Sitting with his knees up, he speaks fast,"Please! Don't hurt me!"
I shake my head,"We aren't going to hurt you. We'll get you out of here. Are you okay?"
I hold my hand out to help him out of the cabinet. He looks at my hand, hesitantly reaching for it. I get help him out and look at his arm. No bite marks, just a scar from something else,"How did you get these?"
The boy sighs,"There were these people after me....when I tried running away, I ran into something sharp."
I nod, Claire trying to find a towel to wrap it in. There's a lot of blood, but the wound doesn't seem to be infected,"So....what's your name?"
"My name is Johann."
I nod,"That's a great name."
Claire brings me a towel and some bobby pins. I wrap the wound and stand, looking around,"Let's go while we have the chance."
Claire kneels in front of Johann,"Stay by us, okay? Don't leave our side."
Johann nodded,"Okay, ma'am."
She laughs,"I'm sorry, we never told you our names. I'm Claire and this is Leon."