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My first manga was Wish, done by Clamp. 3nodding
I think it was Apple smile
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The first manga i read was Inuyasha!!!! :3

Hahaha nd that was the manga that got my attention, also Crescent Moon nd i loove Ranma 1/2!!

I was watching it on adult swim wen i was little ahaha, i didint kno what it was but it looked cool so i continued watching it nd got hooked x3 THAT nd some my fwends like anime also aha
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Mine was ultra maniac
I read Tsubasa Chronicles as my first manga when I was in 5th Grade. The one who introduced it to me was Alyssa Hernandez, who was very fond of anime, manga, and japan in itself. As a matter of fact, I didn't like manga and anime much until I met her and conversed with her about manga- it was also her who made me want to learn how to draw anime and manga when previously all I drew was fairy tale characters of my own. 3nodding Up until now I am still blearning.... and I guess you could say that I love manga and anime these days! ( Before I met her, I only knew Tsubasa Chronicles, Card captor Sakura, Pichipichiptch, Alice Academy, Inuyasha, and Sailormoon.) whee sweatdrop
in 10th grade my friend Macie got me to read Meru Puri 6 years later it's still my favorite series heart
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My first manga was Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden!
My first manga was Monkey High ^~^ A friend showed me it and it was really addicting
My first manga was Fruits Basket and it was also the one that made me spark an interest in manga and anime. I discovered it when I was at a public library and they had Vol. 3 there and I was bored. I started reading this and at first it was like "Wait, what? This is so weird!" and then turned into "This is strangely addictive!" and then "MOREMOREMOREMORE!!!"
Yeah. All my feels heart
My first manga... I don't really remember but I think it was Doraemon, but I don't really like it. I also read Sailor moon rofl rofl rofl
My first manga was Special A(:
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My mother owned manga before I got into it, but the first she gave me was yuyu hakusho smile
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my first manga was a shoujo smut manga owned by my sister. I read it inadvertent when I'm still so innocent. well, the first manga which made me love manga is DNAngel first chapter.
Kodocha was my first manga

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