I grab the case and run over to the others. They're already in the truck. Nero is lying on the seats in one of the trucks. They aren't standard trucks, like ones the military would carry troops in. I go to Nero, laying the case down. Kyrie is sitting next to him, holding his hand. Nero,"Dante?"
He sounds weak and tired,"Kid, your gonna be fine."
I sit on the seat next to him, taking out one of the vials. I hand the case to Trish,"Take these over to one of the 3 men that you."
She nods, taking the case. I grab the vial, sticking it in Nero's left arm. When the vial is empty, I take it out of his arm and put it to the side. After some time, he sits up. He unwraps the bandages and the wounds are healed. He sits against the back of the seat,"Dante, thank you. I owe you."
"Yeah, yeah. Maybe next time you should have a little more faith in me."
***I don't know when the next story will be, sorry.***