Name: Odurey Odden
Age: 31
Gender : Female
Sexuality: Staight
Relationship status: Single
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Facial Features: Nice egg shaped face
Height: 5"9
Weight: 182 lbs
Skin tone: light tan
Body Built: Between slim & Average
Bust Size: C-cup
Personality: Smart
Date of Birth: 3/13/1982
Species: Human
Race: White
Blood Type: O-
Languages: English / tiny bit of French
Medical History: Healthy
Mental State: Suffers from a mid case of Paranioa
Nationality: American
Accessories: Small jewelry
Occupation: Intelligence Internet Cafe owner/ Book writter
Homeland: Erie, Pennsylvania
Talent : She can solve puzzles very quickly, that is if she has solved them from her child hood.
Skills : She can type very fast while doing two other things at once
Education : Collage Graduate
Hobbies: Doing jigsaw puzzles. Learning new mind games. Writting. Playing sudoku.
Habbits: Taps her finger tips when nervous. Scarde easily when taking about her past, makes her quiet.
Job(s) : Owns/Works at Intelligence Internet Cafe. Book writter
Living situation: Lives in a small apartment complex, with family.
Family : Her father Frank age 82 / Her adopted son Deven age 23
Kids: Her adopted son Deven
Body Gaurds: none
Pets: bird
Weapons: Small knife
Weakness: Her family
Fears: Being kidnapped
Transportation: He car
Allergic to: Peanuts
Fav colors: Brown
Fav Fighting style: does not like to fight
Fav Food: Cheese & crackers
Fav music : Classical/ Intrumental Jazz
Likes: flowers
Dislikes: Trouble inside her building