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-What was the first manga you've read?
Dot hack legend of the twilight
-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
Megaman Nt warrior
-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
a girl name amanda we are ex friends now xp
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Fluffy Werewolf

My very first manga that I got to lay my hands on was either ranma 1/2 or inuyasha. But it wasn't the first thing that triggered me into liking anime and mangas. rofl
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Shirtless Cutie-Pie

My first manga was DotHack. But what turned me on was Legend of Zelda gaia_diamond
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My first manga was Desiny's Hand volume1
-What was the first manga you've read?
Naruto I think.

-Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?
Naruto razz

-How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
My brother
First manga I've ever read was One Piece and totally still in love with it. I saw the anime first and then the manga, but like the manga more because the chapters come faster! xd
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My first manga was Sabrina the Teenage Witch in manga style. sweatdrop That got me hooked onto drawing anime/manga style. Then I started reading about Inuyasha and it just went on from there.
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This is kinda awkward but the first manga I read was Ranma 1/2 and this was when I was 8 I think. The manga that gave me interest in manga would probably be Naruto. Since my relative had a huge pile of manga that he borrowed on his bed, the front pages looked really cool so I ended up reading them.
Well My First Manga Would Have Ta Be ' BLEACH <3
Once I Started Ta Read It ; i Couldnt Stop ' Id Litterally Stay up all NIght Reading Them Books (;
& i TOTALLY Recommend this book for any one of you gaians who like a little excitement In Their Reading (; Aha
-- The|3addeszChick<3<3
My very first manga was Inuyasha. My friends introduced me to it over 7 years ago, and Naruto and Bleach along with it. After that, another friend introduced me to Crimson Hero (Which I never did finish. As soon as certain things happened, I stopped reading and said, "Welp, I don't want to read about the pointless drama you're about to envelope yourselves in".) My first manga that I picked up on my own however, was Ouran HighSchool Host Club. That manga is what truly got me hooked. heart
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My first Manga was Yotsuba. it was sortof funny. 3nodding
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well the 1st manga i read would hav 2 be one piece or ultra maniac cant quite remember which 1 i read 1st but it had 2 be 1 of those 2
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first manga Dengeki Daisy!!!!
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The first manga I ever read was actually Absolute Boyfriend. I finished it in like 2 days and then kept reading more and more mangas!!! emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart yum_strawberry yum_puddi
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