Name: Ciral
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Eyes: pink right & Brown left
Hair: Dark
Facial Features: Small demon Hunter tattoos on a side of her face
Height: 6"2
Weight: 186 lbs
Skin tone: Dark skin
Body Built: Average
Bust Size: B cup
Physical Appearance: Normal
Personality: Cold hearted b***h
Date of Birth: 10/26/1990
Species: Human
Race: African American
Blood Type: AB
Languages: English
Medical History: Normal
Mental State: Sane
Nationality: American
Accessories: multiple demon hunters equipment
Occupation: Demon Hunter
Homeland: Rock springs, Wyoming
Talent : Make animals dance for fun
Skills : Tracking
Education : Finished Demonic school training
Hobbies: Grooming her brother & sister
Habbits: annoy her siblings
Job(s) : Hunt demons
Living situation: alone
Family : Her brother & sister
Kids: nope
Body Gaurds: nope
Pets: hahaha no her siblings keep killing them
Powers: Has no powers, yet she can command her demonic siblings to do her bidding
Weapons: Swords, kunai
Weakness: If her siblings are hurt she gets hurt, they are mentally linked
Things that kill me: Death of her siblings can kill her
Fears: She won't be able to protect others
Transportation: no need she rides her brother
Allergic to: Wild berries
Fav colors: pink
Fav Fighting style: kendo
Fav Food: Turkey
Fav music : Doesn't like music
Likes: play with siblings
Dislikes: when her siblings get hurt
Bio: From a family of humans with a secret past. Her mother is animal demon, her father is human. Her parents broke the law of marrying a diff species so they fled to live a family life. They met in a collage that teaches them to hunt demons with the contact of demonic help. All went well till sparks started flying. After their marriage they fled again to find a house near a forest abandoned. So they fixed it up to start their new lives.
That's where I was born. Years later passed and I'm finally out of school from demon Hunter studies. Passed with flying colors just like my parent's, so they know I'm highly intelligent. Thanks to my partners, my Multi colors giant cat Angel. Also with my big Wolf & Dog hybrid Demon. What's even better is that both my companions are actually my siblings. Yes my sister is the cat...and the dog wolf hybrid is my brother. They developed the demonic genes from the family, while I live a human life. No hate here .
After our parents died they made my siblings into what they are today to help protect me. I live alone now with them in the house. I know plenty of fighting styles, and I also know Kendo and certain survival techniques. So I'm very deadly in a way, also country too. Threw my parents legacy I live to fight and destroy all evil demons that dare harm this area.