Name: Zander Flan
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Single
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Short brown bark
Facial Features: no dimples, small beard, side burns, triangle shaped nose, normal eyes shape
Height: 6'8
Weight: 142 Ibs
Skin tone: Light white
Body Built: Normal
Physical Appearance: Tattoo of ancient stumbles on his back and lower thighs
Personality: Understanding with friends and allies
Date of Birth: 3/ 16 / 1957
Species: Human
Race: White
Blood Type:B +
Languages: English, Irish
Medical History: Healthy
Mental State: Sane
Nationality: American
Accessories: Silver ring on right ring finger
Occupation: Just a biker
Homeland: America
Status : N/A
Talent : He can fight
Skills : Hiding a body
Habbits: Eye twitched when excited
Job(s) : Unemployed
Living situation: Live in an apartment
Family : None, his family died in a shooting
Kids: His daughter died in a car accident
Body Gaurds: none
Pets: none
Weapons: Brass knuckles
Weakness: Useing his feelings against him
Things that kill me: everything
Fears: none
Transportation: His bike
My friends are: No one
Allies: Never had any
Enemies: Might have some here or there
Allergic to: Truck fumes
Fav colors: Silver, brass
Fav Fighting style: Boxing
Fav Food: Burgers
Fav music : Ron music
Likes: His bike, rock music, being a biker
Dislikes: Anyone touching his bike, not finding a job that lasts