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Everyone else read fancy manga for their first, mine is the classic Doraemon and Pank Ponk when I was 4-5 years old biggrin
My first manga was Alice 19th. It didnt really hook me on to manga though. My friend started becoming obsessed with it though and suggested a couple to me, such as Beast Master and I thought it was really cute. c: That's when i started drawing manga also.
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my first was.. school rumble.

what sparked my love for manga was inuyasha.

i introduced it 2 myself.
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i also luuuuuv 2 draw it.
Mine would have to be Tactics, by Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuko Higashiyama. ^^ Great series~ heart
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Sadly my first manga was Naruto after that i found even better ones then that lol
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I believe my first manga was Hana-Kimi.
One of my friends let me borrow volume 1 and i was hooked! biggrin
Heh so i think i awnsered both qs
My favorite of all time is Clannad.
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mine was Detective Conan "I was trying to learn English by reading manga xD"
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Pokemon was my first manga but i'm very interested in Kobato (the anime is very good)
My first manga was Ranma 1/2 Vol. 4....
A friend in sixth grade had suggested it to me. But when I went to the book store they didn't have the first volume. So I bought the manga closest to the first.
-my first manga was kaichou wa maid sama biggrin e. it wz really nice bt nt htt gud i luved the guy in tht soo cutr
-hitsuji no namida wz the best manga ever i cried a lot in tht one it is a beautiful manga i love it sooo much heart heart
-i wz watching videos on you tube and i came across a anime then i strtd reading hte manga
I LOVE MANGA sooooooo much imy dream is to meet these mangakas in real life 3nodding
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A classmate introduced me to Naruto when she bought the manga to school unintentionally sparking my (and several of my other friends') interest in the series 3nodding This was way back in 2009 lol
Hmmmm my first manga was High School Host Club whee

I remember that because that was the first manga that made me become a manga freak now!
I will always remember that manga as my childhood manga that i watched and read. 3nodding
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My first manga was CardCaptor Sakura...

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