When I actually did wake up, that morning after the car chase, my headache was thankfully gone. I woke up to a beautiful smell, pizza. On the coffee table that was right next to my couch there was a huge pizza box with a post-it not on it.
"This probably isn't the best cure of a concussion, but (flip)" I flipped the post-it
"I hope you enjoy this sorry-you-got-hurt gift -Birds" That was pretty nice of them. But pizza? in the morning? I shrugged and took out a slice. Right as I took my first bite I suddenly realized. This pizza was hot and fresh. They must've been here at most 10 minutes ago. I stood up and looked around my apartment. No sign of them anywhere. I walked towards my front door to find a piece of white scratch paper taped to the door with red writing dramatically scratched in big letters "STAY HOME. YOU COULD DIE. WE R SRIUS" They ran out of room at the end of the paper so they shortened the words. The way they wrote that last sentence made everything sound ironic. Oh well, I'd rather be safe than dead. Wasn't planning on going out today anyway
I happily ate my gift. Played some video games. Watched some T.v. Around 5 o'clock I began writing this. I'm trying to stay calm about all this. I considered calling Missy, but if the government was actually after me they'd probably some how follow the call and pin point my location or something. You know, I probably will need intense therapy after this. I'm certainly positive that the fox chick and those bird peeps, will need therapy too.
All I ate was pizza today, oh god I don't feel good.
I need to find a way to contact the fox and finally ask her what the heck is happening. It's almost midnight now and I can't sleep. This is the most I've ever written in one sitting I swear. Can't stop the pencil now, I'm on a roll. I think I'm losing my mind. I probably desperately need a shower right now. I'll be back to writing when I'm done.

Oh ******** oh ********. Alright. Something happened. I was getting out of the shower when the fox girl crashed in through my bathroom window. She was protected by a silver, handgun. Thank god I had already put the towel on. She didn't say much as usual. She sort of just pushed me out of the way of the window as bullets came flying in. The only thing she said was "Quickly get dressed." and pushed me towards the door. Oh man it was ******** embarrassing.
So I ran into my bedroom and started getting dressed as I'm writing this down. I can over here what's happening in my living room. ******** more gun shots. I think she has the living room window open. She's shouting at someone.
I think the person who's outside just said "Die you stupid b***h!" yikes.
She replied with, "Suck it, a*****e!" and began shooting out the window. My my, such foul language. I am honestly shitting my pants right now. That's probably the last thing someone would want to write in a journal about their final hours but. Oh well. Next thing I hear is a clunking sound then a hissing sound, all I could hear the masked girl say was an alarmed "s**t". That better not have been a bomb.
I just went to look out the door and check, still only half way dressed. It was some sort of gas cylinder thing spewing out a yellow gas. The fox girl, despite her mask covering her face, was coughing and ran into my room then shut the door. My eyes were starting to water now, it was probably tear gas.

She saw me writing as I was finishing getting dressed. It probably wasn't the best time to write down what was happening. So I grabbed my paper and brought it with me. Right now we're hiding in a library, the perfect place to be writing.
What happened was, after the fox girl yelled at me for writing at a time like this, she found my old duffle bag in my closet then filled it with as much of my clothes as she could fit, zipped it up then slung the bag over her shoulders and pushed me out of my room. We really had no time to waste.
We climbed out onto the fire escape as fast as we could. Once we were a floor down from my window there was a huge exploding sound and flames blasted out my window. All my ******** games and my laptop. Gone. She just told me to keep going.
I heard police sirens, but something told me that the police weren't there to help me. When we finally got down on the ground, a black car was waiting at the end of the alleyway. It wasn't a police car so I figured it was one of her friends cars here to pick us up. It wasn't.
I began walking toward it, but the fox masked girl grabbed me and bolted the opposite direction. The black car began accelerating toward us whilst shooting at us. My adrenaline really kicked in, I was almost running faster than the fox girl. Well, I am taller but it seems like running was something she does a lot.
So we turned the corner right before the car could ram into us. Her motorbike was sitting on the other side of the street. We ran across that street as fast as we could while that black car zoomed by us. If they did run into us at the speed they were going, they would certainly go pass the sidewalk and after the side walk was a cliff so they turned away right before hitting the sidewalk missing us by inches.

We hopped on the bike and sped away in the opposite direction. We went down many roads took random turns. Then found a library, hid the bike in the bushes, broke in using a safety pin, and now were here. Safe for now. She still won't tell me anything. Whenever I ask her something she just puts her finger to her mask and continues looking at the books.
Well ********. Now I'm tired.