gaia_crown Hello / Ohaiyo / Ni Hao / Annyeonghaseyo!! gaia_crown

Hello world of Gaia, my name is Nicolette, yet alot of people call me Nikki for short. Im a mature African American of 27 years, also an active tomboy. emotion_yatta I do love Sports / Mix Martial Arts (Fighting Styles) / Gaming / Watching Tv Shows / Movies / Anime / (some) Cartoons / Art / Food. I can be semi childish but only at the right time & place. Also if im REALLY cool with you, since im playful. Yet since im a down to earth & easy to talk to type person, It seems i get along with ALMOST everyone. If you fake as ******** though, keep your distance from me. I don't do fake people, i don't do liers. Im NOT about that life. emotion_dealwithit Don't let my kindness fool you though, i can be your worst nightmare if you cross me the wrong way. Im not petty i don't get mad over dumb s**t, yet if its a serious matter i wont stop till you regret it. :3

I am such a fun person to hang with but im also a weirdo. Im not normal cause being normal is so....bland. Why copy and be like other people when you can be yourself. And if yall cant accept me for who i am, then you can bounce. Also i do enjoy different types of art, i draw/ paint / sketch. I even charge for Avi art. Did i mention im a foodie? Teehee. I looove food both healthy & non healthy. So if you give me food, im your friend FOREVER. As you can see i also can speak diff languages. well...a little of like 7 diff types. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian. I only know so little though. Yet mostly im more fascinated by the Asian culture. I guess you can say i LOVE anything Asian. Asian shows/ food/ clouting / culture, hell i even love the Asian men. <3 I even want an Asian husband as well <3 A WOMAN CAN DREAM DANM IT!! I am single & ready to mingle. Welp if your interested in chatting with me, being friends, or a date or two teehee. Please dont be shy to chat with me.

For those who wish to contact me

WHAT I USE: Facebook= Nikki Williams My profile picture is a drawn picture of a bird yugioh monster, it will be signed by me as well. The big background pic will be a fan made yugioh card with a ref on it.
DISCORD= LadyDeathra #5971, profile pic is of me with my 3 cosplay katanas in the background
IMVU= IDeathra

Hmm lets see now for my fan base info teehee.

For sports... i love Basketball (even though i suck at shooting). Baseball yet never made any home runs. Football tackle football is my s**t. Since i haven't played it in awhile i probably suck at it now. x. x Soccer i just love kicking that ball even though i cant make goals for some odd reason. sweatdrop Skating is tech not a sport yet i love doing it, i used to be able to dance on skates but since i broke my ankles and legs a lot i cant no more. If its a sport i can learn to play, ill probably have a great time playing it.

For Gaming..well i play any and all games actually. Im a huge gamer girl, got it from my family. My family owns these game systems PS4 (Play station 4). Xbox1. Xbox. Xbox360. WiiU. And i also have my laptop (even though its broken atm. We do have games for them too. For PC games i got Guild Wars 2. Used to have Arch Age & Blade & Soul. I JUST ******** LOVE GAMES!!! cat_4laugh

For TV Shows..I love to binge watch anything that catches my attention for more then 3 episodes. That goes for normal tv shows & Asian Dramas im addicted to. (Tv shows) Phsyed. The Office. IZombie. True Blood. Game of Thrones. Lucifer. Charmed. Kenen & Kel. Heroes. Green Arrow. The Flash. Doctor Who. All That. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Martin. Clarissa Explains it All. (All Types Asian Dramas) Boys Over Flowers. The Goblin's Kings Wife. Ouran High School Host Club. Switch Girl. My Best Pals. Bride of the Water God. Coffee Prince. You're Beautiful. Hana Kimi. Great Teacher Onizuko.

For Movies...I love to watch all types like Little Nicky. Twilight Series. Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles (all). Drop Dead Fred. Angels in the Outfield. X-men Series. Edward Scissor Hands. The Fifth Element. Pirates of the Caribbean. Nightmare Before Christmas. The Hey Arnold Movie. The Labyrinth. Death Note movies. Disney Movies. The Corpes Bride. Baetle Juice. The Indian in the Cubberd.

For Anime...Inu-Yasha. Tenchi Series. Ranma 1/2. Ruroini Kenshin. Dragon Ball All Series. Cowboy Beboop. Hunter X Hunter. One Piece. Fairy Tail. Naruto. Naruto Shippuden. Ouran High School Host Club. Chobits. Detective Conan. Fruits Baskets. Death Note. XXXHolic.

For Cartoons...i love to watch Miraculous Ladybug. Avatar:The Air Bender. Korra:The Water Bender. Adventer Time. Gravity Falls. Steven Universe. The Adventures of Gumball. Gargoyles. Hey Arnold. X-men. Freakazoid. Rugrats. Rugrats All Grown Up. Rockos Modern Life. Ren & Stimpy. Catdog. Doug. Rocket Power. Beavus & Butthead.