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i remember like it was yesterday cat_razz but it was about maybe about 8 years ago lol
mine was love hina and i was pretty much addicted after that cat_sweatdrop
i was draw in my animes of course i seen a few on cartoon network
then my sisters friend at work lent me some mangas and anime and it was over my life went down hill spiral from there jk cat_xp cat_xp thats just when i just started loving animes and manga more and more
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The Scroll was my first manga
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the first manga i read was shaman king.YOH IS RAW. idont care what nobody say about him hes raw.
The first manga I read was Kitchen Princess, which was introduced to me by my friend back in the 8th grade. However, Vampire Knight was the first manga that actually got me interested in manga. 3nodding
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First 'manga' was Sabrina the teenage witch manga style.
First actual manga was Inuyasha. OTL
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Here's the thread to about your first manga!

In other words, in this sticky you can discuss
-What was the first manga you've read?
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
Other, similar questions.

This sticky was made specifically for this recurring topic. All current and future threads asking about your first manga will be moved to the Chatterbox or Recycle Bin.

All spam/non-related posts will be removed.

Stay on topic and enjoy. 3nodding smile

My first manga was Tokyo Mew Mew.
That was out of random interwebz searching :3
My first manga was "Loveless" 4laugh Though if I'm wrong, my first manga was "Chibi Vampire". Either way, I've been hooked ever since.

I was just a junior high kid and manga was something new that a friend of mine introduced me to. Thank you friend heart
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My first manga was "Fruit's Basket". It's also what hooked me and got my into reading manga.
I used to just watch anime and thought reading the manga was pointless cause I've already seen the anime.
Hell was I wrong!

No one introduced it to me, I found it myself. I was watching Vampire Knight and after it was complete.
I went on a hunt for more anime's to watch and I found Fruit's Basket.
For anyone who's seen the anime it leaves you totally hanging. That's why I decided to read it.
My first manga was probably... Naruto. I watched Naruto on Disney XD when I was little, and about a year ago I got interested in anime/manga all over again. I asked to borrow it from my aunt, and so I ended up reading volumes 32-35 before number 1 xD
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Poke'mon or Hamtaro, if it counts...
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First Manga? Vampire Doll. i used to be all about anime and my friends told me i couldn't just love anime so she made me read manga.i love her for that! heart heart
My first (and only) manga that I just started reading is Naruto. I just started reading it like a few minutes ago actually.
Naruto, sadly. It was during the time where I first learned about "Shonen Jump"
Can't remember I think it was skip beat
My first manga was loveless! And it was awesome, i started to love manga from loveless and bff introduced me to anime/manga. sweatdrop It was a shonen ai manga......

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