Name: Ronald O.(Oscar) Conner
Age: 26
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short black spike like style
Height: 7Ft
Weight: 125 Ibs
Likes: Cars, Feeling wind on his person
Dislikes: Anything that takes to much time
Sexuality: Gay
Date of birth: Sep/20/1988
Family: His other 63 / little brother 19
Job: Racer for NASCAR
Personality: Fast, Inpatient, Easly annoyed
Transportation: Silver Lambo with lightning on sides
Home land: Born and raised is Italy till 23. Moved to a country/city life style to pursue his dream job in NASCAR
Bio: Very successful racer threw his life. Before moving out of Italy, he noticed he was gay. It happend when he found out his favorite NASCAR racer was coming to his hometown for a big race. Wanting to get to know the guy better after meeting up, he tried to show of his talent. It was a failed attempt to woe the man. Good news though, for his idol told him he has great potential for joining NASCAR. Every once in a while he would work hard to get in. That day came at age 24, he is now a NASCAR racer. Loving the sports life he worked so hard for, he sure does want to share his life style with that perfect guy.