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The first manga I read was Tokyo Mew Mew in 6th grade, but the books that got me hooked were the Saiyuki series! surprised I credit my best friend Jordan with helping me fall in love with anime and manga 4laugh
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my first manga would have been YU-GI-OH
mine was D.N.Angel :] i loved and its still not finished lol
my first manga that i read was inuyasha..followed by hana yori dango

my first one that sparked my interest was a couple, actually:
first of the action/adventure was .hack series..
first of the shoujo was ichigo 100%
first of the martial arts was rurouni kenshin
first of the racing was initial d

but altogether, ive read someting like 500 mangas....its pretty bad sad .
but ive probably watched just as much anime, so its even worse in a way :p
Mine was, believe it or not, Beyblade. Haha! Did anybody even notice that it was a manga back then?
I did like Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-gi-oh, and Pokemon when I was even younger but I was too stupid to find out that they were mangas. I watched the anime. But I read them now too!
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Pretty sure my first manga was Tokyo Mew Mew in 5th grade. Haha, it got me hooked on shoujo. I think what really got me hooked into manga was Sana's Stage.
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First manga was probably cardcapter sakura and then Yu-Gi-Oh. Really, Yu-gi-oh probably got me into manga, but it was finding a agregete manga site that really got me into manga. Then I found Ouran.... heart sweatdrop

Before Ouran I had read Sailor Moon, so technically that's my first shojo manga.
I think my first manga was .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet. I could be wrong. I think the first manga that I ever bought was Magic Knight Rayearth ^.^ Me loves.
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The first manga I read was Inuyasha when I was in 8th grade. I kinda lost intrest in it after the 3rd book but still to this day I really do love drawing Sesshomaru lol. The first manga that stole my interest was definitely Battle Royale. Every month I'd make sure run right to the comic store for the next volume. I was introduced to manga in 8th grade by my best friend who always called herself Lina Inverse lol I miss her.
The first manga I ever picked up was Marmalade Boy. It was recommended to me by one of my brother's friends... I've never finished the series xp

The manga that really got me into this scene was Fruits Basket. I just finished re-reading it and it still makes me cry, but I really love that series!
My first manga was kingdom hearts
the manga that sparked my passion was One piece
I found out about manga from my sister who is obsessed with japan
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I discovered manga on the world wide web, and as for a first one, I'd have to say I can recall reading One Piece first. Honestly, I think that had to be the best manga I've ever read! I thought Elfen Lied was really influential to me just because I like mutants. heart
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My First Manga Was Fruits Basket When I First Read It I Didn't Even Know What Manga Was But Now I Really Love Manga
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My first manga was Inuyasha (unfortunately...) But Rurouni Kenshin was my second. heart
Naruto was my first manga lol

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