I woke up with a crick in my neck. I was laying on a book while sitting at some library desk. I had one of those moment where you wake up expecting to be in your bed but then you realize, oh yeah my whole apartment exploded last night.
My headache was back. The fox girl was walking around looking at various books. I wonder if she even slept at all. So, in a long yawn I asked her, "Did you even sleep at all?"
I expected no answer, but she said, "Not at a time like this." She said it in such a way that sounded like I was the weird one for asking that question. Which is actually a normal reaction. I almost died and I lost my home. Maybe I'm just getting used to these close calls and sudden losses. It was only about three in the morning. I only slept for like four hours.
"So, now that things are quiet.. for now, can you please tell me why I'm being hunted down?" I said a bit impatiently. I rubbed my eyes getting rid of the sleep sand. I was tired and a bit depressed actually. After everything that's happened, all the memories are coming back. She looked at me, her mask staring me down. "No one else is here, why are you still wearing the mask?" I asked annoyed. A loud crash sounded as one of the glass windows shattered. Another gas tank. "Oh ********, Come on." I looked up as nothing irritated.
The fox girl grabbed my arm and pulled me away to the other side of the building
to another window. She smashed it with her elbow and then pushed me toward it. I groaned and climbed through. She hopped in also and then began cursing to herself. "s**t. s**t, how the ******** did they follow us here?" She began pacing back and forth then she stopped.
"What? What is happening? Shouldn't we get on your bike and I dunno. Leave?" I began making gestures when I talked. It made what I was saying more dramatic, gotta try to tone the gestures down a bit.
"Exactly. That's it. My Bike. Those mother ********. They must've put a tracker on my bike when that one guy from the car.." she began pacing around, "and that how they tracked you down because I was patrolling your area so they knew. Damnit." She slapped her hands together in a clap. I just stood and stared at her. She was talking pretty fast, not sure if I caught everything.
"So. They're following your bike?"
"Yes. Let's find it." She ran behind the building.
"Wh-What? Shouldn't we be getting out of here?! Leave your bike!"
"Don't be stupid. I'd never leave without my bike." She said it with such anger and passion, I'm surprised she even had such strong emotion. This was a terrible idea. The building would be surrounded by police soon. The ones that are already here are invading the library. I stayed behind the building with my back against the wall, away from any windows. ********. This was so stupid.
A few moments later she came back with her bike. "This will only take a moment." She laid her bike down and began investigating where the tracker would be. In no time she spotted it, ripped it off then threw it as hard as she could back into the shrubbery. "Get on." She said as she hopped onto the bike.
I knew it was a terrible time to dawdle but I stood still and glared at her. "Not without answers. Why am I being hunted?" She leaned her head back and groaned. I knew this wasn't the time but I didn't exactly trust her. For all I know she wants me dead too and was just waiting for the right moment to strike or something.
She hopped off the bike and stomped towards me and grabbed the neck of my shirt. She lifted her mask just enough that her mouth was visible, grabbed the back of my head pulling me in and kissing me. It wasn't anything crazy, just a simple mouth to mouth kiss.
I froze trying to formulate a sentence that would say something like "That changed nothing, I need answers." but instead came out incoherent slurs. She pulled on my shirt and I walked with her towards the bike. My brain was so full of what. I got on the bike and we we're on our way. That was my first real kiss. I just hope she never reads this and finds that out. It was a nice kiss though. Simple and sweet. Weird timing though, why would she kiss me at a time like that?.. Why was I on the bike?
Damnit, once again my questions weren't answered. I had been tricked be the ways of romance and human nature. ********. I don't even know this chick. I don't even like her. She's insane. I'm going to die.

Twenty minutes later, I asked where we were going and she said, "To the hide out". Well great, now I'm headed to where her hide out is, where I thought I was going to be killed or tortured for answers or something. I was being kept alive for some reason and suit wearing, probably government people wanted me dead. Maybe I'm just some person the masked weirdos wanted to save? But why? ******** if I know, I can barely think straight.
We left my town and were now heading towards the city. Los Angeles. The most populated place there is, as far as my knowledge goes. That's take us at least a day to get there. My town was in northern California. That was probably the last city I should be going to. With all this bad luck I'm carrying I should be in some isolated farm in Montana or something so no one else would get hurt.
We stopped at a few gas stations for snacks along the way

So, I was expecting this hide out to be in some sort of weird over-sized tree house. Just because I thought these people were just whacky and cartoon-like that way. But no. It was another god damn strip club.