(Hay, sorry for the wait. I'm back. May not post eve day though. This one is RE, Leon's point of view.)
Raccoon City all over again......
I never thought I'd have to go through it again, stuck in another city that's been infested with zombies and Claire by my side..... We made it into a closed diner before the gas took over the city. Instantly, everyone became a zombie. We've waited out the gas, he blue in the air depleting. Looking at Claire, I can see the fear on her face.
"You alright?"
She nods,"Fine...."
"We got out of this situation once, right? We can do it again."
She nods again, sighing. We both have our pistols in our hands. I walk toward the door. Looking outside, he streets are filled with the undead. There has to be another way out of this place. Then, the sound of something falling happens behind me. I turn, pistol raised, as does Claire.
"Wait here."
I walk to he back and through the door that connects the kitchen to the front counter. Claire follows me to the door. I go ahead looking around. Something moves in front of me. I walk forward, opening one of the cabinets. A young boy is behind it. He looks up at me, breathing heavily, and holding his arm.