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Here's the thread to about your first manga!

In other words, in this sticky you can discuss
-What was the first manga you've read?
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
Other, similar questions.

This sticky was made specifically for this recurring topic. All current and future threads asking about your first manga will be moved to the Chatterbox or Recycle Bin.

All spam/non-related posts will be removed.

Stay on topic and enjoy. 3nodding smile
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Well my first manga was Real Bout High School.

I remember it because it was tha day I got my first paycheack from work and finally decided to take my anime addiction to a new level and try a manga. $10 at Hastings the first time and after that it seemed half my paychecks went to buying manga.

Anyway Real Bout High School took me a while to complete thanks to Tokyopop's waiting a full year to reliese that last volume of it but all in all it is a great series... whose anime stunk. How can such a good manga have such a bad anime?
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Hrmm... I don't remember, but I think it was probably one of the gundam books.
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First manga for moi = Sailor Moon.

Hmmmm my first manga would be sailor moon, and she is nice.
iv'e been hooked on it ever since redface
POKEMON, yes my first manga was pokemon then dragonball, they were both really expensive at the time sweatdrop
lol! well my first manga was rurouni kenshin heart
the first manga I read was Love Hina heart
My first was Crescent Moon... Which I am still dearly in love with. But InuYasha was what first got me going. I heart Seshoumaru!!!
my very first manga was believe it or not..fruits basket. and i love it ever since
I think the first manga I relly got into was: Eerie Queerie XD!!!!!!! it was hilarious
My first manga was the first Inuyasha manga. heart 3nodding I loved it! heart
My first manga was Sailor moon I just remember watching the TV show
hmmmm...yes it was prolly trigun manga, but recently iv been into the new full metal alch series, it pretty gud smile
My first manga was.... .Hack... but my first manga that I actually read everything was FMA.... biggrin Ed ROX MEH SOX

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