Hi guys! I'm Rufus, Ian's loyal companion through thick and thin... THICK AND THIN, I TELL YOU! We've had a lot of horrible, life-threatening adventures, but we've stayed best friends through it all.

So, in case you guys are all wondering "why the hell is this cat talking to me? How is he typing? Does he have thumbs?!?" let me clear a few things up.

I come from a long line of talking cats. That sure caught Ian off guard when he first found out. I used to pretend to be a normal cat and meow when I was around people, but sometimes I'd slip in a bark when they least expected it. That was hilarious! But then I just said "to hell with it," and decided that talking was just fine-- which worked out great when Ian needed me to cover for him in the shop for a while.

As for how I'm typing, I'm keeping that my little secret!

When I'm not helping out in Ian's shop, I enjoy dancey dancey time and searching for fish. I'm not nearly as good a fisherman as Old Man Logan is, but I do what I can. And when I can't, I just buy from him! Mmm... that reminds me... fish...

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Angel_Of_Hellfire Report | 05/30/2018 4:29 pm
mew =^_^=
Sapphic Society Report | 04/12/2018 1:22 pm
Sapphic Society
ilu rufus
Saffronette Report | 01/20/2018 8:27 pm
where are your fish you silly cat?
pussycat doll meow Report | 01/04/2018 6:31 pm
pussycat doll meow
happy birthday rufus!!! have a great day!! smile smile smile
iNk_mAy Report | 01/02/2018 10:54 am
Happy birthday Rufus! yum_tuna
MissRose24 Report | 01/01/2018 7:20 pm
Happy Birthday Rufus! yum_cupcake
Lolliepawp Report | 01/01/2018 3:48 pm
Happy bday kitty User Image
DJ Twissta Report | 01/01/2018 2:13 pm
DJ Twissta
Happy birthday Rufus! Now about that super secret store discount...
A Joyful Noise IV Report | 01/01/2018 1:08 pm
A Joyful Noise IV
Happy Birthday Rufus! Can I fix you up with my gorgeous and sweet Kitty named Lily? She is a beautiful Color Point Siamese...
Chantal444k Report | 01/01/2018 6:54 am
Happy Birthda Rufus!