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Birthday: 04/18


♥ Hiya ♥

Pleasure to make your acquaintanceship

Where, oh, where to begin..?
I'm a guy, I just happen to like cute things (●˙꒳˙●)

Well, I'm just a random dude that likes to write random stuff as a hobby. Not an author, nor do I plan to become one, but my mind just happens to wander from space to place. I'm a bit introverted, but that's only where my paradox begins. The evening stars dubbed me a Cancer, but I was actually graced in the morn' 'neath the trailblazing Aries; it actually frustrates me at times. It's like to desperately yearn for home, yet eyes still fixated on the distant horizon, awaiting to see what else the dawn will reveal. I enjoy being outside more these days, but grew up as an indoor kid. Now especially, I just like to gaze up at the heaven-stars as the seas invite the evening Sun to light the somber abyss; sometimes I imagine all the stars representing aspirations and wishes of people around the world and just how many of those actually go unfulfilled, unrequited, left to drift in the Sunless Sea. Let's wander this wonderful world together. We'll be sure to leave behind plenty of stories for our fellow wayfarers.

~Random Bits~
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Loves: Tomato Soup, Dark Chocolate
Some Likes: Writing, Anime, Parks, Video Games, FFXIV, Cooking, Philosophy, sweets, cute-cuddly stuff
Some Dislikes: Smoking, Impatience, Politics, Griefers
Current Occupation: Certified Pharmacy Technician(cPht)

Ionno... what else do you want from me ( 。_。)
Whatever else just ask, PM open


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DarkestShelby Report | 03/27/2023 7:50 am
awww thank you i appreciate that but i'm actually happier with my gaia wife now (the girl next to me that enjoys making twins with me) but in real life im single because most of the guys i've had relationships with are jerks.
DarkestShelby Report | 03/26/2023 1:42 pm
so is that is a good strange or a bad strange?
DarkestShelby Report | 03/24/2023 2:08 am
i saw that you visited my profile a couple days ago so i just visited yours yesterday the background music you have for it is pretty cool
DarkestShelby Report | 03/23/2023 8:39 pm
Zunneko Report | 03/22/2023 2:34 pm
Thank you! You have interesting profile too! 3nodding
Classically Trained Hiki Report | 03/20/2023 10:34 am
Classically Trained Hiki
Gotcha bud. Just sent over your little prize lol
Flames Fuel Report | 03/20/2023 7:31 am
Flames Fuel
Thank you! (I love Supercell, so that's even cooler to know) You turned it into a profile though, that's something. heart
I've heard a lot of people like that game. smile
I tried to learn some coding last year, aaaand then realized I don't have the patience for it. Good on you for working through it.
Flames Fuel Report | 03/19/2023 5:32 pm
Flames Fuel
Cute avy and nice music. What is the song title? And is the layout from a game or am I mistaken? :3
Classically Trained Hiki Report | 03/19/2023 4:46 pm
Classically Trained Hiki
Oh s**t I never expected someone to actually leave a comment, much less visit this place. I didn't actually think that far ahead for a prize so uuuuuuuuuuuuh I can give you like 25k plat or an item idk lol. Whichever you prefer.
FredericaZeQuerulous Report | 03/15/2023 1:12 pm
Aww thank you, yours is very cute.