My name is Johann. It's been 11 years since that incident....11 long years living on the street.....demons have come for me, trying to kill me. Now, they hunt me to take me as a prisoner. If they can turn me, then they can use me. If only they knew that I would never work for them. There's this one man though....a half demon who fights them. Apparently, he was in that town when the demons came. My only hope is to get to him and see if he can help me. I'm now standing in front of his shop now. "Devil May Cry"....this is definitely the place. What I'm here for is the question? To him, I'll just be a teenager wearing a hooded jacket. He'll probably think I'm in a gang. What business do I have with him? I've come to get help, and hopefully, he'll do something to help me.
I walk in, closing the door behind me and taking my hood off. Two people are in front of me. One with his feet on the desk, and the woman sitting on the desk. She has long blond hair, and is in leather. The man has short white hair, like mine,"Your Dante, right?"
He sits up, taking his feet off the table,"Who wants to know?"
"My name is Johann. I know we've never met, but we came from the same town. When the demons came, few use to go as Tony Redgrave I believe."
He sighs, standing up,"You know a lot for a kid. Why'd you come here?"
"I came for help. I need answers, incite....and I need help with the powers I was given."
Him and the woman exchange a glance, then look back at me.
I sigh, nodding,"I'm a demon, like you. I don't want to be like this, I never asked for any of this. I need help controlling my demonic power. Usually, I can handle it, but sometimes it fight me for control. When the demons attack me, I loose control. Please, I don't want to hurt anymore innocent people. Your the only one who can help me now...."