The parrot guy sighed as the fox masked girl ran over and sat next to me. She put her hand on my back, trying to comfort me I guess. It was actually sort of embarrassing. But I literally almost just died and going down that hill made me extremely car sick. The crow person walked near the parrot and the parrot put his arm around the crows shoulders.
"He'll be fine. Just a bit motion sick."
"Ugh, you're so impossible sometimes. This dude almost died and you're acting as if nothing happened. This guy needs a hospital or something." The crow said a bit concerned. The fox girl looked over at them when they mentioned bringing me to a hospital.
"Look he's under our care, there's nothing to worry about." The parrot pulled the crow closer. The crow leaned away from him,
"No, you're being insensitive." The crow folded his arms.
"Aww, insensitive? How?" The parrot suddenly sounded crest fallen, "this isn't about the guy, is it?" the parrot talked to the crows back, for he turned the other way. "Is this about yesterday?"
I'm not sure if the fox girl could feel it, but that one awkward tension you get when a couple is fighting was surrounding us. I couldn't really tell with these guys. Maybe they're brothers or something?
The crow stayed silent and kept his arms folded looking away avoiding the question. "Ok, look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice at you, I was just stressed out yesterday. All the plans were getting to me. So i'm sorry.." The parrot guy walked up behind the crow and hugged him tight, "Do you forgive me?" he smiled. I took a moment away from being sick to turn my head and see what was developing here.
The crow, still in the parrots arms, turned his body towards the parrot and looked at him smiling slightly and gave him a small nod. The parrot smiled back, lifted his mask (so the beak wouldn't get in the way) and kissed the crow. Well, they weren't brothers.
I went back to feeling sick and sat myself up. I felt extremely dizzy. Not sure if it was dehydration, a panic attack, or perhaps I got a concussion maybe. That tumble was really rough. I tried to stand up but ended up falling back over. I heard a whispered "s**t." coming from the fox mask as she helped me up.
"I'm fine.. I'm faaine." I laid back. I suddenly felt really tired.
"Guys. Help me get him onto the bike. We need to take him home before they get here. Lotti should be here soon to pick you up, just stay low." Was the first full sentence I ever heard out of her mouth. Too bad I was on the border of passing out to really let that register in my brain.
The fox girl got onto her bike as the two birds helped me over and sat me behind her and gave me a helmet. Once we were all geared up she revved the motorcycle and we were off. I tried to keep myself awake. When we finally get home I need to ask her so many questions. How does she even know where I live? Ugh, I give up.

So we finally make it back to my place. I still feel like s**t. She helps me to my apartment, takes out an identical key to my key and opens the door. Not sure if I feel safer or less safe knowing that she has that key. Alright, time to ask her questions. In my vertigo dizziness, the only question I could really think of was "Who are you?" I was about 80% sure that I was suffering a concussion. Nausea, headache, confusion, lack of the ability to stand up on my own, the symptoms were piling on.
She helped me to my couch, covered me with a blanket then started to walk away ignoring my question. "Wait. But, who are you?" I started to sit up. She turned around and pushed me back down on the couch.
"Rest. Tom, everything is going to be fine. We will be protecting you. The less you know right now, the better."
Then I passed out. The next morning was just a regular morning. Then that night I began writing a journal about everything that has happened. So, now I'm caught up to real time. I'll probably write more if I live long enough.