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I'm Heather. I'm basically a cleaning lady, I clean most of the day (while listening to music) to be honest. xd I've been on Gaia since 2006..that's a long time. eek
My friends list is kind of dead, so feel free to add me. When I manage to get free time I bum around on zOMG.

Ok ok it's really me this time.
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Oh! and here is my cat Tula. She was a stray that showed up. She was just too sweet to send to a shelter, so I kept her. mrgreen heart
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AvatarRoku05 Report | 11/20/2022 10:52 am
Hope your birthday on June the 17th was a great one and full of lots of joy and good memories!
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Sailor Moon Report | 07/25/2022 5:08 pm
Sailor Moon
Hihi! I notice you in my recent visitors and thought I’d say hello! 4laugh
Lofty Ambition Report | 06/30/2022 6:41 pm
Lofty Ambition
AvatarRoku05 Report | 07/14/2021 8:41 pm
Hoping your June 17th birthday was a great one! Sorry I am late with this!
User Image
IVIoon Bunny Report | 07/08/2021 6:56 pm
IVIoon Bunny
Thank you for reaching out! I really appreciate it emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 06/16/2021 8:18 pm
i love your avi, especially the scepter/staff item and I love your chosen music on your profile page (the piano/harp string)
MentaI Paranoia Report | 12/13/2020 7:35 pm
MentaI Paranoia
heart cute avi btw c:
dragon quest Report | 12/13/2020 7:19 pm
dragon quest
I read two more Acorna books this weekend. two more to go and then I've read that series for the fifth time. I want to check my supply of DragonLance series to see if there is one set I haven't read yet, or if I need to find a couple more books to finish a set. I like to have the full set before I start reading them.
MentaI Paranoia Report | 12/11/2020 5:41 am
MentaI Paranoia

Love the retro gaia profile reminds me of simpler days
dragon quest Report | 12/10/2020 1:32 pm
dragon quest
I love Dragon Drum, Dragon Song, and the third one that goes with it, which slips my mind right now. the three of them tell their story. love the little fire dragons. would really like a fire dragon!!

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