The woman looks at Dante. He stares at me,"Your the boy who fought the demons.... I would of tried to help you then, but I was young myself. Listen, I'll try to help you, but I don't know how much help I'll be. I'm going to have to see you fight demons. Lucky for you, we've got a job. Lets go."
He grabs his coat, throwing it on, then his weapons. The woman stands up, stopping him by putting a hand on his chest,"Do you want to go or stay?"
He shakes his head,"Stay here for me."
She nods, putting her hand down. He walks out, and I follow. The fact that he's willing to help is amazing. Maybe lucks finally turning my way.
Arriving at the scene, we enter an abandoned area. We stand in the middle of it. He looks over at me,"This is all you, I want to see what you've got."
I nod as 2 demons come in front of me. He goes off on the side, and the two charge at me.
I move to the side, the two running past me. I run up behind the one. Making an orb with my hand, i grab the demon and shoot his head. He falls to the ground. My head is starting to throb, I'm loosing control of myself already.... The other comes at me, and I'm gone. I stand up straight, putting my right hand in front of me. With a flash of light, a sword appears. It's like a basic katana. The demon runs for me, and I cut him in half.