He lets go of my hand,"Chris Redfield on the left, Piers Nivans on the right."
Piers extends a hand. I take it, shaking, then releasing. Then, I put my hand back on Ferus.
"I don't think I've ever seen you around here, and the shirts make me think your here for another reason."
Leon,"We wound up here on accident. We came in on a plane, but it needed matinence. No other planes could be spared at the time, we we're on a mission for other reasons. It came to us instead."
"Wait....Your job is to take these things down."
He nods,"Basically. We're after the organization that's behind all of this."
I hold Ferus tighter,"How do I get involved."
Chris,"Are you sure you'd want to do that?"
I nod, and the look on my face must confince them. Leon,"They'll make you take tests to get in. To see what you can do."
"I'll do what I have to."
It's the only way to get back at them for what they've done. They've taken my wife, my son's mother, scarred Ferus for life....None of that can be fixed. That's when Ferus finally speaks up,"What.....what happened to mommy?"
I can hear the tears in his voice. I don't know what to tell him. He speaks again,"She isn't coming back....is she?"
I feel the tears on my shoulder and sit back,"No."
I feel him nod, and he doesn't make a sound. There's nothing else I can say at this point. Now they know why I want to be in this, why I have to be in this. I can't let this happen to other people, not what's happened to my family. And I will get revenge for my wife, and for Ferus.