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XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX's avatar

Last Login: 11/30/2023 9:23 am

Registered: 01/16/2008

Gender: Female

Location: Hyperville >.<

Birthday: 04/29/1991

Occupation: Artist/Bookworm/Court Jester/Crazy Cat Lady/Film Buff/Gamer/Metalhead/Nerd/Poet/Vampire/Writer

Personal Website

Music of the Day: In Flames (Name of Band/Artist) - State of Slow Decay (Song)

About The Countess Lulu of Lunacy

Lulu. Nice to meet you all. *smiles and waves*
Female. Single. Straight.
Been registered since 2008. Recently came back, and I am staying!~
Zodiac: Taurus // Goat [April 29, 1991 is my bday]
My Briggs is: ENFP, My Enneagram is a 7.
Astral shtuffs: My Sun is Taurus, My Moon is Scorpio, My Rising Ascendant is a Libra, my Mercury is Aries, and my Venus is Gemini.
House: Slytherin gaia_grunny gaia_zombieduck gaia_down
Live in Northern New Jersey, USA.
Hyperville Where the Vampires Bounce Off the Walls.
A cat mom to 2 cats, Houdini and Doomy. I'm a Crazy Cat Lady. (RIP Poe).
An artist, poet, writer. I like to write, draw, paint, and create.
A PS3 gamer (Shadow of Mordor, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Injustice, Marvel VS Capcom, Batman games, Diablo),
A PC gamer (Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal, Legends of Runeterra, Magic the Gathering Arena) (I have Twitch, Discord, and Steam, just ask in PM),
A nerd (comic books, cartoons, fandoms, anime, manga, and graphic novels),
A metalhead (but I love classic rock, punk, pop-punk, screamo, metalcore, and ska),
A film buff (lover of movies),
A bookworm (lover of books).
A Rollerblader? O.o (I like to consider myself a "sk8ter girl". So, see ya l8ter boi?).
And with the way, I am going here, a Basket Case?
Concerts, books, music, movies, and conventions are my life. I love a good book, a movie, good music, good vibes and good times, a concert, live music, merch, mosh pits, and to cosplay at conventions.
Cosplay: Zatanna Zatara from DC Comics' Justice League of America/Justice Society of America (JLA/JSA), Justice League Dark, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Sentinels of Magic, and Young Justice.
Blood type? I don't know, but I'll get that checked.

I LOOVE, LOVE to meet and talk to new people online, offline, virtual, and IRL. I'm very active online on Gaiaonline, hyperactive, talkative, manic, attention-deficit, short attention span, energetic, a jokester (I like to make fun of myself and others), sarcastic, blunt, censored, uncensored, filtered, unfiltered, and outgoing. In person, I'm pretty much the same, if not more. *shrugs*

UPDATE: I graduated High School, Class of 2009. I graduated community college in 2015 and got a degree for completing Cinema Studies program in Fine Arts. That's it. Thought I would update this. And I'm 30 now, if that wasn't mentioned above.

Dreams: To be an acclaimed New York's Bestseller author for Young Adults, screenwriter for films (to write scripts), and voice-over act (I like to make voices and impersonations). My other dreams are to travel the world, meet all sorts of people, cultures, see many states or countries, and to attend music festivals from outside NJ/NY tri-state area razz

NOTE: Since Towns is a bust, you can catch me on zOMG. If you are going on zOMG to find me, you need to go to these servers: Brain Clam and/or Blood Bat.

Instagram: ShariXInsanity
Snapchat: ShariXInsanity
YouTube: ShariXInsanity
Twitter: chaoticXjester
PSN: ToxicGirl666
Battle Net: LadyNight666#1517
Pokemon Go Trainer Code: 228798812361
Riot Games: LadyXNightmare#9666 (I hang out on Legends of Runeterra, LoR)
MTG Arena (Magic the Gathering): LadyNightmare#40857
zOMG: Brain Clam and/or Blood Bat servers are where you can locate me.

Ask me for my Twitch, Discord, and Steam (just ask in PM)~

Random Friend Requests, Random Comments, Random PM's, don't bother me, meaning they are suggested, recommended, and are welcomed. Please and thank you ^-^. mrgreen
My Gaia Shop is a Buy-Only, No Bidding, No Gaia Cash, Gaia Gold Only, store that usually sells GoFusion items.

Currently accepting avi art/fan art~

So, don't be shy! I dont bite! ;]
Well, except the ones I like, of course ^.~

My Fan Art

User Image Fan Art/Artist: SoftFiend. Her Gaia page is here:SoftFiend

User ImageFan Art/Artist: Frostnmemes. His IG page is here:Frostnmemes

User Image

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XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 07/09/2023 10:35 am
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dion the virus Report | 05/22/2023 7:06 pm
dion the virus
dam i just seen this LOL
ty for the compliment urs is pretty neat too love the colors
KoteVonKat Report | 05/08/2023 1:39 pm
Thank you for buying
Have a nice day mrgreen
ADelightfulKitsune Report | 05/03/2023 11:36 am
Thank you so much, your is amazing!
LickYouToDeath Report | 05/01/2023 8:41 am
Np glad to help ☺
Kinky Daredevil Report | 05/01/2023 3:28 am
Kinky Daredevil
Your avatar is stunning!! emotion_kirakira
Master Belmont the 1st Report | 05/01/2023 1:09 am
Master Belmont the 1st
Stupid monkies
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 04/29/2023 9:34 am
Captain Blade Uzumaki
You’re absolutely welcome Lulu emotion_hug hope you’re having an awesome birthday.
LickYouToDeath Report | 04/29/2023 9:16 am
𝔹𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙 𝔻𝔸𝕐! xxcountessluluoflunacyxx

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you step on the front contents of this journal. you pick it up but curse to yourself cause its drenched in slaughter and blood. it drips and weeps the stories of my life. Read the gore and agony. Some are happy others are dreadful.

Games that I'm Currently Playing~

Games that I'm Currently Playing~

Diablo Immortal: [ user] LadyNight666#1517
[Within in-game] LadyAraNightmare

Diablo IV: LadyDominAra

MTG Arena: LadyNightmare#40857

Legends of Runeterra (LoR): LadyXNightmare#9666

Signed in Ink and Quill

Other Ways to Contact Me:
Instagram: ShariXInsanity
Snapchat: ShariXInsanity
YouTube: ShariXInsanity
Twitter: chaoticXjester
PSN: ToxicGirl666
Battle Net: LadyNight666#1517
Pokemon Go Trainer Code: 228798812361
Riot Games: LadyXNightmare#9666 (LoR)
MTG Arena: LadyNightmare#40857
zOMG: Brain Clam or Blood Bat servers.

Ask me for my Twitch & Discord~
Random Friend Requests, Random Comments, Random PM's, don't bother me at all, meaning they are welcomed.
My Gaia Store is a Buy-Only, with Gaia Gold, No Bidding, No Gaia Cash. Thank you ^.^

Currently open/accepting fan art/avi art~
So, don't be shy! I dont bite! ;]
Well, except the ones I like, of course ^.~ Noms.


Yeah, we don't worship satan, schm-atan. we worship toxic cupcakes that blows up like explosives. >_> ._.

Yo. Goth midget, gimme some of dat toxic cupcakes. I need those fer me pirate crew. arrgh!