Club D. Bright Pink letters. "No. Nope. This is a Strip club. I'm not going in there"
The fox girl was locking up her bike when I heard another sigh.
"I-I just don't think this is a good idea." I stammered, "Why would you have a hideout here of all places?" I slightly jumped when she put her hand on my shoulder and was suddenly next to me. Her mask staring at me. I wonder if she ever gets embarrassed wearing that all around town. People ought-ta be staring.
"Isn't there a back entrance or something?"
"Nope" I groaned at her answer. "It's alright, this place is nothing like the other strip club, trust me." I heard a bit of a laugh at the end there.
"What is with you and strip clubs?" I put my hands on my head groaning. "Why are we here?" I whined. This really wasn't good. I've actively avoided strip clubs. I really didn't feel like spiraling back down memory lane and remember my friends deaths. This was so bad. The fox girl tugged on my arm trying to pull me towards the door. I stayed put.
"Do I have to kiss you again?" She nudged me. I froze again. As much as I secretly wanted that, nope I just can't. Really hoping she doesn't read this. So I took a step. She sighed, "The sooner we get in there the sooner you'll get answers."
Then I was walking, she payed our fees to get in and the hustler opened the door for us. Rainbow, rainbow everywhere. A guy was standing on the center stage twirling himself then wrapping around a pole. The name Club D suddenly made sense. There were men stripping on the stages, sliding around poles. The fox masked girl pushed me forward and directed me to the bar. She saw my face and then laughed. I suppose my expression was a bit priceless at the moment. I really wasn't expecting this. Does she just surround herself with gay men or something? Oh god what does that say about me.
"You look like you need a drink" The fox girl called over the bartender and ordered herself something called a Sapphire sin, whatever that was. I didn't want to attract any attention with colorful drinks so I asked the bartender for just a light beer and his reply was,
"We don't serve that rat piss here." in such a snooty tone. Then the fox girl leaned in toward us and said,
"He'll have a Sex on the Beach, thanks."
"I-I'll have a what?" I think my voice cracked. She laughed and sat back down on her stool crossing her legs. The bartender was already working on our drinks. The fox girls drinks ended up fairly normal looking, but when mine came, I swear it was the most colorful thing in the room. Bright red fruity looking juice with a huge chunk of melon wedged on the glass and a bright flower in full bloom right on top of the drink. I felt like a gay beacon.
I held onto my drink keeping my head down avoiding eye contact with everyone. I'm just really not used to these kinds of scenes. I really don't have any issues with gay people, they're fine, they're great in fact "gay people" shouldn't even be a thing, we're all just people. I'm just... I'm the type of guy to sit at home and watch a movie. All these strip clubs are like crazy parties I didn't want to be invited to.
I took a large gulp of my drink. Dammit, it was delicious. At least the music was good. The fox girl was facing away from the bar totally lounging around. She must do this all the time. She clapped when the music ended and cheered "Woo!" Maybe there was someone up there she kne- my thoughts were interrupted when suddenly there was someone standing next to me. Yep it was a male, Yep he was barely wearing anything. It was the guy from the stage. Bow tie, oiled up and totally ripped. Ok all I have to do is tell him I'm not into this kind of thing. I slowly turned my head over to the fox girl trying to signal silently "Help me"
She was laughing behind her mask. So cruel. I got this. I opened my mouth about to tell this guy what's up, when he suddenly put his arms around me. "Hey cutie!"
My instant reaction was, push him away and spout out the first words that came to my head, "No, Not, I Don't do strip clubs, No!"
Now he and the fox girl were laughing. "Oh my god. Don't mess with him too hard, you might break him." The fox girl laughed sympathetically and patted my shoulder taking another swig of her Sapphire whatever.
I looked up at the guy as he laughed. "Yeah, yeah don't worry I'll be gentle with him." he put his hand on my other shoulder. I made some sort of squeak of fear and they laughed again. I felt very unsafe. "Is this guy a poof?"
"A-a what?" I looked at the fox girl.
"A poof. Are you gay?" he explained. The fox girl shrugged. Aw man, was it really that confusing? Then again this "Sex on the Beach" sure doesn't help my case.
"N-no. I'm straight. S-sorry" I don't really know why I apologized. In case this guy actually thought I was a "cutie" I guess.
"Sorry for what? I'm straight too." He smiled leaning on the bar, the fox girl was giggling.
"So you're a straight guy who works at a gay bar?" I was getting a bit confused. I guess I don't see why a straight guy couldn't work here.
"b***h, I own the place." He did the hand thing.
"Oh." I blinked. Well alrighty then. The fox girl kept giggling, and took another sip.
"We need to get him into a secure location." she said suddenly serious. "Lotti and the guys should be here within an hour."
"Right then. Come on, follow me." The stripper turned and walked towards the back. We hopped off our stools and followed him. If this guy was part of her group, I wonder what his spirit animal was.
In the back were the dressing rooms. So much latex. "Heeey Cinnamon" a very flamboyant guy came up to the stripper.
"Hey Hot rod" Cinnamon said in an equally sassy voice.
"Cute friends you got here! I am totally digging the mask sister." Hot rod said towards fox girl.
"Yeah. She's a mute." Cinnamon said before foxy mask could answer. I kinda laughed, she flicked the back of my head. We kept walking and made it to the way back. There was a door that read exit on it, which could also be used as a back entrance. I looked back at her and she giggled again. It's like she loves to see me suffer.
"So...where's this hideout?" All there was was a plain hallway with a mat and an exit.
"Right here." Cinnamon leaned down and pulled the mat away. The mat was big enough to cover almost three tiles of the flooring. They were pretty big tiles. But there was something very off. The middle tile was practically spotless, but the tile just above it had a giant red blood stain on it. It looked as if something splattered and magically didn't touch the middle tile.
The middle tile was chipped in one of the corners making a small hole, just big enough to fit a finger. The fox masked girl was cursing behind her mask. "Whose blood do you think that is?" Cinnamon raised his eye brows at the splat.
"Better not be one of ours." She leaned down to the tile and she pressed in her finger to the hole then lifted up the tile. The opening was just big enough for us all to fit with a steel ladder just below the opening.
It was bright down there. The first one to go was foxy mask, then me, and then Cinnamon closed up the hole. It wasn't too far down, I could probably jump down from here and ignore the stairs and not break anything probably. I still used the stairs.
Anyway, when we finally got down there, there were three other people. It was the bird guys again and a new person, a girl. She was sitting on the ground, leaned back against the wall. Blood was stained all along her leg and her hands. At first glance it looked like a deep gash wound in the back of her calf. It looked really painful. Lying beside her was a pure white mask in the shape of a bunny face with a bloody hand print on it. The crow was sitting next to her looking through a backpack probably for anything that would help in this situation.
We were all in this dank hall way with cheap lights hanging down from the ceiling. This whole area was made of cement. At the other end of this hallway was a giant metal door with a number pad on it. The parrot was standing at the door pressing buttons in hopes of opening the door.
Cinnamon ran over to the door and the parrot backed off and walked towards the others. I just stood and watched as the fox masked girl ran over to hug this bunny girl, whom I presume was Lotti. "We're getting the door open now." She was moving Lotti's hair out of her face when the fox girl looked up, "How bad is it?" The fox stared at the crow.
"No bones are broken as far as we could tell, she did manage to somewhat walk over here with our help." The crow found a bottle of water and handed it to the girl. She took it with a shaky hand. This girl was crying silently in pain trying to keep herself still wearing this angry passionate expression on her face. She looked tough, and young. She must've been the youngest one here. She had a soft looking face, long black hair with gentle curls and sharp green eyes.
My thoughts were interrupted by a loud clank coming from the door. Cinnamon had put in the code and was now pulling open the giant door. The parrot took off his mask and walked towards me. "Look sharp guy. This isn't a time to be spacing out." He actually looked really serious right now. His blue eyes staring me down. He moved his blonde hair from his face and looked towards the others. "Foxy gets really worried when one of us gets hurt."
They all must be a very tight nit group. I felt kind of like a jerk just standing there. I had no idea what to do. She was in good hands anyway. Cinnamon walked back over and lifted the girl up. We all walked into the room, the crow shutting the door behind us. Cinnamon sat the girl down on a couch

I would be taking this much more seriously if Cinnamon had more clothes on.