So, the next day I went to work.
That was was sort of surreal. I woke up, got ready for work and then drove there. Everything was like a regular day. Except everything was different. The shoot out was all over the news. The masked girl was back, my crush might be dead. I just had to keep my cool until I got there.

Once I finally make my way to the entrance of the Chuck E. Cheese, there's already a few children running around. I quickly walk into the back to clock myself in and look at all the names of who else has already clocked in. The knots in my stomach unwound as I noticed Missy's name. I asked Damien, he's one of the cooks, where Missy was and he said she'd been in the bathroom a while.
Sounds about right. If I was just in a shoot out and almost got myself killed I would spend my whole next day in the bathroom as well. I'm actually surprised she didn't stay home. The only reason I came out today was to see if she were alright and I didn't have her number so this was my only choice.
I began my shift. Thankfully it was just manning the buffet. Since it was only 10 o'clock the lunch rush hasn't begun yet so I pretty much just stood there. I kept checking in the directions the bathroom were. All signs said she were here but I wanted to see her.

Jesus it took her a long time to come out. She walked out and saw me. I couldn't help but smile a bit and walk toward her. Her expression didn't change. When she saw me she had this expression as if she saw a car crash happening right in front of her. She slowly walked towards me.
I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. She simply stood there.
"I'm so sorry, I-" I began to try to explain what happened last night but she interrupted me.
"Let's go to the break room." She ducked under my arms the walked toward the break room. I followed.
We sat down and I immediately spilled my guts. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But I'm so glad your safe. That fox masked girl, the one who saved your life, she saved m-my life once too. The same thing happened. There was this shoot out at the stripper club a-and uh." She has a really confused look on her face and by the time I stopped talking she nodded and started to smile. It was a bit unnerving.
"Y-yeah. Last night. Oh my god. We almost Diieed." She rolled her eyes at the thought. I nodded.
"Are you alright?" She stared at her seriously. Maybe she took something to take the edge off or maybe this is some sort of weird panic attack reaction.
"Y-n-no.. Actually no I'm not." She stared down at the floor then looked back up at me suddenly. "I need you to get something."
"A-anything, what is it, what do you need?" I stood up.
"Uh.. I-in my car. I have these pills that help me when I freak out."
"Got it. Don't worry, just breathe I will be right back." I ran out the door. I quickly flipped over the counter. And when I say flipped over the counter, I mean I took that "staff only" divider piece of the counter and flipped it over so I could safely walk through. Ha. No I did not do a freaking flip.
So, feeling like superman, I bolted out the building and stood on the sidewalk. Which one is her car? Oh and she never gave me her keys. Simple mistake, she is in a state of panic after all. I'm just about to turn around and go back in, but some guy was standing in front of the door. He had silver grey hair, a black suit, a wire on his ear, and his hands behind his back.
"Uh.. excuse me si-"
"Is your name Tom Darby?" He glared at me through his sunglasses. I actually couldn't tell, but I'd imagine he did. He looked like an angry stare-y kind of guy.
"Yes. I'm kind of busy with som-"
"Come with us." He interrupted me again.
"..Not right now. Kinda busy." I know what was happening. I've seen the movies. This guy is probably here about the fox girl and the gun fights and all my other anxieties, but right now I gotta save my possible girlfriend from freaking out. "I-Ill answer your questions later."
Right after I finished that sentence, these two men just grabbed both of my arms and started to drag me away. I suddenly regretted not spending that year working out. I struggled in attempt to break away, but it was useless so I gave that up.
"Alright alright, I'll answer now, but there's this girl. She needs my help in there. She needs her medicine that's in her ca-"
"Shut up" and then he just punched me and knocked me out. What the ********. I did nothing, I still barely know what the hell is going on. And now some secret service guy bashes my on the head. That was kind of rude.

Like I said, I've seen the movies, I should have probably expected that. I did actually, but it still ******** hurt. So next thing I know is I wake up in a car. Thankfully not the trunk. I was sitting in between two other suited men. There were two more in the front seats. I was handcuffed. My head hurt.
I said the first thing that popped into my head, "Are we there yet?" No one moved or made a sound. "So.. Just to be clear. I have no idea what's going on. Or why I'm here. So hitting me was unnecessary and I could probably sue the government for that.. police brutality or secret service brutality." One of the men sitting next to me turned his head and stared me down. "Or I could just answer your questions and then you can let me go. That sounds good too." He slowly turned his head back. Kinda creepy.

I noticed on his shoulder there was sort of a stain on his jacket. Looked like a drool stain. He must have let me lean my head against his shoulder after I was knocked unconscious during the car ride. That was kind of him.
"Hey.. sorry about you coat. I think I left a drool stain on it." He didn't respond.
These guys were such a lively bunch. I sat quietly looking out the window. I don't know where we were. It was some highway that was pretty empty.

Suddenly, I remembered Missy. "Hey. Wait, what about Missy? Is she alright?" I looked around the car, as expected no response. I was beginning to worry about her but my thoughts were interrupted by the road tearing sound of a motorcycle.