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heart I had always watched DragonBall Z, Sailor Moon and Ruroni Kenshin, but the first manga I ever read was Absolute Boyfriend heart Yuu Watase is my idol!
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I think the first manga I've read was Shinshi Doumei Cross by Arina Tanemura. 3nodding
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The first manga I ever bought was Pita-ten, and it was also the first series I ever completed 3nodding

I know this forum is uber full already, but I wanted to be part of the discussion too, lol
Like most people, Naruto was the first manga I read. Not sure what sparked me to read it, I'm sure boredom or something.
I guess anime was what introduced me to manga though. I remember watching Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh etc and loved shows/stories like that.
So that's probably how it all came about
My first manga was Rurouni Kenshin
It was also the first one to get me more interested in manga
Because I actually only saw anime
I was introduced to this manga by a friend
But I learned to know the word and concept manga by my self but I firstknew it as a drawing style xD
But I learned anime because of diffrent friends
My first was La Corda D'oro and I read it because I heard that mangas were a little different or alot different than the anime and also how it goes further
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The first manga series I ever read was Tail of the Moon. I was introduced to manga/anime by two of my best friends. That was almost 5 years ago and I've loved anime ever since. smile
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City Hunter and Rurouni Kenshin in French, bought by my father in Paris (overseas business trip). I bet he didn't even check inside the cover. And there I was, hoping for some Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura or something stare

Come to think of it, my mother made the same mistake and bought some shounen-ai manga, again as a souvenir, because of the handsome looking guys on the front. Lesson of the day; Do not, under any circumstances, send your parents to do your manga shopping (at least not without some kind of list)... confused
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I loved this so much! ..I read this countless times at the age of.. umm 6th grade.
I never went back to the series, but, after posting on here,
I'm definitely gonna pick back up on it :3
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What was the first manga you've read?

Which was the first manga that sparked an interest for you in manga?

How/when/by whom were you introduced to manga?
How - Adult Swim.
When - I was 10. (7 years ago)
Whom - Nobody.
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The first manga that I ever read was X/1999. But the one that got me really hooked into manga was Hot Gimmick. After that it felt like I had stumbled upon a whole new world. xp
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              I remember being nine or ten and looking at the
              manga section at the library. I got Yotsuba&!, Imadoki,
              Alice 19th, and Fruits Basket.
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First manga well I dont really remember but I have read so much up to this date and well I have a broad interest, Mirai Nikki and Akumetsu are two of my most memorable manga. Well theres too much to list or remember haha so much good stuff. I got into anime and then I found manga and totally got addicted to it so yea that was probably 4 or 5 years ago
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my first manga was fruits basket.

i remember i got it because i really liked the art.

i saw it at a library. x3

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