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Kookie Thief Report | 04/09/2018 10:38 am
Kookie Thief
ty for the gift 3nodding
Overated_Sanity Report | 04/09/2018 6:00 am
Thank youso much ;;
Onyx Popcorn Report | 04/02/2018 1:40 pm
Onyx Popcorn
Thank you! :3
The Erii Report | 04/01/2018 8:34 pm
The Erii
Thanks for the item. XD
Remedy Forgotten Report | 03/30/2018 7:23 pm
Remedy Forgotten
hope you feel better!
Aethril Report | 03/18/2018 2:19 pm
I don't actively do graphics on gaia anymore, but I'd be happy to do another one for your guild. Just let me know what info you'd like included, what size, and if you want a certain image/look/idea/color scheme, etc for it!
chollaflower Report | 03/18/2018 11:08 am
Sorry I missed you on the docks. I can fish a little now but there is still a lot going on.
Pesty Elf Report | 03/06/2018 8:36 pm
Pesty Elf
A heavy wet snowfall tonight, and more high wind coming our way tomorrow.
I'm just hoping we don't lose power again. The snow / ice could really bring down more
trees / branches onto the power lines. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
I need to move outta this crappy winter weather! biggrin
Pesty Elf Report | 03/04/2018 11:04 am
Pesty Elf
Yes ma'am, I'm safe, thank you. biggrin
We've been w/o power off and on since 6 PM Friday night. It's been mighty
damn cold in here at times. Tons (literally, lol!) of trees either completely uprooted or
snapped in half, and all down on the power lines.
No wind today, and power companies are out dealing with the damage.
Biotic Vanguard Report | 03/01/2018 9:46 am
Biotic Vanguard
Thank you!! I appreciate it, Captain! smile




Hello there my friends- call me Roky! I live in the Southern USA, am 24 years old, and happily married to a wonderful man!

I am an old-school player, opening this account (as it says) in 2005. I have been frequenting Fishing ever since this point, and fought hard for the game's return in May 2016 (the game had been down for an entire year to a crash in the captcha system). I love the game, and dedicate much of my time to it. That's all I pretty much talk about!

I am proud to be the captain of the Fishaholics Anonymous guild- the most active Fishing guild on Gaia! I consider everyone a friend, and try to be kind and helpful always.




The Original Fishing Crew <3This piece and the one above by Whiskey Chan

Art By La Jolie Papillon