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Yes actually Its a really good show, even thouh they dont make it anymore You should check it out whee
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My first manga was Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode Volume 1.

There was a book fair at my middle school and when I saw the manga, the art style reminded me of sailor moon-and Mew Mew Power which I used to watch on 4kids on Saturday mornings. It took me a while to get used to reading from right to left, but I fell in love with manga, and although I don't read as often as I use to, I am still a happy closet reader.
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My first manga was Naruto.
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my first manga was platinum garden or else it was chibi vampire
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My first manga was Wish Vol 1 by Clamp. That's what made me fall in love with Clamp. c:
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My first manga was Hack: Legend of the Twilight
I picked it up on a whim and since then I've been hooked on manga/anime
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The first time I was introduced to manga was in 5th grade. My best friend was reading Fruits Basket and I didn't care for it too much. Then I switched schools in 7th grade and as a goodbye present she gave me the first book. I read it on the car ride to my new house and fell in love. Next thing I did was go to Barnes and Nobel bookstore and buy the next couple books.
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-What was the first manga you've read?

~ I'm pretty sure the first manga i ever read was one of the One Piece books, my friend had it and we read the s**t out of it.

-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?

~ Probably the manga Witch Hunter, which is alot like D. Gray-Man or FMA/FMA:B.

-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?

~ Through my best friend at first but i took a interest in it about 2 years back hearing friends talk about it so i got access to a Manga site....and the rest is history emotion_kirakira .
-What was the first manga you've read?
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
Ruroni Kenshin....we only had half of the anime, and when i was little, I always wanted to know what happened after the Kyoto Arc..and somehow found the Kenshin Manga! But alas, it was already licenced
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
About two years ago, I watched the anime, Naruto. I become kinda really interested/obbssed with it...and somehow foudn the manga, and so, that started my interest of manga...now i've read *Counts* 1...2...3..4..5...6...7...8...9..10...11...12...13? Different manga series <3

I actually love manga, manga is my drug-like addiction heart
My first manga is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and of course Code Name Sailor V by Naoko Takeuchi. After watching the anime it sparked my interest to want to read the manga and to my luck Kodansha Comics was doing a re-release of the two. I bought them and read them both in the exact same day. I am in love with the manga so far! heart
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The first manga I read was b.o.d.y cx
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~ My first Manga? . . Hmm, I think it was either Shugo Chara or Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives ~
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The first manga I read was Death Note. I started reading the series when I came across one of the volumes in a used book store. I was hooked from then on!
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My first manga ever (and only one completed to date) was Sailor Moon. I have been itching to read another...
my first manga was bleach biggrin

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