Well, there was nothing outside as far as I could tell. I'll just try to keep my guard up. I probably wasn't going to sleep anyway. So I just read through what I've written so far and I forgot to mention my name. My name is Tom Darby.

Alright back to the story. Where was I.. The concert. Right. So I was excited. I thought that this was going to be a sort of date. I haven't been on a date in a really long time so I was sort of nervous. I had one of those girly moments of "Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?" Then my testosterone finally kicked in and picked my coolest outfit. Leather jacket with a black T-shirt and skinny jeans. I ended up trying to style my hair and greased it up. At the time I thought I was the swankiest son of a b***h, I looked pretty ridiculous when I think about it. I looked like a greaser.

So I drive to this concert that's somewhere in the middle of the city and found Missy. However, she wasn't alone. There was some girl who looked like she was high on substances and two other guys. I kinda felt like the odd one out.
"Hey Missy."
"Oh. Hey Tom. Guys, this is Tom." Missy said.
Once we we're all acquainted we walked through the gates and handed the guards our tickets. The concert area sort of looked like an abandoned warehouse. There were rows of chairs in the back of the audience area then eventually lead down to the mosh-pit area. The place was huge and sort of intimidating. Almost an eerie feeling.
Missy and her friends were chatting it up about some gossipy stuff that I had no idea about. I eventually pulled her away from the group to speak to her alone.
"What's the deal Tom?" Missy said raising an eyebrow.
"I just wanted to ask you something. Um.." I was trying to build up my courage, "When you asked me to join you to this concert, I sort of thought that this was some kind of date."
"Oh." she blinked staring at me.
"Oh?" it wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
"Tom, you're a cool guy. I just kind of.. barely know you. And like, I'm not usually the one to ask the guy out. Usually it's the other way around" She sort of giggled at that last part. I was getting extremely embarrassed. I just nodded trying to force a sort of polite smile. I suddenly had no idea what I was doing there. I felt like I was stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. She noticed my struggle and spoke up. "So, let's stop talking about this. Let's just have fun." Missy was beginning to almost sound impatient. I nodded again and we walked back to the group.

I really didn't belong here. This wasn't a regular rock concert with sweet jams and guitar solos. This was metal rock with some screamo thrown in. I thought tonight was going to be awesome. I even thought that this was even a chance to get to second base. My plans were dashed. We were all stuck in the mosh-pit everyone screaming and jumping. Everyone was elbowing me in the sides. I was pretty much the only one not losing my mind and flailing my arms around like a crazy person.
I should be at home , was all I kept thinking to myself. Then something caught my attention at the corner of my eye. Someone else wasn't bouncing around either.

They had on a gray hoodie with the hood over their head, regular blue jeans, and sneakers. Their hands were in their pockets and they just stood there. The person started to turn their head to me and my stomach fell to the floor. It was the fox mask. I started to back away slowly. My mind was racing. The masked person started to walk towards me. For all I knew it was someone different this time. Naturally, I ran away. Missy and the group didn't even notice what was going on.

I pushed people out of my way and ran into the mens bathroom. I went into a stall and locked the door. Not sure if I was going to vomit from freaking out or s**t my pants. I heard the door of the bathroom slam open then fall shut. There was this loud clang that made all the stalls shake a bit. The masked person had jumped onto the stalls and climbed up to look into them. They saw me immediately. They jumped over the wall like no big deal and stood next to me, staring me down.

With a shaky voice I said, "Uh.. Hello." They reached their hand up and then gently flicked me forehead. I blinked. I was so confused. "I am so confused."
The mask nodded and began pulling off their hoodie. She wasn't wearing a shirt, but she was wearing some sort of assault rifle strapped over her back. I covered my eyes. "Do you have something against shirts?! What the ******** is happening..." She flicked my forehead again and put the hoodie back on after taking the gun off.
She unlatched the stall and was about to leave when I grabbed her arm. "Wait!"
She froze then turned to me. I expected her to punch me in the stomach or something. "Can you please tell me what the hell is going on? Are you doing to kill those people out there? Are you the reason my friends are dead? Is the same thing going to happen again?" I was starting to get a bit hysterical. I thought of Missy. She's still out there and could get hurt. The fox masked girl pulled her arm out of my grip. She slowly shook her head. This not talking thing was starting to bug me.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Right after I finished that question there was a loud noise outside the bathroom. Louder than the already blasting music. More gun shots. The fox mask pushed me back into the stall and before she could slam the door I stopped her again.
"W-wait. There's a girl out there. She's with her friends. Her name is Missy and.. I need to save her." I started to walk out but she pushed me back in shaking her head. I started to get angry and tried to push her out of my way. She grabbed my arm then swing me back into the stall landing on my back. "What the hell! This girl. I really like her and if she gets hurt. I just can't handle another loss." I glared at the mask.
I heard a small sigh and she helped me stand up. "I'll save her.." She whispered. She turned around and left the stall and went into the gun fire.
I stood there a moment. Once again I was hiding when people I cared for are probably getting slaughtered. It wasn't like I had much choice. Obviously staying in here would be safer and I had no weapon to protect myself or others. I'd probably just get in the way. That and the fox girl would probably just kick me back in here.

I waited again until the shooting was over with. I cautiously and very slowly walked out of the bathroom. There were still people running around towards the exits. Blood stained along the floor. This time I didn't look at any of the bodies. If someone I knew died I'll find out in the paper or on the news.

I sort of blanked out after that, I just know I walked out of there alive and got into my car with no real issues other than not being run over by the crowd. I was gone by the time the police arrived. I called Missy about 20 times that night. I had no idea if she was alright. I was also starting to get worried about the masked girl. Would she have found me and told me Missy was alright? Or worse, did she not save Missy in time and didn't have the heart to confront me about it?
I guess I'd just find out the next day at work.