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i guess my first was gakuen alice.. heart heart heart
and inuyasha.. biggrin
My first manga was Zodiac P.I.

A few years ago, I wanted to buy some manga because everybody talked about it. I had been watching some anime. My sister had introduced me to anime, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayerth and Dragonball Z. So I cjose Zodiac P.I. because I love astrology and crimes related to Zodiac signs sounded interesting. razz
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Shugo Chara. Kiddy but cute, I still love it. heart cat_4laugh
Zettai Kareshi (Also known as Absolute Boyfriend)

I really really really love this manga! It really made me cry a bucket of tears and the plot, characters and drawing are just awesome! Hands down to the mangaka cool (Tho I forgot her name already . __ .)
My very first manga was Yu-Gi-Oh!
I was hardcore into the show back then and I remember seeing the shonen jump manga commercials on the Yu-Gi-Oh! VHS's. (A really long time ago) I saw them in BooksAMillion one day and decided to buy the whole first series. Vol, 1-7. $75 in total. Oh the blissful days of having an allowance.
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Case Closed/ Detective Conan exclaim Great magna especially since I love mysteries. Usually solve 1 in 3 cases correctly before solved in series. ninja
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My first manga was Immortal Rain I found it online when my sister made me a manga fox account.
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My first two (I read them around the same time) mangas were Fullmoon Wo Sagashite and Rosario + Vampire, both great mangas, and they both have anime versions if you'd rather watch than read wink Personally, I like Rosario + Vampire more. It's so funny and there's a good storyline. My friend from school introduced this to me, thus sparking my love for manga ^.^
My first manga was Stray Love Hearts. Loved them<3
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Case Closed! It's a good manga about murder mysteries. The mysteries are highly improbable plans though.
My first manga I read was Boys Over Flowers. I only read the first volume though and preferred not to read the rest. That same day I read the first manga that sparked my interest, Yu Yu Hakusho. I was introduced to manga by my friend Roxanne in sixth grade while I was at her house and she pressured me into reading them with her.
Mine was Naruto.. I got bored waiting for an anime episode so I was forced to check the manga xD The rest is history. 3nodding
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blue exorcist was mine smile
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My first anime I think was Rurouni Kenshin, the first manga I ever read was One Piece.
Kenshin will always hold a special place in my heart. I still remember staying up late to watch it on adult swim.

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