Name: Skyler White
Nickname: Sky
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Eyes: Yellow eyes
Hair: Black short professionally cut
Height: 7'2
Weight: 142 Ibs
Skin Tone: Beach sand Cream
Body built: Semi Toned
Facial Features: Dimple on his chin, small scar on the bottom left side of his chin , Mid night shadow beard
Physical Appearance: Barely any hair on mid chest & bottom stomach, Semi Hairy arms, Coiled snake tattoo on his back behind right shoulder
Accessories: small silver rectangle 2015 bracelet on his left wrist, Brown Hawaiian glass beaded clamp ankle bracelet on right ankle
Race: White
Nationality: American
Blood type: B -
Date of Birth: 8 /25 /1982
Personality: Serious type when he works other times he's laid back
Relationship: Single
Fav Music: Jazz
Fav Fighting style: kick-Boxing
Fav colors: Brown, black
Fav Food: Mexican ( likes tacos )
My friends: Old high school friend Lenny
My enemies: Those from other News Stations
Job(s): Works for the WJB Mid Day News station
Living situation: By himself in a small one floor house with no back yard in a quite caldisack
Family: His father who's in a elderly home, his brother who's in college
Kids: none, he doesn't like kids
Pets: A Germen Sheppard male dog named Ronny
Transportation: Brown and black Prius
Allergic: Flowers mostly weeds or Sun flowers
Fears: Losing his job
Hobbies: practicing his charisma for work, watching the news alot
Habits: twitching fingers , constantly looking over his shoulder when he's working (cause other news trying to take his stories)
Education: Long John University College
Skills: Good at gaining the attention of others when needed
Language: English, Spanish
Medical History: All healthy
Mental state: Healthy state of mind
Occupation: Working
Homeland: Seattle, Illinois
Likes: Watching news, talking to the right people, drinking coffee
Dislikes: Tea , watching movies before reading the book, losing a story or not getting it first
Bio/Back story:
Bio: Skyler White is known for his seriousness when he is on the clock. Don't let his age and looks fool you, he can and will gain your attention when needed. He works for his dream job as a news reporter, with the WJB Mid Day News. They own a few channels because they uncover a lot of stories, yes they are always true with real facts. All from his help that's why they are well respected & well hated.
Back when he was young one of the only things that would only get his attention would be the news channel. Just your normal guy who loves getting the info he needs to know on a daily basis. Cause who knows the situation could be around you, and or effect your day. One day in high school he got up early to watch the news with his dad. After hearing the story he and his dad would have long conversations about what they saw. Until his father dropped the ball on him being him that news shows tell lies in their stories. At first he didn't believe him until he got his chance at school to visit a local news station. It was a field trip, so he's excited to prove him wrong. When he go back he was beyond furious, so bad that he even called the SAME news station calling them out for their false stories. They later on found out it was him...and baned him from ever coming back. Now knowing about all the false info their town been getting he decides to change that, people deserve a right to know what's really going on near them with the truth.
Back story: After Graduating high school he looked for the best college he could find that will provide the classes he needs. He found Long John University. They provided his right classes and more, a job at his dream news station. WJB Mid Day News. Years later after finally graduating from long John university he's focusing on getting his stories. Using all his skills & of course doing favors to get info from the right people. By himself he's gotten some of the best stories ever on tv.