Name: Dale Mack Stevenson
Age: 35
Hair: Green and black shoulder length
Height: 6'7ft
Weight: 110 Ibs
Sexuality: Bi
Date birth: 1980/Jan/7th
Personally : Strict & Serious
Job: Ownes/Works a poppuler Gas Station
transportation: Chevy Taho gray truck
Likes: Sports, keeping a srict home
Dislikes: Chaos that causes problems for home
Family: 16 year old daughter, Divorced wife
Home land: Born and raised in Georgia, his parents kept him there till they died. Used to live in a dysfunctional home. At 27 he moved out finally in another area in Georgia.
Bio: His childhood wasn't all candy and sunshine. It was more on the lines of drugs and neglect. Living in his parents dysfunctional home nearly made him anti-Social. Mother died of AIDS after his father just up and left them both. So he moved out quickly to his own castle home at 27. Couple years later this change about himself. Buys a truck, works hard, comes out of his shell. That's how he met his wife Suzy, klutz like woman yet she knew how to love him. Didn't last though, due to soon developed feelings for their pool boy, it was those abs. Getting a divorce wasn't easy not having the life with the young man nearly killed him. Finally giving up on love all together he stays serious and is strict with his rules of his house for all who enter. His daughter stoop visits him, also dose not mind his life choices. She's actually very proud of her dad.