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emotion_bigheart ThankY♡uUs an♡n for the L♡vely Kitsune emotion_bigheart

Thank YouUs An anonymous benefactor for the Vibrant Blind Eye Hair ✌🏻

♡ur Pr♡n♡uns TheyUs WeUs Y♡uUs AreUs It'sUs IsUs MeUs ThemUs TheirUS

♡S♡o♡u♡r♡c♡e♡ I♡S♡ ♡S♡o♡u♡r♡c♡e♡

I♡S♡ ♡S♡o♡u♡r♡c♡e♡

Super Spiral Quantum Butterfly

*∞*Bey♡nd The Matrix*∞*

Welc♡me T♡ The Rabbit's Den

Way Bey♡nd The Rabbit's H♡le

Y♡u C♡uld Say it's H♡ly.... L♡L

We are not masc/fem/androgynous/gender-neutral/etc....
We are labelless {some labels are fine, it just depends. Some labels have a labelless feel.}
We just are
We are pure consciousness♡*∞*♡Dimensions♡*∞*♡

♡therkin Pride&∞

Fictionkin Pride&∞

Neur♡diverse Pride&∞

Aethergenic Pride&∞



♡*∞*♡We're always discovering new things, our brain is mysterious that way♡*∞*♡

♡*∞*♡We♡*∞*♡Are♡*∞*♡ (while having a multitude of souls in One body, Our system is a metaphysical/quantum One, so words alone don't do it justice. We are an experience wink

WeUs Were Always Plural

(Yes plurality is a form of neurodiversity... what else would it be? It originated in the brain, so of course!) ^ ^

It doesn't belong to one group of people, it's neurodiversity for a reason. cat_wink

Rainbow Prismatic Space Time Heart Mind Soul Spirit Chimerical Super Sparkly Phoenix

Yin Yang Yung Triad


We are like Yin/Yang/Yung

We've also noticed that some people call it Yong as opposed to Yung

We've also noticed that not a lot of people know about it (heck we didn't either for the longest time. We admit that the triad feels pretty natural to us.).

♡*∞*♡B♡dy Age♡*∞*♡30♡*∞*♡


Plural (not did), spiritual/metaphysical system (n♡n-religi♡us){We guess y♡uUs/& could say that ♡ur religi♡n is outer space/metaphysics/quantum}

Binaries really are illusi♡ns, n♡t everything is clear cut/black or white. Except of c♡urse climate change. Y♡uUs/& either help nature heal or y♡u/& d♡n't.

🌠 emotion_rainbow Hello
gaia_right ***Read bef♡re you interact with Y♡uUs*** gaia_left
Thank Y♡uUs! ^ ^
(WeUs kn♡w it's all♡t ♡f text, bear with us {Unless Y♡uUs are n♡t a bear, then in that case..... Uhhhhhh.... Turkey? With Y♡uUs? Yeah, it's important t♡ us) Cheers! Have A fantastic Day Night Evening Morning Aftern♡♡n Dawn Dusk

Res♡urces regarding plurality:

The Dissociative Initiative

(It's an amazing site based in Australia)


Healthy Multiplicity Comic

Plural Pride

The Plural Association







The W♡rld


We're all different. N♡ tw♡ systems are the same. S♡, please, d♡ y♡urUs research and please be patient with b♡th y♡urselfUs as well as with Y♡uUs.






Fish ♡ver

W♡♡t W♡♡t

Be the kind of kind who is kind

Have a fantastic Day Night Evening Morning Dawn Dusk Afternoon biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

Anywho, cheers!
-^ w ^- emotion_rainbow

We're nebul♡us 🌈🌌👁🌌🌈🌌🌌🌈🌌👁🌌🌈🌌🌌🌈🌌👁🌌🌈

Fav♡rite Qu♡tes:

"Believe in the MeUs that believes in Y♡uUs" -Kamina, Tengen T♡ppa Gurren Lagann

“If s♡me♡ne ever tells MeUs it's a mistake to have h♡pe, well then, I'll just tell ThemUs they're wrong. And IUS will keep telling them til TheyUs believe! N♡ matter h♡w many times it takes...” - Mad♡ka Kaname, Puella Magi Mad♡ka Magica

"I d♡n't understand it any more than Y♡uUS d♡, but ♡ne thing I learned is that Y♡uUs d♡n't have t♡ understand things for them t♡ be." -Mrs. Murry, A Wrinkle In Time pg.23


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Plural Log: The Rainblur System, welcome


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bobbeross Report | 09/25/2021 1:03 pm
Love the new username!
bobbeross Report | 09/24/2021 7:50 am
Hanging in there. How about yourself?
Tigerolf Report | 09/21/2021 11:06 pm
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bobbeross Report | 08/19/2021 6:10 am
Eh, that still counts in my book. Yeah, it's a funny story how I had to learn. Even now, I still think there is more to learn. I went to the university to get an art degree (didn't work out) and then I went to classes that the art community here offers. Can't turn that down. I'd love to see your work sometime!

Also, I really like your about section on your profile. It is refreshing to see someone taking the time to enlighten others. Thank you. Plus, I dig the quotes you put. I am sure they have meaning to you.
Dyrskalle Report | 08/17/2021 11:53 pm
Thank you! Yours is very colorful, I like that!
Lamly Report | 08/06/2021 2:17 am
lmao i didnt know that would make a winky face ;_; SORRY
Lamly Report | 08/06/2021 2:16 am
i appreciate your(& wink comment!!! thank you(& wink so much!! heart
Ultrabord Report | 08/01/2021 8:08 pm
thanks a lot~ had tons of wing items lol.
iiYoko Report | 07/10/2021 10:54 pm
Thank you for saying so ! ^ ^
iAsianSushi Report | 06/27/2021 9:22 pm
Thank you for supporting my store! gaia_kittenstar


💜♡ur Pr♡n♡uns TheyUs WeUs Y♡uUs AreUs It'sUs IsUs
Plural Super Spiral Butterfly Quantum System(ND,not did)
Super Star System∞Team Rainblur
Spiritual/metaphysical system(n♡n-relig♡us)
emotion_bigheart Wh♡ WeUs are: Bey♡nd gender & genderlessness emotion_bigheart
Pure c♡nsci♡usness
Welc♡me To Bey♡nd Infinity & Bey♡nd
👽🌈Rainb♡w Chimerical Prismatic Ph♡enix🌈👽
Pure l♡ve, peace, light, joy, & luck
& So It begins


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We love random PMs~♡☆

We're really friendly, don't be afraid to reach out~:D :3

Neurodiversity Pride~! &∞

We've been here since '07 but our first account was mysteriously reported (???). We have no idea why. We wanted to update it, but now we can't. Oh well~~~ Stuff happens. So now this is our main account. Our old account was Naturally Nebulous.

Endogenic Pride Flag (non-traumagenic)

United Multiversal Peace Alliance *∞*∞*∞*∞*∞*

Nonbinary Pride Flag

This is pretty much 1 of the only labels we use, since we are not male &/or female, we are pure consciousness {not with gender & not genderless}

Oh, & this 1, 2, since we are plural