The next few minutes are quiet. Something hits us from the side, and our car flips. I never got my seatbelt on and neither did Leon. It turns upside down. I land on my back, moving Ferus' head to my chest. Leon lands on his side. The others are still in their seat belts. I hit my head hard, making me black out for a few seconds. When I wake, Leon is pulling me out of the car. Once out, I sit up. My head's spinning. He outs a hand on my shoulder,"We have to go. Your son is with Chris."
He helps me up. When I turn, I see that Chris does have him. Ferus is holding onto him like he held onto me. He looks at me though, to make sure I'm ok. Chris is talking to him, probably saying that everything's going to be fine. Piers is shooting at the zombies that start to come at us. I force myself to run, but I can't see where I'm going. Hitting my head messed my vision up in some way. I keep blinking my eyes, trying to get my complete sight back. Leon's left hand goes on my back, and his right grabs my right arm, putting it on his shoulder's. He must of seen my problem. He speaks quickly,"I'll be your eyes."
I nod. As we run, I hear the groans of the undead growing. The gunshots pick up, though, as well. We run into a building and I hear the doors lock behind us. We slow our pace, and now I'm starting to regain my sight. As soon as I stop running, I collapse. I'm so dizzy from running and lightheaded that I can't stay up. I fall onto my knees, putting a hand on the ground. Leon is still holding me. I feel another hand on my side, female I think. Leon,"Our car was flipped, he hit his head."
Then I hear Ferus,"Daddy! Daddy!"
Chris,"It's alright, he'll be fine."
A women's voice now speaks,"I'm Sherry Birkin, I'm a medic. This wound isn't that bad, do you think you can walk?"
The two help me up and over to a couch. I lay down, and soon after fall asleep.