Hi, I'm a bit weird. I'm often lost in thought and always try to put on a front of being a really calm/gentle person but i tend to get flustered/overwhelmed pretty easily. I'm often told i'm funny but i appeal more to dark humor than anything. I also can be a bit annoying and needy but mainly because I'm a bit of a loner and deal with depression. I'm usually an observant type that's rather reserved but really open around people who i feel like i've come to understand better. I feel it's better for me to have an understanding of the other person opposed to them knowing me. I want the gratification of knowing i'm accepted by those i work towards, that all my time and effort was for something. My speech can be a bit ******** sometimes so i'll often withdraw in conversation. I get really irritated when i can't be understood, especially if i put a lot of effort into it.

As a hobby I try to piece together a book I want to write. I also enjoy drawing(even though i'm not too good at it) and watching animations(i enjoy certain anime and western animation, 3D movies are sometimes pretty good too!). I play games too but have mixed feelings about most gaming. i really enjoy sandbox games that challenge my creativity.



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mortea Report | 09/21/2020 3:21 pm
hello smile
Da-Eh Report | 05/07/2018 7:28 pm

      what kind of video games have you guys been playing? o:
      and i'm not, i'm sorry cat_sweatdrop
Da-Eh Report | 04/19/2018 10:42 pm

      noo i meant what have you been up to!
      that's understandable though tbh, it's definitely not for everyone! what sorts of things that click for some people don't for others and vice versa
      concept art is super cool though, i've always enjoyed it
Da-Eh Report | 04/13/2018 8:47 am

      that's good!
      i'm selling my stuff at conventions now! so in-between cons i'm doing lots of sewing lolol
      what about you?
Da-Eh Report | 04/10/2018 9:40 am

      pretty good! hows yours?
Da-Eh Report | 04/08/2018 9:27 am

mortea Report | 02/21/2017 11:50 pm
Always been. Why though?
Da-Eh Report | 12/28/2016 9:29 am


[_Legato_] Report | 12/16/2016 5:51 am
Thanks! smile
dewiesu Report | 12/05/2016 8:58 pm
PM me and ill link you~

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