Name: James Miller
Age: 30
Eyes: black
Hair: Shoulder length waves purple
Height: 6'10
Weight: 130 Ibs
Sexuality: Gay
Date of birth: 1985/July/12
Personality: Laid back, down to earth
Job: Fire fighter
Transportation: Motercycle & Honda ford red
Likes: Hot or warm areas
Dislikes: Cold places, people who worry to much
Family: None his family died in a house fire.
Home Land: Born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii
Bio: An older man loves nature and chill people around him. With all the natural disasters with floods and not affording to stay, he moved out of hawaii. He moved with his family to a new location, with a job as a firefighter. Depressed with the memory f his family dieing in a house fire that he wasnt assigned to put out, he nearly quit his job AND nearly took his own life. But thinking about them helps him live on to this day.