"Do you have to be so f*cking dramatic every time you talk?" the parrot guy rolled his head back as if annoyed.
"Do you have to say 'f*ck' every time you talk?" the fox chick leaned to the side looking at the parrot.
"Yes, actually I f*ckin' do."
"Uh.. so I guess we aren't doing the mask thing?" the crow mumbled taking off his mask.
"He is part of the group now. No point in hiding our faces", Cinnamon pointed out. Finally, I can see everyone's faces now.
The crow had dark black hair with pasty white skin. He had a sort of gaunt long face. He kinda looked like one of those emo dudes who wears black all the time. The parrot was almost the exact opposite, except he was pasty white as well. He had bright blonde hair with blue eyes. He seemed like those obnoxiously confident active guys. Opposites attract I guess. Sort of an ironic statement.
Lotti must be at least 18. Perhaps she was just short. Why would someone so young be in a group like this. Maybe she has no where else to go. Or maybe she's like me and this crazy fox chick won't let her leave. Someone so young and beautiful shouldn't be hanging around people like this. She could probably be a model with that beautiful black hair and green eyes. Now I feel like a creep. Hope no one reads this.
Now Cinnamon, he's... well to sum it all up, he's basically a chip and dale's looking stripper. Plus more muscle. The whole bow tie, cuff links, and barely anything else outfit. He looks like he could probably crush my skull. But he seems like an easy going guy. Short, spiky-ish brown hair and hazel eyes.
And finally onto foxy over here. She has brown, almost red-ish hair tied back into a high ponytail. She's about a head shorter than me. The only makeup on her face was hastily drawn on eye liner, unlike Lotti who had very neat and carefully applied foundation and other cosmetics. Foxy here has pretty light brown eyes. I don't mean pretty as in beautiful, I meant pretty as in a certain amount of lightness. Never mind.
So in case these guys do kill me and somehow someone finds these journals, those are their descriptions. Back to the story.

I gave off the most dumbfounded face. "Save the world?" b*tch gotta be crazy.
"Yes. Ultimately. If we sat around and did nothing, the end of human existence could possibly happen. You see, there's a certain organization hidden within our government that no one talks about. Even some of the presidents never knew about it." she smiled proudly at her knowledge of such things, "In short, it's a group of people who choose who's going to be the next president. They usually estimate around 8-10 upcoming presidents. They've been doing this for as long as political parties have existed. Everything has been pre-planned."
"Uh huh.." I stared at her, sort of following along. "Right.. so what about voting? The voice of the American people?" I asked with a squinted derisive stare.
"All a lie to hide suspicion of their existence." She said so matter of factually.
"Okay. So let's say you aren't just making up crazy bullsh*t. So what? America has had it's ups and downs but we're all still alive. So what if they know who's next in line to be president? Maybe they know what's best for America." I shrugged, musing to this ridiculous idea.
"Our government is governed by the people. Not a group of old men who think they know what's best for us. What they think is best for America, isn't the best for the rest of the world." She paused, the smile gone, "They're basically going to start a world war three."
"So the future of America and the rest of the world rests on your shoulders to go out and fix it? God, this just doesn't add up. How could you possibly know all of this? What makes you suddenly 10x smarter than a group of experienced older gentlemen? And how the heck would you save the whole flippin' world with this group of misfits?"
She held up a closed fist looking up towards the ceiling thinking to herself, "Yes, my parents are both retired secret service spies, these old men are only after money, power, and longevity and don't care about innocent lives, and you." she was counting off all the answers, and once she was finished she folded her arms and smiled at me.
"Yes, you're our secret weapon."
"Nope. You got the wrong guy." I said tiredly.
"Nope, I got the right guy. Tom Darby, the guy who sits at home all day and plays his video games. Finally your talents will be used."
"...Can I just leave?"
"Nope, chances are the police are already surveying the area. You'd get shot on sight. Once in sight always on sight."
"Can someone get me a beer?" I turned away from the fox girl and the door. I'm just f*cking done talking to her for today. Yep, look like I'm staying in the coo-coo house tonight, may as well have a beer. The parrot guy handed me a beer with a smile.
"I got wasted too the first time I heard about all this. America is more f*cked up than we all thought, right?".
I gave a curt smile as a reply and landed next to Lotti on the couch. "Don't worry. You'll get used to us." Lotti smiled brightly at me, "Oh I'm Lotti by the way." she held out her hand.
"So I gathered. I'm Tom." I shook her hand.
"Yeah" she made a small giggle, "I know.". I gave a small smile back at her then slouched back on the couch. I need another nap.