The motorcycle was getting louder and louder as it got closer. This car was already going almost 70 on this highway, so that motorcycle was going at least a hundred. But, the suits didn't seem to react or even notice the motorcycle, until it passed us.
I turned my head to look out the right mirror, just to see who the heck would go a hundred in a 70 zone. I really should have known who it would be, but still the sight of her took my by surprise. Everything felt as if it were in slow-mo for a moment as I saw the meagerly carved mask pass by the window. I sort of subconsciously raised my hand to wave at her. I just kind of ended up lifting both my hand cuffed hands. I think she saw the handcuffs because right when I lifted my hands she revved the cycle and sped up further.
She was wearing this black leather jacket and leather pants on this black shiny motorcycle. Not sure what kind, I'm not too into cars and stuff like that. Her outfits range in such variety. It's like she goes from slutty stripper, to completely covered baggy-clothed socially awkward person, to bad a** biker chick. I probably shouldn't say slutty, more like risque. Anyways, this time she wasn't alone. Once she passed the window I noticed there was someone behind her, in a rather colorful jacket.
So the guys in the car are finally starting to look alive. The two men sitting next to me pulled out hand pistols from their inside suit pockets. The man riding shotgun reached into the glove compartment and took out some kind of bigger gun. Pretty sure it was some kind of machine gun. Anyways, I was starting to freak out.
"Woah.. look I-I think we all need to calm down" I suddenly felt like my life expectancy was going to be greatly shortened. I really felt like I was stuck in one of those car chases and I was trapped in the car filled with the government-worker-suited-secret-service-guys. This isn't going to go well.
The fox mask was ahead of us when she suddenly swerved back creating a bit of rubber smoke and zooming right back at us at full speed. The driver began fumbling in his coat trying to take out his hand gun but she went by too fast. Before she could zoom by the left side of the car, the person who was sitting behind her leaped off of the motorcycle and landed onto the hood of this car. That must've hurt. Sounded like it hurt.
This guy was gripping onto the top of the hood as the driver began slamming on the breaks. His jacket was red around the torso but had blue sleeves with other colored feather shaped pieces of fabric dangling off of the sleeves. He also had a mask on but it only covered his eyes, with a giant grin painted on his face. He looked just like a-
"Duck!" he yelled through the windshield. No no.. A parrot! That's it. Oh. So, I ducked. Right when I ducked there was this humongous explosion right behind me. Glass shattered and fell along my back, as well as something red splattering to the left of me. I turned my head to see, something I never wanted to see. A man with a giant burning hole through his head.
"Oh god." I wince looking away staying down holding my head. The car suddenly lurched forward as the now dead driver left his foot on the accelerator. The blast must've been powerful enough to go through two chairs. The man sitting to my right, who was still fully intact, grabbed onto me pulling me back against him with hir arm around my neck and then held his gun to my head. It was positioned in such a way that I could look right into the gun. Let me tell you, that is terrifying. I almost s**t my pants.
I was now this mans meat-shield. The man riding shot gun had his pistol in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. I looked over at the windshield and the parrot guy wasn't there. There was a blood stain on the windshield but it was where the driver was and the blood was on the inside. I began to hear loud thumping on the roof, he probably crawled up there.

So there I was, my life flashing before my eyes. I had some good times.. right? That time I got the highest score on Call of Duty. That time I ate a whole pizza. By myself. Huh. Oh well, we can't all be successful in life.
The car was reaching past a hundred and 10 by now. I felt like I was on a really ******** up roller coaster. Then, on the left of the car, I see a hand reach down and open the back left door then pull the body out. The masked parrot slipped inside the car. At this speed I expected the door to just slam itself closed. Something or someone must be holding it.
The man who was holding me hostage aimed his pistol at the parrot. The parrot then pressed back against the back of the driver seat reaching over pushing the door open, and another person hopped into the car from the roof. The door slammed shut once he was in. This person was dressed exactly like the parrot, same jacket design and mask, except all black. They whipped out another gun aiming right back at the secret service man. Instead of aiming back at the crow-looking guy, he aimed it right back at me. I held my breath.
Before I could pray my last prayer, the secret service guy suddenly lurched backwards pulling me back with him. I looked up and for a split second I could see the fox mask. She had sped up to the car door and swung it open then yanked the man back. This surprised him just enough for him to slightly loosen his grip on me. The two bird masked guys grabbed onto the mans arm and pried the gun out of his hand. They threw it out the window right over the fox girls head. When the guy realized they were pulling his gun away he gripped even tighter onto me. I began to choke and struggle trying to pull myself free, seeing now that I wouldn't be shot.. probably.

The man reached out of the car managing to grab onto the motorcycles foot rest thing. He was probably trying to make her lose her balance. I think it worked because she let go of him, stomped on his hand then pulled away.
Then he finally sat back up he was welcomed to a man dressed as a crow holding a gun in his face. The man in the passenger seat also had a gun to his face, which is why he had been quiet this whole time, but was still steering the car so that we wouldn't crash. I barely noticed though, for I was still choking.
Not for long though, the crow man shot him and I pulled myself free gasping for air and holding my neck. God that ********' hurt. "Aw you didn't say it" The parrot suddenly whined.
"The hell are you talking about?" The crow looked at him.
"You were supposed to say 'Nevermore'" The parrot made a slight pout face. The crowd lifted his head a bit as if he were rolling his eyes. I couldn't really see his eyes but that's what I imagined.
I was just sitting there catching my breath staring at these two maniacs. The parrot and the crow stared back at me. We stared for a good 10 seconds until the parrot spoke, "Well? No 'thank you'?"
It's true these guys saved my life from getting shot. Honestly I didn't think these guys had guns on them. I thought I was just going to be interrogated somewhere. Oh god what if they were planning on killing me this whole time. I still had no ******** clue why all this s**t is happening to me.
I began to try to speak up and say thank you, when the man holding the steering wheel suddenly swerved it so hard making the car spin out and sent us all slamming against the car door. That's what I get for not keeping my seat-belt on.

The car made a harsh right and we easily broke through the barrier. There was a slight decline, and by the time the car had swerved another 90 degrees to the right, the car tipped over and began rolling down the hill. Glass was shattering, all of our bodies were going through the spin cycle and were smashing into each other. Surprisingly, none of their guns went off, and even more surprising the car didn't blow up. I probably just watch too many movies. Finally the car had made it to the bottom upside down.
I hurt. A lot. I moved my arm and it hurt extremely. I thought it was broken. I groaned in pain. The other two began moving and kicking at the doors. They finally got one open and climbed out. The parrot walked over to the passenger side of the car. The man died due to a giant shard of window glass slammed into the back of his neck. "b*****d, it's almost as if you were trying to kill us." The parrot masked guy kicked the corpse in the head then walked away.
The crow peeked back into the car. "Are you coming out?"
"My arm. I can't move" I groaned. The crow reached in and helped pull myself out by my other arm. Once I was finally out we walked over to where the parrot guy was stretching. We ended up on some sort of empty dirt road. We were probably near some small town or something. I tried to keep my arm as still as possible.
The rumbling of a motorcycle was heard again. The masked girl came towards us at top speeds. "There she is", the parrot walked into the road. The crow kept his eye on me. I only noticed at that moment that I was leaning on him. My legs felt like they were about to give way.
The fox masked finally caught up to us and quickly hopped off her bike and ran to the parrot. I didn't hear her say anything to him, but he said, "We're all intact but somethings up with the guy I think."
She looked towards me then suddenly rushed up to me. The crow quietly spoke up, "I'm pretty sure his arm is just dislocated. Other than that, no open wounds." The masked girl grabbed onto my hurt arm. Pain exploded in my arm.
"********! Don't touch it." I began to pull away. Her head slightly tilted and she pulled me back grabbing onto my shoulder and then suddenly twisting it in away that popped it back into place. Oh man, that was painful, but my arm felt a bit better.
"There all better." The parrot walked up to us. All of the questions I had began popping into my head.
"What the ******** was that? Who are you? What happened to Missy? Why has s**t like this kee-"
"Woah, one at a time." The parrot put his hand up, "Start with the most important one first... go."
I fumbled through my thoughts for the primary question, "W-what happened to Missy, is she going to be alright?"
"Daw. See, this guy is a romantic, he immediately asks about the girl." The parrot nudged the crow. The crow huffed and nudged the parrot back. "Missy should be fine. But, she didn't seem to care about you that much. Yesterday, foxy here saw her talking to one of them." the parrot nodded towards the car.
"That's when the b***h probably made the deal with them." The crow said.
"Deal?" My head began to hurt more and more.
"Did this Missy somehow convince you to go outside at Chuck E. Cheese?" The crow questioned.
"W-well yeah. She needed her anxiety pills in her car so-"
"Gold digging whore" The parrot sang out.
"That was just a lie to get you outside so that those men could capture you. Chances are they gave her a pretty big incentive." The crow explained. I looked at the floor as the parrot sang "gold digging whore" again. She was acting strange, and not in an anxiety attack kind of strange. I felt pretty back stabbed.
"I like this guy. He was just told his girlfriend sold him out after almost dying like twenty three times and he's still standing." The parrot patted my back. "You sir have a strong stomach." Just then I couldn't hold it in anymore. Maybe it was the emotional turmoil from my past and present or the throbbing headache that was causing me to be extremely nauseous, but I doubled over and puked.
"Bad choice in words." the crow stifled a small laugh.