Name: Jennifer
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Eyes: White
Hair: Mixture of Blue & Black
Facial Features: Barely see with her mask on
Height: 6"4
Weight: 192 lbs
Skin tone: Dark skin
Body Built: Toned
Bust Size: C Cup
Physical Appearance: Strong body
Personality: Selfish b***h most of the time yet with her friends she is dependable always has their back
Date of Birth: 7/7/1982
Species: Human
Race: African American
Blood Type: OB
Languages: English
Medical History: Blood sugar problem
Mental State: Sane
Nationality: American
Accessories: She wears Cyber Goth outfits which has a few large belts, silk corsets, fishnets on both arms & legs, ripped black skinny jeans with matching see through long sleeve black shirt, Small blue spaghetti halter top, knee high leather buckle wedge boots, black & blue matching fingerless gloves, Blue banana, black breathing mask handman, cyber goth space goggles. Of course there are chains some where on both her cyber goth out fits. She wears silver rings, and plastic bracelets of black/blue/and white.
Occupation: Mechanic/cook of the crew
Homeland: Dover, New Hamshire
Talent : Work her way around with tools
Skills : Cooking
Education : College graduate & Welding master
Hobbies: tinkering
Habbits: tends to dismember things then fixes them back up when bored
Job(s) : Crews mechanic
Living situation: Lives with her crew
Family : Died long ago
Kids: Her son died
Body Gaurds: no need
Pets: don't like animals
Powers: none
Weapons: Cyber laser gun, heat seeker hand canon
Weakness: None
Things that kill me: anything
Fears: Dieing
Transportation: hover boots
My friends are: Her crew
Enemies: those after her & her crew
Allergic to: couple things
Fav colors: blue, black
Fav Fighting style: hand to hand combat
Fav Food: candy
Fav music : Techno
Likes: flashing colors
Dislikes: Having anything of hers broken
Bio: Long ago before she sucked into this mess she was a high school graduate ready to start her life to better the world. Taking up classes, doing projects that involve her greatest hobby. Welding, mechanics, anything involving those would light up her day. Over the years her talents grew more & more great, it did catch the eyes of certain Job opportunities. So she takes the job working for a mechanical science corporation. Seven years she spent there, always doing what she can, mastering the talent within her. Till her boss had informed her that since they are being shut down for experiments they aren't suppose to be doing, she was unemployed...again.
Couple years later she found out online that a government facility needs people of her talents for hire. After leaving her bags moving down there too work she was almost instantly hired. Over those 20 years of working there advancing there machines, not only have gotten her promotion, but found love. Marriage, had a son, life couldn't be bad.....until that war started. Losing her husband and her son she nearly list her life, Until she heard that need her in chronic sleep. She was told its part of her job description, so she agreed to be put to sleep in a human pod.
Many many years past at least 200 when she was finally released from her prison pod. The very people that found her were none other than her crew, ever since then he has told her of what had happend, also asking her to join them. Seeing of course she changed her ways and used her hands once again to help the people.