hey everyone~
just here getting rid of things i dont want or need anymore..
so really in need of plat right now so I get things off my wish list.
so thank you for visiting and buying something from my store.
if you believe you can't afford an item, i can negotiate prices, trade items
or accept items off my wishlist. just pm me and we'll work something out.

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rip mother.
july 21st 1950 - july 8th 2015.

sable [my sheltie] nov 25th 2002 - may 14th 2014

snowflake [my white cat] june 17th 2004 - march 9th 2017

dino [ my cream pomeranian] jJan 25th 2004 - june 15th 2018

mango [ my ragamuffin cat ] 2009 - dec 21st 2022

hello all who visits my profile. i'm amanda. female / 30+ / demisexual and she / her pro nouns. i'm also taken irl. i'm someone who has often physical health and mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression so i'm sorry in advance if it takes some time to respond back to comments / pms. oh, i'm pretty shy as well. if you wish to know, you need to get to know me more. i'm happy befriending and making friendships here.

guess things i like is anime, animals, music and video games like final fantasy [tho vii is my fave && ffx], kingdom hearts and pokemon. mostly rpg's.

ps. I am also an roleplayer too and i like to cosplay on here... sometimes. if you like to RP with me, let me know. no gross things pls. it disgusts me. especially when i'm old fashioned and traditional ; it just makes me uncomfortable. i mostly write using my ocs on here.

another thing.. i like cute, adorable, kawaii things and pastel colors so my avi half the time may represent those colors. so yes, i do like it when people gift me free items. whether its on my wishlist or not. anon or not. free art of any of my avvies are koolio too. : ' 3. that or ghosting me for brand new avis to use are fine, too. you are free to ask what i have equipped on my avi.

i love random friend requests because I want to meet many people to be their friend~! only add me if you intend to talk to me. i am selective when accepting friend requests on here and only accept those who are 18 and older since i'm an adult. with that said, you are free to PM me but don't misuse it just to be rude or mean; i will instant block you. thanks.

ps: i do like to creep up on people's profiles from time to time since people have interesting avvies. i do block those who continually view my page over and over since it causes me constant anxiety. i'm sorry if it upsets you.

i do like favoriting people's avis by the way. sometimes i spam favorite avi's. and i do suffer from memory loss so if i have favorited the same avi before.. well i simply just forgot. if you get bothered by this and you block me ? cool. i'll just end up blocking you in return. no harm. it's just pixels anyways.

if you want my discord and my twitter, and tumblr handle's, please PM me for it. thank you.

do note: if i use any pixels on my profile or in posts or even in my signature at times, i did not make them myself. they are from tumblr so credit goes to owners. i'm no artist whatsoever.

discord: fluffyfloof. ( yes, with the period )
IMVU: fluffyfloof
neopets: rawrrxpanda



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