I hear two seat belts buckle and heavy breathing from the passenger seat and the back seat. I try to miss every zombie in front of me, but some I can't miss. I just don't want to wreck the car again.....or flip it again for that matter... Why the h*** did I drive again?
He first five minutes seem to go smooth. We're still in the car at least, and it's running perfectly. The only problem is, I have no idea how to get outport his city,"Claire, look for a map of the city or something."
She nods,"Alright."
She shuffles through the car. I'd look over to see how she's doing, but I'd probably crash with my luck. I look at the mirror in the middle front of the car to see how Johann is doing. He looks scared, but he seems like he'll hold up until we get out of this city. This all feels like Raccoon....I'm with Claire, just trying to find a way out of this infested city while we run into a child and help hem out as well....at least he didn't run away.
Claire,"Here! Finally.....what road are we on?"
Looking up at the street sign, it reads Raccoon Ave. of course it is...... She sees it and starts looking through the pages,"Turn right on the next street. It'll take us straight through the city, but it's the best way out."
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