I wake up and feel the bandage around my head. I also feel a hand holding mine. Looking down, I see Ferus, looking at the ground. I grip his hand and he looks at my hand, then at me. I smile and his eyes widen, a huge smile on his face,"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, you?"
He nods,"Everyone's really nice here."
Sherry walks behind Ferus, kneeling down,"You should stay laying down. Getting up will probably make you dizzy. The worst you could have is a concussion. Unfortunately, I can't tell, but you have nothing to worry about. Help is on the way, rest for now. I'll bring you water, do you want something to eat."
"No, thank you. For everything."
She smiles, putting a hand on Ferus' shoulder,"Of course. He's been a great help."
She gets up, leaving to get the water. Ferus looks at me,"I helped get your bandages and stuff."
I look at him and smile, letting go of his hand and putitng it on his face,"Did you? I guess I should thank you too."
He smiles, nodding. I see so much of his mother in him. I move my hand, grabbing his again. He holds mine. Then, Leon comes over, sititng on the table next to the couch,"In an hour or so, we'll get a call from the BSAA. They'll get us out of here, but we have to meet them half way. We'll keep you two in the middle of us to keep you safe."
"No, I'll help you. I can shoot."