"Alright, we all should stay in here tonight. It's too hot to go out right now, and we all need to keep an eye on Lotti." The fox girl spoke. I don't think she actually meant it was hot out, but that the police were on our tails.
"Aw even me?" Cinnamon whined.
"Specifically you. Besides you and me, everyone else practically already lives here."
Cinnamon shrugged. "Whats with the lock in? We've had an injury before and didn't have an issue with leaving the base." Lotti sounded worried.
"That's what I was just getting to." The girl smirked, "The other night when I was getting this guy out of his apartment, an old friend showed up. This old friend was sure dedicated on riddling me with bullets."
She turned to me, "He's the guy who blew up your place. Just by chance, as my old friend was in town watching over Tom here, I sneaked by his car and saw him messing with the GPS and it showed me where he was going. The Stone man is in town guys."
"Well ********." The crow sighed leaning over a table covered in papers. "Does he know were here?"
"Not as far as I know. But him being in town means something." The girl walked towards the computer as she spoke," It means the ships are here. I am ******** glad I recognized his car." She began clicking away on the computer.
"So who's this Stone guy?" I looked to Lotti for answers.
"He's basically the guy that they send to do their dirty work. If things seem dangerous they send him to deal with.. well to deal with us."
"Oh." I nodded, "So does none of this sound crazy to you. Am I being the crazy one?"
"Does what sound crazy?" She gave a confused look.
"Well, how the government has been trying to take over the world and how apparently I'm being hunted down by them because I'm the key to saving the world from evil america or some s**t like that."
"America isn't evil. It's the PSB. Uh, the Presidential Successor Bureau. They are basically the rotten piece of fruit that's ruining the whole pie. At first they we're sort of an ok thing. They planned out good people who would be the next in line to be president. Voting is sort of a sham, and always has been. This was back in the day when Adams was president. When America was really new. But ever since JFK things have been screwed up. His death was planned. By our own government. He was going to reveal something big to the world, which was way out of line as his presidency was supposed to go. So, they got rid of him.
Now a days it's all about becoming the leader of the world and who will bring us there. So the next guy in line is basically the one who's going to destroy those who oppose America. As you know, we have enough atomic weapons to destroy the world 3 times over. Foxy isn't crazy, she's been paying attention."
"Hm.." I thought to myself a moment, "I'm still going to need proof. But I feel like I can trust you for some reason. I don't know why." Maybe it was her smile. "So is that her real name? Foxy?"
"Oh of course not." Lotti giggled, "None of these names are real."
"Your name isn't Lotti?" I raised my eyebrows.
"What is it then?"
"Guess." She gave another one of her smiles.
"Uh, Charlotte?" She shook her head.
"It's.. Latquisha"
Cinnamon suddenly placed a chair with its back facing the couch and sat on it backwards. "No, Latquisha." he explained, this time the "t" was emphasized. She nodded, biting her lip giving off an expression of slight embarrassment. "And my name is Duke." Cinnamon- er. Duke, pulled his fingers through his brown hair.
"Well Duke, are you ever going to put a pair of pants on, or at least a shirt?"
"Nope." he winked at me.
Foxy called over from the computer, "Sharing names are we?"
"Well he is part of the group now." Duke pointed out.
"That's true." She sort of mumbled, focused on the screen.
"Foxy doesn't really like sharing names" Lotti said. "Well I don't really either. My name is so embarrassing!" I could tell she was starting to blush.
"It isn't that bad. I think it's pretty." I smiled at her.
"Thanks Tom." she avoided eye contact.
"So what are the rest of your names?" I looked around the room.
"Over there we got, Poe and Polly" Duke pointed at the crow and then the parrot as he named them off. "Those are their surnames."
The crow turned to us, "It doesn't make much sense though. I'm not a raven so, the whole Poe thing doesn't match."
"Then you can be black beauty." Polly put his arm around Poe.
"That's a horse, not even a bird." Poe shoved Polly away.
"Still beautiful though." Polly hugged him.
Poe rolled his eyes. "My real name is Corbin, and this is Finn" He pointed his thumb at the parrot.
"Alright Corbin, Finn, Latquisha, and Duke. What about you, Foxy?" her back was facing me as she still was clacking away on the computer. Suddenly everyone became silent as she stopped and swivled around on her chair and stared at me with a blank expression.
"Kashandra." Then she turned back to the computer and typed away. Duke laughed.
"Last week it was Susan." Finn said.
"She doesn't believe in names." Duke explained to me in a way that sounded like he was taunting her. Kashandra, or whatever, pushed off of her desk and rolled her chair over to us bumping into Duke.
"A name is a name, it doesn't change who you are. So just call me Foxy, it's what everyone else here does." She kicked off of Duke and rolled back to her desk.
"Ok. Whatever" I shrugged rolling my eyes.

My brain was swimming after today. I either have to find a way to get out of this craziness or come to terms with it. Who knows, maybe these conspiracies are true. According to Foxy my training starts tomorrow, whatever that is. If I have to shoot a guy, I'm going to probably flip out. I'm a pretty big pacifist.