sticks and Stones (Meepfur and ShinosBee)
Lazy Afternoons (Meepfur and Depawsit)
Looming Choices (Meepfur)
Your New Reality (Meepfur)

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Jahy Sarlarin - the War of the Birds - involves two warring prides of lions who inhabit the Namib Desert. The Qyrhyeshti and Burkuteshti are in a constant state of war, and the balance of power is always changing.

Cert Background Large Image: x

Pride Symbol for Cert: x

Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Off the map.

Any Extra Information: Cert mock-up. Extra info is a spot in the corner for faction (Burkuteshti or Qyrhyeshti).

Pride/Pack History: Two prides call the north-central Namib Desert home: the Qyrhyeshti and the Burkuteshti. Each claim to have lived in the area the longest, and that the others are intruders, thieves seeking to steal the land. The truth, long lost to decades of hate, is that they were once one pride, which split in two when a pair of brothers fought over who should inherit control after the death of their father. Many generations later, the brothers' lines still hold the power, and all refuse to reconcile their differences (which, in truth, are very few). They are named for the brothers, Qyrhy (falcon) and Burkut (eagle).

The feud varies in severity, depending on circumstances and, to some extent, the whim of the Beys. Both prides are constantly gaining and losing territory, but the most contested location of all is Baj-jer (rich land, aka Cape Cross), where a huge colony of fur seals makes its home. Such an abundant food source is precious in this barren land, and whoever holds it gains the upper hand, resources to strengthen the pride and its numbers - if they can hold it long enough. It is sometimes held by neither, with each spending their strength simply to keep the other out, able only to steal morsels from under each others' noses.

Oases and the rivers, too, are highly-prized, and also a source of heated conflicts.

Vice Captain


Blessed Friend

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:30 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Sikukuu
Current IC Owner(s): Talencia
Current OOC Owner(s): Talencia, Roxy_Roxanna2, Tanakako
Default ranks: cub/juve = Minor, adol/adult = Celebrant
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Meoquanee (Roxy) - Celebrant
Amharach'aon (Satsurashi) - Celebrant
Shabnam (Lilbabe80 cool - Bouncer

Madakata (Talencia) - Queen
Lochrann (Satsurashi) - Celebrant
Darnell'Aiolos (Magnadearel) - Crier
Raposa (Lorne_Sionn) - Entertainer
Elikapeka (Hoshi Lockhart) - Entertainer
Swaygha (magnadearel) - Bouncer
Kakalina (LexThetaSigma) - Minor.
Kaipo (Viva Viola) - Minor
Noelani (Kallysto) - Minor [Mrao Clan when adult]
Farasi (Mouselet) - Bouncer

Baridi'nje (Talencia) - Celebrant
Aine (Tanakako) - Celebrant
Fionn (Lorne_Sionn) - Crier
Mnjrn (Safaia) - Bouncer
Ciaran (LexThetaSigma) - Bouncer

Yathy (Magnadearel) - Entertainer
Haru (Sabra Knight) - Bouncer
Nua'saol (L1m3_gr33n_sh4rp13) - Celebrant

Links to at least five current RPs:
A Gift From the Heart - ruler rp
Rumored Warning - ruler rp
Friendly Agent - ruler rp
Truly Welcome? - ruler rp
Interspecies Relations

Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Sikukuu lives to celebrate life! Also called the Party Pride, they find reasons to conduct monthly and quarterly festivals. Any species, regardless of color or heritage, is welcome to join the pride, and their parties are open for everyone in the savannah to attend! With two Queens and two Kings, their simple ranking system ensures stability and a chance for members of all ages to participate in planning, throwing, and enjoying the celebrations.
Cert Background Large Image: background
Pride Symbol for Cert: symbol
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Bright red, un-numbered dot
Any Extra Information: A slot on the lower right corner for "_____ Clan" would be wonderful. If that spot is not ideal, a slot in with the rest of the information is fine too. (The possible options for this slot would be: Kaskazi, Vuli, Mrao, Demani )
Pride/Pack History: Many generations ago, the Sikukuu lived in a river valley. Theirs was the life of plenty. The water drew the prey animals, and kept their lands lush and cool. The Sikukuu felt grateful, content, and serene as a pride. But all was not to remain in such optimal conditions.

One by one, trials and tragedies struck. A blight wilted a large portion of the growing things, driving the larger prey away. The pride suffered the loss of some members leaving, and as a whole grew weaker on the lesser meat. Soon drought began to dry up the two large rivers that flowed into the valley. They were reduced to streams, and eventually one dried up completely. The rest of the vegitation died, and what few prey animals had remained either fled or starved. If this was not enough, a fierce pride that had lived downstream came upriver, attacking viciously in an attempt to overtake the land that at least had some water left in it.

The current King and Queen were killed in the attack, leaving the straggling remnants of the pride leaderless. The younger ones that were left alive banded together, helping the weak and wounded along. It was decided that it was time to let the old lands go, to find themselves a new place and new hope. With lighter hearts filled with an innocent desire for happiness, the small group traveled for many months, skirting known territories and being driven out of new ones they had not been aware of. But still they did not lose hope.

One autumn evening, a scout came back with joyous news. Far ahead there was a place, nestled between the feet of a mountain, where there were no lions, but much water, prey, and shelter. The small, roving pride continued on with rising spirits. The chill of coming winter was in the air as they came beneath the spreading, brilliant boughs of the forest. The soil was rich under their paws, the forest trees tall and broad. The air was filled with falling leaves of crimson, yellow, and orange.

They walked as ones entranced, moving through the forest and up, ever up. They came finally to where the two arms of the mountain met, a small but high plain free of trees. The strongest, merriest of the males bounded forward to face his fellow pilgrims. "Brothers and sisters!" he called, joy pouring from his throat in rich tones. "I say we have come home! And from this day, we shall not let our past harry us or pull us into sorrow. Here, now, today we make our own future! We choose our own ways! Let this be known as the time for giving thanks, for I say to you that we have much to be grateful for!"

There was a hearty roar of approval from the gathered band of lions, and so the new pride of Sikukuu was born. Over the years, they set aside the ways of the old pride and made new ones for themselves. With each new season, they found new things to celebrate and be joyful over. The pilgrim generation taught the next why it was that they chose celebration over sorrow, feasting over fretting. Each new generation was taught, along with the changing, developing traditions that came with these celebrations. It wasn't long before it was determined to have two ruling couples, so that they would be unlikely to lose them all should trevail come upon them again.

Year by year, more and more festivals were added, and the pride found itself naturally falling into groups associated with the seasons. Each ruling monarch took charge of a group, and so came the ranks and mannerisms of the clans that exist today.

Life was now good, and the Sikukuu seek to share this joy in life with all.
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:56 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Mava'Bunda
Current IC Owner(s): Safaia, CJ
Current OOC Owner(s): Safaia, CJ
Default ranks: Youth (pup/juve), Hunter (adol/adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Masuko || Tukutu x Baki || Safaia || Alpha
Kepo || ? x ? || Christopher Johnson || Consort *
Mahmoud (aka Marsh) || ? x ? || Sherlolly || Head Scout *
Schatz || ? x ? || Andranis || Head Guard *
??? || ? x ? || ??? || Head Hunter
??? || ? x ? || ??? || Bone Reader (possibly reserved)
Chora || Tukutu x Baki || Ecavi || Bone Reader

Fahari || Kimwondo x Frittillaria || soutou || Scout
Fuadi'Mwata || ? x ? || Painted Moose || Scout
Fulathela || ? x ? || ShinyObsessed || Scout
Kimwondo || ? x ? || Lightning Shadow X || Scout
Kitokono || ? x ? || Depawsit || Scout
Kombe || Kitokono x Kosi || Mtorolite || Scout
Mafuu || Ubongo x ? || [Eskimo] || Scout
Mauti || Kimwondo x Frittillaria || Lightning Shadow X || Scout
Mtulinga || ? x ? || Lethrossen || Scout
Murkha || ? x ? || Chi Sohma || Scout
Muundi || ? x ? || KasaiLoki || Scout
Mwatuko || Mbezi x Lilah || [Eskimo] || Scout *
Nomuula || ? x ? || one over three || Scout
Shoutarou || Kimwondo x Frittillaria || NovaCracker || Scout
Shundwa || Kimwondo x Frittillaria || Amy D || Scout
Timamu || Kimwondo x Frittillaria || Lithia_Brandon || Scout
Vigdis || ? x ? || Remove || Scout

Kingio || ? x ? || Safaia || Guard
Mafuta'Mla || ? x ? || Redbud-Tree || Guard
Njaa || ? x ? || Christopher Johnson || Guard
Payaso || ? x ? || Mtorolite || Guard
Seriti || Letladika x Sauda || [Lady Kiya] || Guard
Thabo || Kingio x Fupa'jinigutua || Safaia || Guard *
Tibuka || ? x ? || wooga Paes || Guard
Tothi-mtoto || ? x ? || Gekokoko || Guard
Ukunimata || ? x ? || Strawberry Gumi Bunny || Guard
Upiganaji || ? x ? || wooga Paes || Guard *
Vicerys || Mkaguzi x Esperanza || Buffy_the_Bloody || Guard *
Yakuti || ? x ? || Atheare || Guard
Zua || Yakuti x Taashira'kikuto || Atheare || Guard

Achak || Kingio x Fupa'jinigutua || Tanakako || Hunter
Ahsante || ? x ? || Remove || Hunter
Amanita || Ahsante x Manyara || Annchen || Hunter
Buibui || ? x ? || [Eskimo] || Hunter
Damupaka || Kingio x Fupa'jinigutua || Pearlyblue || Hunter
Dhamira || ? x ? || F a y t h - x || Hunter *
Fido || ? x ? || wooga Paes || Hunter *
Frittilaria || ? x ? || Syrius Lionwing || Hunter
Ibada || ? x ? || Ecavi || Hunter *
Inikanza || ? x Fupa'jinigutua || Safaia || Hunter
Karil || Kingio x Fupa'jinigutua || Safaia || Hunter
Kataja || ? x ? || Safaia || Hunter *
Kela || (i don't remember ahhh) || Christopher Johnson || Hunter *
Letladika || ? x ? || [Lady Kiya] || Hunter *
Mshipi'baka || Tukutu x Baki || Skye Starrfyre || Hunter
Nyoge || ? x ? || Lethrossen || Hunter
Saar || ? x ? || KasaiLoki || Hunter
Sauda || Kucha x Mtupeni || [Lady Kiya] || Hunter *
Shinda || Tukutu x Baki || TheMadHatter || Hunter
Svarta || ? x ? || Annchen || Hunter
Takataka || ? x ? || [Eskimo] || Hunter *
Tegemeza || ? x ? || Safaia || Hunter
Tufani || ? x ? || [Eskimo] || Hunter *
Ubongo || ? x ? || Christopher Johnson || Hunter
Ucheachea || K'aah x Zilizala || moineau bavarde || Hunter *
Ubavu || ? x ? || Velveteen Angel || Hunter
Varutri || Kingio x Fupa'jinigutua || Hitsuzen || Hunter
Zimwi || ? x ? || Kimaria || Hunter

Baki || ? x ? || TheMadHatter || Bone Collector
Byta || Ahsante x Manyara || Christopher Johnson || Bone Collector
Itzal'Iah || ? x ? || Hoshi Lockhart || Bone Collector
Kivuli || ? x ? || Pink Myth || Bone Collector
Leith || ? x ? || wooga Paes || Bone Collector *
Mahiri || ? x ? || Vesale || Bone Collector
Marion || ? x ? || mouselet || Bone Collector *
Mwiba || ? x ? || Mimsey || Bone Collector *
Raijin || ? x ? || Polette || Bone Collector *
Sauti'laini || ? x ? || pinchmonster || Bone Collector
Shakira || Cigende x Sabola || Andranis || Bone Collector *
Skada || ? x ? || Annchen || Bone Collector

Enya || Ahsante x Manyara || Remove || Bone Setter
Fupa'jinigutua || ? x ? || Safaia || Bone Setter
Kisukuku || Kitokono x Kosi || Redbud-Tree || Bone Setter

Hanja || ? x ? || Annchen || Slave
Jela || ? x ? || Redbud-Tree || Slave
Ritika || ? x ? || F a y t h - x || Slave *
Tundu || ? x ? || pinchmonster || Slave

Áedán || Njaa x Nata Bhienne || Lilbabe808 || Youth *
Drvena Noga || Njaa x Nata Bhienne || Princess_Feylin || Youth (Guard at adol) *
Aurin || Njaa x Nata Bhienne || Christopher Johnson || Youth *
Fahnzee || Saar x Njeve-Umhlabathi || Buffy_the_Bloody || Youth (Hunter at adol) *

Mbezi || Rasuli x Mafa || Safaia || deceased
Tukutu || ? x ? || Safaia || deceased

* will need to update rank on cert later OR just a pack cert

Links to at least five current RPs: Because we are rebanding, we needed TEN:
Old Bones (complete)
Reorganizing our Pack (complete)
Sup (complete)
Snooping Around (complete)
Striding Towards the Goal (complete)
Its Always Home (complete)
Hunger Pains (complete)
All Falling Into Place (complete)
Gathering Strength (complete)
Offering a Gift (complete)
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Mava'Bunda are based off of the Elephant Graveyard hyenas from the film. They are a vicious sort who detest lions. Many in their ranks hold a deep hatred against the Prideland lions, and scuffles along the border between the two lands breaks out often. Any hyena is welcome to join, but beware others that wander too close - they will also snatch rogues and enslave them.
Cert Background Large Image: use old one
Pride Symbol for Cert: use old one
Any Extra Information: nope
Pride/Pack History:
The Elephant Graveyard hasn't always been as teeming with hyenas as it is at the current, in fact, it wasn't teeming with anything. It was a barren wasteland. Animals came there to die, to complete the last leg of that long journey called life. Dusty, drab, and dead, not many species of animal chose to live there.

But, as lion prides grew, the graveyard became a place of exile. Unwanted lions were sent there to die, but predominantly, it was where the hyenas were eventually chased off to. They were expected to die, but being natural born scavengers, the Graveyard was a haven to them. Scraps of perfectly fine meat littered the place, it gave them peace from the lions, a place to call their own.

It was at around this time that conflict hit the Pridelanders, a lion pride bordering the graveyard. Two brother eligible for the throne, a position that one, Mufasa, obtained. Taka, or Scar, as he was dubbed by the not too intelligent hyenas, left the pride for good, eventually coming across the Elephant Graveyard.

There he discovered a hyena pack led by Shenzi, a cunning female and two of her loyal followers, Banzai and Ed. The hyenas accepted Scar, and followed him dutifully, even into war with his old pride. But, Taka was defeated, even his own hyenas turning on him. His reign had come to an end. Eventually, Taka was lost to the plague that would also take many hyena lives.

The hyenas were fine on their own, running their own disorganized form of a pack, running amuck around the graveyard and doing as they pleased. Many left the graveyard eventually and what was worse, many also fell ill and died of the same plague that was taking the lives of so many lions. Taka also died of this plague. Now, the land was barren once more, with only a few lone pups left.

Here, Mafa, one of the lone pups that tagged around with the hyenas from the old pack enters. Cold hearted and angry from past events, Mafa carried with her a hatred for the whole lion species. After a short leave from the pack lands, Mafa returned, disheartened that all her own companions where nowhere to be seen. Not long after, Mafa stumbled across Tukutu, a hyena she had known since she was young. With Mafa as alpha, and Tukutu as a close consort, the two decided to revive the pack.

Mafa had been rounding up hyenas to rally for her cause: extermination of the lion kind. And, to her extreme dislike, a small pride of lions has assituated itself within the outer borders of the graveyard. Led by Kikausha, a lion Mafa considers the worst of them all, the Maziko lions had not been accepted by the hyenas in the center of the graveyard at all. With their numbers and spirits growing, the hyenas hoped to banish the lions once and for all.

In fact, the Maziko dwindled in numbers until they vanished. Mafa considered this a triumph against lions, but it also gave little much for the other hyenas to do. Who would dare try their had against the Pridelands? Those were lands not to be touched, as hyenas were easily outnumbered ten to one. Instead, the pack grew quiet. More hyenas left than those that came in, and the pack grew complacent.

Then, Mafa vanished. No one knew where she had gone, but all were worried about it. What would they do if she returned? Rumors swirled that she would return to kill all of those that weren't still completely faithful to her. Tukutu had given up on her, however he did not want to see her legacy die. He mated to the hyena named Baki, bringing in a new generation of hyenas. Ones that would still continue to defend themselves against lions, and beckon all hyenas who wished to join to come. Strengthen their numbers. Grow the control of their land.

They were the Mava'Bunda, the cemetary guards.




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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:44 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Makono-epesi
Current IC Owner(s): Makoto(Andranis), Lala(Saint Sergio)
Current OOC Owner(s): Andranis
Default ranks: Lion - Hunter/Huntress
Cheetah - Racer
Leopard - Draft Leopard
Hyena - Guard Hyena
Wild Dog - Guard Dog
Hybrids - Mule
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Makoto - Andranis - King
Lala - Saint Sergio - Queen
Maliki - Andranis - Captain
Ramani - Andranis - Elite Guard
Grinsen - SilverLutz - Breeder
Uyoga - Blu Chalk - Guard
Nul - TanuKyle - Healer
Mapenzi - The Aurrie - Analyzer
Mavi'Duniani - Izzy Makani - Healer
M'dimu Chanua - L1m3_gr33n_sh4rp13 - Healer
Yanni - Znaruto - Head Hunter

Turuhani - I'll Have Another - Andranis - Champion
Njozi - Believe You Can - Andranis - Champion
Bodemeister - Race Name - wooga Paes - Champion
Neneka - Fancy Flight - [x]Natty-Chan[x] - Racer
Dayanasora - Fields of Glory - ShinosBee - Yearling
Per'roth - Cloud Turbulence - magnadearel - Racer
Siena - Eat My Dust - Syrius Lionwing - Grand Champion
Baabar - Rush King - Syrius Lionwing - Racer
Epona - Lucky Break - Annchen - Racer
Hoshi - Stardust - TanuKyle - Champion
Kanani - Hawaii Dreamer - Angelics-Destiny - Racer
Kali - Dark Star - Andranis - Racer
Aoife - Coming Near Horizon - L1m3_gr33n_sh4rp13 - Racer
Fionnuala - Going Away Horizon - magnadearel - Racer

Sumu - Andranis - Guard Hyena
Boudica - Andranis - Guard Dog
Binzari - Andranis - Guard Dog
Hanja - The Captain Britain - Guard Dog

Links to at least five current RPs: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: A pride made up of mixed species, the Makono-epesi has one major draw to it - They race cheetahs. Bred for many generations, these cheetahs have an insatiable desire for speed and running, but are still very welcoming of new blood. After all, impeccable breeding doesn't always make for the fastest! Are YOU the fastest cheetah?
Cert Background Large Image: Cert image
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Where is this pride located on the SoA map? Around the black dot
Any Extra Information: Extra info: Race Name (Only cheetahs will have this filled in)
Pride/Pack History: Many generations ago, so many that nobody remembers how long it was, there was a small family of cheetahs. It was simply a mother and her five cubs - By some miracle, her cubs had all made it to adolescence, which normally meant she'd send them off. But not only did she particularly love her children, they loved her and wanted to give her a good life. After all, they weren't her first litter - In fact, the three boys and two girls were her sixth litter. This meant they were her last, for old age had by then tinged her dusky coat with white points. While two hunted, the rest would stay and race in front of her, one on one, to keep her entertained. They didn't want their mother, who'd taught them everything she knew, to have to hunt again.

It was during one of these days, while the oldest brother and sister were off hunting, that a pride of lions, currently displaced and seeking a new territory, happened upon the mother and her three younger children. From a distance, they saw the two brothers that had stayed behind race each other, reach a tree... And the winner proudly held his head high as they returned to the starting point. The pride laid out, watching these activities in amusement and amazement.

Soon, the oldest two returned with no kill between them. The lionesses rose to their paws and left at that point, while the males and cubs of the pride remained to watch the cheetahs. The cheetahs, in the mean time, didn't notice their admirers, up on a hill.

Finally, the lionesses returned with not one, but two kills, proving their skill once again. One of the oldest lionesses, a female who had a horribly mangled front paw, took part of the kill and acted as an ambassador, taking it to the cheetahs.

Rather naturally, the cheetahs were fearful, the two older brothers and the oldest sister standing in front of their mother and youngest siblings, hackles up. It was the youngest brother, the runt of the litter, who made the first move for peace as he pointed out that the lioness not only couldn't hurt them with her paw mangled as it was, but she came with meat - How many lions came with meat up to cheetahs? His brothers and sister relented, and though skeptical, they accepted the meal from the lioness. It was then they realized they'd had an audience this whole time to their little race games.

The following day, while the oldest sister and middle brother went out to hunt, the youngest brother raced the oldest. For the first time, the youngest brother won, being the one to proudly prance back with his head high. And up on the hill, the lions roared their cheers of encouragement.

This continued for first many days, and then many weeks. Every few days, the lions moved closer, until they had amassed the family of cheetahs amid their number. For the first time, they were very well fed, and found they could spend much of their time racing one another instead of hunting. More food meant more energy, and they began to go faster.

But soon the young cheetahs were adults, and like all adults wanted certain things they were sure the lions couldn't provide. The youngest brother was the first to head out to find himself a mate, and the lions found they missed his sweet manners. He returned soon enough, though, and brought with him a female who was curious about this pride that accepted cheetahs. Soon the other siblings went out to find mates, and the mates joined the races.

In those days, a quiet pact was made between lion and cheetah that soon drew in other cheetahs simply because they wanted in. So long as the cheetahs raced each other, and in some cases bred with who was thought to possibly create the more superior offspring with the fasted and steadiest paws, the lions would shelter the cheetahs from other predators, protecting them from poaching by hyenas, and feed them so they didn't have to hunt. Many generations passed, and the race mentality became incredibly ingrained into the local cheetahs of the pride, while the hyenas and wild dogs were added as extra protection, and leopards to help move things for races.

Another year has come, and with it, new races.

Are you the fastest cheetah?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:05 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Kauzi'Ukame
Current IC Owner(s): Ali Baba
Current OOC Owner(s): Ririka
Default ranks:
Cub and Juvenile - Youth
Adolescent - Runt
Adult - Hunter/Huntress
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Malik [King]:
Ali Baba - Ririka

[Commander/Commanding "Prince. Basically the King's brother and second in command]
Ardavan - Thalion

Yehl - Meepfur
Moyo'mwizi - Excited Apathy
Khozar - Princess_Feylin
Isarmaq - Princess_Feylin
Iraja - Schicksalswende

Saul - Head Vizier - Thalion
Ras Alhague - oo DeD
Wazaam - Buffy_the_Bloody

Delu - Head Keeper - Ameh
Mirsajadi - Princess_Feylin
Kazi - Questing - Nerpin

Malaika - Ririka

Cera - Head Guard - Andranis
Giza - Ririka

Keir - Znaruto

Kucheza - Questing - Head Entertainer - Nerpin
Harimau'tarpi - Princess_Feylin
Velia - Club Snails

Warad'desher - Reeshie Hack
Isibane - Jovi of Shadows

Genie - Syrius Lionwing
Doitsu - [ Lady Kiya ]

Tarik - Ririka
Anglides - Thalion
Mylao - Saint Sergio
Jizi [Aharu'kai] - Meepfur
Hajar - Questing - Andranis
Yusri - Questing - musicaloner7
Suricata - ChaosTheories

Rillian - King's personal Slave - Thalion

Links to at least five current RPs:
Time Passed [Ali Baba]
Sands of Change [Giza x Malaika]
Lessons in time [Tarik x Giza]
Finally [Hari & Mirsajadi]
So this is home? [Khozar & Isarmaq]
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Kauzi are descendants of the slaves the Firekin pride once held. During the time of the plague a small band took their chances and escaped out in to the desert. They had no resources, no titles, no power, but they managed with the skill they did have; thievery.

Proof of Firekin agreement

Cert Background Large Image: Here
Pride Symbol for Cert: Here
Any Extra Information: A made up a mock cert, so if possible could it look something close to this? Feel free to fix anything up and change anything to make it look better.
Pride/Pack History:
"Descendants of slaves to the fire that once ravaged the lands. Children who still harbor the burning hatred that was born from those whom came before them. They may have not made it far from where they once were. They held no titles, were not well known, but at least they were free of their chains.

The Kauzi were established by a small band of slaves that managed to escape the oppression of the Firekin when a plague hit the pride. They had no plans, no idea where to flee too, but they ran as far as they could for as long as they could until they were sure things would be safe.

The group found no paradise, just sand. The same terrain they had escaped, but this time it was far away and safe. Food was still hard to find, but they managed to get by with the only skill they had at the time, thievery.

Fall from Rank:
Ardavan was originally the heir to his father's legacy. He was groomed as the eldest, having nearly all of his sire's attentions during his upbringing. He was forged into a hardened warrior with a stern, sensible head, a sharp wit, and a trained talent for leadership. Ardavan was his father's strong right paw as the lion grew into his elder years and became unable to perform all the duties expected of him. On a raid into enemy territory, Ardavan was ambushed and over-whelmed by enemy soldiers. Much of those that had accompanied him lost their lives and those that managed to return to their pride were badly wounded. Ardavan was terribly mauled in the attack and as he began to heal it became clear that he would be crippled for the rest of his life.

With the heir crippled, and as a result pulled from leadership, it was clear that Ali Baba would be put in his brother's place. However, there was a new problem because it was clear their father did not have much time left, which meant he could not teach his youngest as he did his eldest. It would be up to Ardavan to teach his brother the ways of leadership, and trim him to be the kind of King the Kauzi deserved and expected.

This was not what Ali wanted, but he has no choice... "


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:55 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Koti Kaikille
Current IC Owner(s): Schicksalswende
Current OOC Owner(s): Schicksalswende, Polette
Default ranks: Nouriso ( cub/juves ), Oppipoika ( Adolescent ), Metsästäjä ( default Hybrid Rogue/Adult rank )
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Kuu ( Schicksalswende ) – Kanslari
Makalo ( Adsomnio ) – Viihdyttäjät
Cari ( Painted Moose ) – Metsästäjä
Ezhimala ( Manda ) – Tiedustelijat
Kwini ( Syrius Lionwing ) - Neuvoston Jäsenet
Marakara'mkono ( Eskimo ) – Oppipoika
Chozi ( Seaki ) – Tanssijat
Safi ( Painted Moose ) – Vartijat
Slausale ( Magnadearel ) - Kasvatus Orja
Fuu-penda ( Das Tor ) – Metsästäjä
Gyatso ( Truth.Be.Told ) – Metsästäjä
Kako’Kanya ( Nessiaing ) – Parantajat
Haamoni ( ShinosBee ) - Neuvoston Jäsenet
Nisha ( Polette ) – Tiedustelijat
Chaninah ( Das Tor ) – Tiedustelijat
Matojo-a Maji ( Das Tor ) - Rakkaat Orja
Abiyshag ( Das Tor ) – Metsästäjä
Enitan ( [ Hey You! ] ) – Tarinankertoja
Euthalia ( L1m3_gr33n_sh4rp13 ) – Lastenhoitaja
Leto ( Polette ) – Tanssijat
Yu Zhou ( Polette ) - Kasvatus Orja
Vienna ( Painted Moose ) - Kasvatus Orja
Chiku ( Das Tor ) - Neuvoston Jäsenet
Themba ( Das Tor ) - Persoonallinen Assistentti
Badai ( Kitsune Mistress Nyoko ) – Viihdyttäjät
Helel'Shahar ( Ravvlet ) - Kasvatus Orja
Zayul Tain (magnadearel ) – Tanssijat
Ilo ( bunnyilove) – Viihdyttäjät
Xochipilli ( Green Ever After ) – Tiedustelijat
Ruse ( Green Ever After ) – Vartijat
Mizpah ( Das Tor ) - Kasvatus Orja
Makosa (Velveteen Angel ) - Neuvoston Jäsenet
Adelaie (Velveteen Angel ) - Persoonallinen Assistentti
Tega ( Velveteen Angel ) – Vartijat
Sonali ( Velveteen Angel ) - Persoonallinen Assistentti

Links to at least five current RPs:
** This RP is too old. It needs to have been started and completed within 30 days of your pride app submission.
* Removed invalid RP

Little Grasshopper
The stars see the past
The waters’ edge
Restless Nights
The mysterious fullbreed
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: After a massive flood that wiped out a good majority of the pride that also took their leader, the Koti find themselves regrouping and growing again under new leadership. By using mostly word-of-mouth, they were able to find other hybrids that were interested in joining their ranks. Now they are mostly focused on strengthening their pride again, and bringing both new life and new blood into the pride.
Cert Background Large Image: [ x ]
Pride Symbol for Cert: [ x ]
Any Extra Information: Nope
Pride/Pack History: There was once a Leopon, born into an old Pride set in its old ways. He had the ill fate of being born from a sinful tryst – between his mother, whom was a lioness of the Nobility and a ‘lowly’ solitary leopard. Such encounters may have been expected of those of the lower class, but it was unheard of for the Higher Class to disgrace themselves by bringing hybrids into the Pride; such creatures are filthy abominations and serve no true purpose, unlike those of pure blood. The unfortunate cub, who was named ' Tzachi ' by his mother, was immediately sentenced to death. His only saving grace was the lioness that had birthed him. She begged and pleaded with the other Nobles to allow her son to survive and live within the walls of the Pride, at least until he was able to thrive in the Rogue Lands. The Mothers' words were begrudgingly heard, much to the grimace of the gentry's ears. And so, it was decided that the genetic mutant would live, as would his Mother, until the male was an adolescent. No later or sooner, he would be expelled.

The days until then, would not be sweet, nor could they come soon enough. Though her rank was stripped from her, the proud mother retained her dignity in the face of adversity; she and her single offspring were allowed to live within the Pride, but they felt as if they were on the edge of the world.

It was until the faithful day that Tzachi grew into adolescence that, as agreed upon, was quickly thrust out of the Pride, far from the lands of his birth. Not a last look upon those lands, and not even a chance to say ' Good-bye ' to his Mother who had worked so hard to keep him alive. Both Mother and Sons' fates would forever remain unknown to the other.

Wandering alone, abandoned and scarred by his birth Pride, Tzachi found that there was little that could break him from his pain. He was utterly alone, and had been convinced all his life that he was nothing but a horrible abomination; years of resentment towards lions had been building, and it all seemed to boil and spew out when he finally encountered one in the Rogue Lands. What began as a one-time outburst turned into a habit, as Tzachi took his anger out on any lion that he happened upon.

This, of course, lasted until the now young-adult happened upon something a little different. One day, curled up helplessly before him in the grass was a small and completely fragile looking cub. Upon further investigation, he found it was like him – an ‘abomination.’ He was old enough now that he could tell that it was a tiny Leotah that was curled up in the middle of his path, but not old enough to have any idea as to what to do with it. Part of him told him to just leave it there; he was far from a father figure. But then, the other part of him remembered the torture he had had to endure as a cub, and didn’t want for anyone to be able to do that to this tiny and helpless cub. Taking it under his wing, Tzachi began to change his ways, to try and better protect and provide for this small cub. Eventually, after watching it play one day, he felt the need to find a place that he could protect the small cub – where they would both be safe from the harsh ways of lions. In fact, wouldn’t it be best to use their own form of protection against them? Taking the small Leotah along with him, Tzachi set out, wanting to find the perfect place where they could gather others like them.

After a long journey, the pair reached the first location. It was hotter than belief, and there was nothing but sand beneath their paws. Staring at the little one next to him, he could tell that this was no place for young; heck, he could barely stand it. No, this wasn’t it.

Moving on again, they reached another option. This place was already far better than the first; for starters, there were trees as far as the eye could see, and water was fairly plentiful. The only problem they came across was that it was already inhabited – by a lion pride, to make it worse. Trying to keep his composure, Tzachi rushed the small Leotah out of the area, moving on to a new place that they could finally call home.

Feeling the ground beneath his paws slowly become softer, with the slight feel of water seeping between his toes every once in a while, Tzachi could tell that they had reached somewhere fantastic. He took in a deep breath, and could easily see the allure of this place. There was water everywhere, and the grass was tall enough in most areas to create suitable escape routes, should the need arise.

After spending some time in the area, the pair of hybrids had found themselves in the company of an avian, who they had stumbled upon when first finding these wetlands. The avian had heard his cause, and had felt sympathy for the pair. Deciding it was time to try and rally more hybrids like them, he asked the avian to fly in one direction, spreading the word to as many hybrids as he could. Tzachi, in turn, would take the growing Leotah and head in the opposite direction, finding as many hybrids as they could before returning to these new homelands.

Traveling around for many moons, Tzachi and the Leotah, who was now much more grown, returned to their beloved wetlands with a small following, to start their lives as a full-fledged pride. Upon returning, they were met by others who had heard about the group by word-of-mouth. It brought Tzachi great joy knowing that he and his still young adopted Leotah would have a safe home, where hybrids like them could thrive away from the tyranny of lions. For generations, Tzachi ruled over the group, growing to a ripe old age. Under his rule, there was great prosperity, and everyone thought that it would last forever. A season before he was due to name an heir, however, a great flood plagued the group, wiping out a good deal of the pride, including Tzachi himself. As the waters receded, though, the remaining members still tried to stick together. Though plagued by grief for the dead and fear of the future without a leader, they still tried to stay together as one. To an outsider, though, it looked like a pride on the verge of completely dying out. Some time went by with the pride like this, carefully treading into the future as best they could. Hope came, though, in the form of a pale leopon who just happened to stumble upon the shambled group. After taking a liking to it, he decided to settle there with his three small cubs, bringing new life to the once dying pride. Feeling rejuvenated by the appearance of life, the aging original members decided to try and fill the pride with new blood again, wanting life to flow through it once more.

As the rebuilding grew, one of the leopon’s cubs grew up exhibiting traits that the pride hadn’t seen in a long time – wisdom, curiosity, and responsibility. The pride watched her grow, and as they saw a new influx of members, decided to place that cub – who had now grown into a picturesque adult – at the head of the new and reborn Koti.
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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