Johann nods, sweat starting to roll down his face. He's scared, and any young child would be in this situation. I lead us to the door. Johann is in between Claire and I. I take a deep breath, gun in hand. I push the door open and raise my weapon. Flying out, I shoot two on my right. Looking to both ends of the alley, the left has the least amount of the undead. I run to my left, taking out all of the ones in our path. Turning, start to shoot the ones behind us,"Go! I'll cover you!"
Claire nods, running next to Johann. I take a step back as more come from around the corner. There are too many to take out with only a handgun, and I have no other weapon. Suddenly, Claire yells to me,"Leon! This way!"
Without hesitation, I turn. Running to the two, I see that they've made it to a car. I run into the driver's seat as Claire shoots at the zombies that are closest to the car.
The keys....Where are the keys?
Out of all the times to loose something.... Shuffling through the car, they aren't anywhere. The zombies won't take a break, and I can't find the god d**n keys....
Johann holds up a pair of keys. Putting them in the ignition, the car starts automatically. I slam on the gas, plowing through any zombies in my way,"Buckle up."