Morrison sighs,"Not this time, Patty. Wouldn't want you or your friend getting hurt."
I throw the car door open, throwing my case in the back. I sit down, putting the seat back and propping my feet up on the dash board. I hear two sets of doors open, then Morrison,"Hey, what did I say?!"
I sigh, looking in the rear view mirror to see that the two have piled into the back seat. Morrison gets in the car, both doors now closing,"Alright, you can come, but you have to stay with me. Got it?"
The two give a short, yes, in reply. I attempt to sleep on the way there, but Patty won't stop talking. I feel sorry for her friend who in return doesn't have enough time to answer.
Patty suddenly comes leans toward the front,"Hey, Morrison. What exactly is the mission this time?"
Morrison sighs,"There's something that's been getting at this town lately. Many people have tried to stop it in the past, but no one can succeed. They say that it hunts at night, and they don't believe it's a human doing it....."